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One-on-One Custom Essay Writing Coaching for Writers at All Levels

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Our tailored essay writing class boosts creativity, structure, and critical thinking in students of all levels. Unique, personalized coaching ensures individual growth in writing!

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US Grade 7 - 12
Beginner - Advanced Level
In this essay writing class, students will embark on a comprehensive learning journey designed to equip them with a wide range of writing skills and techniques. By the end of the course, participants will have achieved the following specific learning goals:

    Enhanced Brainstorming Techniques: Students will learn advanced methods for generating and selecting essay topics that are not only relevant to the assignment but also personally engaging, ensuring a passionate and informed approach to their writing.

    Effective Organizational Strategies: Learners will master the art of creating detailed outlines that serve as a blueprint for their essays, enabling them to structure their thoughts and arguments in a coherent and logical manner.

    Introduction to Varied Attention-Getters: Participants will explore and apply different strategies for crafting compelling hooks that grab the reader’s attention from the outset, ranging from intriguing questions to surprising facts or poignant quotes.

    Thesis Statement Development: Students will gain the ability to formulate clear, concise, and powerful thesis statements that effectively convey the main argument of their essay, serving as a guiding light for their entire composition.

    Construction of Topic and Conclusion Sentences: The course will teach students how to write strong topic sentences that introduce paragraphs and concluding sentences that effectively summarize and tie back to their main argument, ensuring each paragraph contributes meaningfully to their essay.

    Integration of Supporting Evidence: Learners will learn how to adeptly support their arguments with evidence, including how to select credible sources, integrate quotes and data, and correctly cite their references to enhance the persuasive power of their essays.

    Writing Impactful Conclusions: Students will be guided on how to craft concluding paragraphs that effectively summarize their essay's key points, restate the thesis in light of the evidence presented, and leave the reader with a lasting impression or call to action.

    Feedback and Revision Techniques: Participants will receive personalized feedback on their writing and learn the importance of revising and editing their work, using constructive criticism to refine their arguments, improve clarity, and polish their prose.

By achieving these goals, students will not only improve their essay writing skills but also gain confidence in their ability to communicate ideas effectively, enhancing their academic performance and preparing them for a wide range of writing challenges in the future.
With a robust foundation of 8 years in the educational realm, my journey has been marked by a passionate commitment to teaching and an unwavering dedication to my students. Holding a Master's degree in Sports Management has not only broadened my knowledge base but has also provided me with unique insights into the interdisciplinary nature of essay writing, blending the analytical with the creative.

This academic achievement is complemented by my rigorous teaching qualifications, through which I've developed a deep understanding of diverse educational methodologies and pedagogies. My approach to teaching essay writing is rooted in a philosophy of personalization and adaptability; I believe that each learner brings a unique set of skills and perspectives to the table, and my role is to nurture and develop these.

In my practice, I've mastered a spectrum of strategies designed to engage students across various learning preferences and abilities. From interactive brainstorming sessions that ignite creativity to structured feedback mechanisms that encourage reflection and growth, my teaching methods are geared towards empowering students. I emphasize the importance of a solid foundational structure in essay writing, while also encouraging students to explore their voice and creativity within their work.

Moreover, my experience has taught me the value of patience, understanding, and flexibility in teaching. Recognizing that the journey of learning is as important as the destination, I've cultivated an educational environment that values process over product, encouraging students to embrace their growth and learning curves.

In sum, my background in Sports Management, coupled with my extensive teaching experience and qualifications, has equipped me with a comprehensive toolkit to meet the individual needs of all learners. My goal is to demystify the process of essay writing, making it a more accessible, enjoyable, and enriching experience for students, thereby preparing them not only for academic success but for lifelong learning.
Homework Offered
Type of Homework Assigned Writing Assignments: These will vary from short paragraphs focusing on specific skills (such as thesis development or incorporating evidence) to full essays that allow students to apply the comprehensive range of techniques learned in class. Reading Assignments: Students may be assigned readings that exemplify strong writing techniques or that provide material for analysis and discussion. Exercises: These might include grammar and punctuation drills, outline practice, or peer review worksheets to bolster various aspects of writing proficiency. Frequency of Assignments Homework will be assigned on a weekly basis, ensuring students have ample time to digest new information and apply it to their writing without feeling overwhelmed. Checking for Correctness and Feedback Writing Assignments: These will be reviewed for both correctness and quality of writing. Feedback will focus on structure, argumentation, use of evidence, creativity, and adherence to grammatical rules. I will provide personalized comments to help each student improve. Reading and Exercises: These will be checked more for completion and engagement rather than correctness. However, key lessons or insights gained from these activities may be discussed in class to enhance learning outcomes. Requirement and Differentiation Required Assignments: Core assignments, particularly writing tasks that encompass the main teaching objectives of the course, will be required for all students. These are crucial for assessing progress and ensuring foundational skills are being developed. Optional Assignments: Additional exercises or challenges may be offered for students seeking extra practice or wishing to explore topics in greater depth. These are optional and designed to cater to varying interests and levels of advancement. Adaptability to Individual Needs Recognizing the diverse needs of students, adjustments can be made to accommodate learning differences. For example, alternative assignments may be provided for students with specific educational needs, and extensions can be granted in cases where additional time is warranted. This structured yet flexible approach to homework is aimed at maximizing educational outcomes while respecting the individual learning journey of each student. Through consistent practice, constructive feedback, and a focus on progress, students will be empowered to develop their writing skills in a supportive and enriching environment.
0 - 1 hours per week outside of class
Assessments Offered
Grades Offered
Our inclusive class supports ADHD, Dyslexia, and ASD learners with engaging activities, dyslexia-friendly materials, and clear, adaptable instructions. Personalized support ensures success for all writing adventurers.
For this essay writing class, there are no specific elements of content that would be deemed upsetting or scary for learners. The nature of the class is academic and focused on developing writing skills, without the inclusion of sensitive or controversial topics that could potentially disturb some students.
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About Me:

Hello, I'm Imran Mir, and I'm delighted to share more about my background, teaching philosophy, and personal interests with you.

Professional Background:

I am currently working as Business Lecturer in Higher Education. I've dedicated... 
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