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New Classes on Outschool 2019-04-28

There are 28 new classes on Outschool the week of April 28, 2019 to May 4, 2019.

Learn How To Draw & Color Cute Cartoon Plant Characters

Persuade Me: Writing an Argumentative Essay

Movie Talk!

Making Friends (Ages 3 to 5)

Explore with FractalMom: Water Drops, Oceans, Planets and Galaxies

Songwriting Workshop 6

Parts of Speech, Grammar Boot Camp

Vitamin ABCs and Mineral 123s (Summer Camp)

Pokémon Writing Summer Camp (Themed)

Learn How To Draw & Color Cute Cartoon Food Characters

Lois Lowry Book Club: Messenger (Flex Schedule)

Oceans in Extra Depth! FractalMom, Marine Life, the 1000 Year Conveyor Belt, & More!

Fractions to Decimals to Percents Broken Down Into Small Steps (Small Groups)

Model UN: Finding Peace and Security at the UN Security Council- Ukraine Edition

Portuguese for Young Learners: Introduction - Part 2 Beginner (Ages 8-12)

Summer Debate Camp

A Week of Creeps and Weirdos: 19th Century Horror Literature, Summer Camp Style

US Government (Domestic) Current Events Ongoing Live Class

Favorites! Book Club - An Engaging Book Club for Gifted Students Ages 13 - 15

US Government 101: The Bill of Rights a Case Study

Italian for Kids 1: Greetings, Colors, Numbers, Days, Months, Seasons

Crystals and Gems- The Feldspar Family- Labrodorite, Sunstone and Moonstone

The Presidents of the United States Weekly Class

1:1 Math Tutoring (Ongoing Class)

Phonics the Fun Way: Beginning Phonics Part 1

Ba-Da-Bing! Magically Transforming Lifeless Sentences into Vividly-Shared Experiences

1:1 Grammar & Writing Tutoring (Ongoing Class)

1:1 Reading Tutoring (Ongoing Class)

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