Conversational Spanish Pet Club! (Ages 8-13)

Ariel Hebron
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Students get to bring their pets to class, YES! They'll learn about different types of animals and play fun goofy games! All the while, learning Spanish vocabulary & forming sentences! Let's get cozy with our furry & non-furry friends.

Class experience

Students will learn Spanish action words and how to form simple sentences
Students will get to reflect and relax in class with the other students
Students will learn more in-depth about animals that they may have at home. 
I have grown up in a house that has had a wide variety of pets and had to take care of each kind. I've had goats, tarantulas, rabbits, guinea pigs, snakes, hamsters, cats, turtles, dogs, bearded dragons, chickens, ducks, ferrets, finches, and more. I love animals, but I also love Spanish. I am Hispanic and currently in school to be a Grammar English Teacher for non-English speakers. I have been surrounded by English and Spanish teachers my whole life. 
Homework Offered
Students may be told by the teacher to continue drawing their pictures until the next meeting
0 - 1 hours per week outside of class
Assessments Offered
By their drawings Kahoot and other informative games Their quick responses to Spanish vocabulary that had already been taught Guessing games
Grades Offered
Their pets
A small notebook (to keep up with drawings and vocabulary)
Dark marker
An extra device for Kahoot
They may dress up silly if the student would like to
In addition to the Outschool classroom, this class uses:
*On Day 1, we will be talking about canines. I will cover El Chupacabra briefly, and it will have a spooky vibe. (Like the vibes during Halloween.) The goal of talking about this animal is to cover that it is a myth, features the animal supposedly has, why some people believe it exists, and historically where the myth came from. If your child could be crept out about this, please message me. I can either shorten the explanation about it, or I can cut it out of the lesson altogether. This is the only topic in this course that gives a spooky vibe.

*Please be sure that the pets are put away appropriately if needed. 

*We will be using Kahoot for every lesson. You do not need to make an account on Kahoot to join in a game. All you will have to do is search on safari, google, firefox, or any other tool such as those to get onto the home screen.
 Then the game will ask you to submit a code. (The teacher will provide the code at the end or beginning of the lesson when it is time to play the game.) 
Once the code has been put in, Kahoot will then ask the students to put a name that represents them as a player. 
Once that is finished, the student is in the game. 

This is a very easy procedure, and as the teacher, I will work with the parents and students on this. There won't be any rushing, and once the student does this a few times, it will be very easy for them to do it independently. 
The book "Whose Butt?" by Stan 

Cool Facts:

Day 1:
Chupacabra -
Cuparcabra found in Texas -
Hairless raccoon -
Kahoot Day 1 -
Fun Facts -

Day 2:
Kahoot Fun Cat Game -
Kahoot Recap -

Day 3: 
Jerboa, The Desert Rodent: 
Kahoot Day 3 -
Shrews and Moles -,Hedgehogs%20are%20small%2C%20carnivorous%20animals%20native%20to%20Europe%2C%20Africa%20and,spiny%20mammal%20known%20as%20insectivores.

Day 4: 
Birds of paradise: 
Birds of paradise dancing- 
Pheonix facts:
How birds really see the world video:
Kahoot -

Day 5: 
Iguana changing colors: 
Reptile Kahoot Recap -
Eurypterida -
Darwin’s bark spider silk: 
Whip scorpion on face:  
Lucas the jumping spider: 
Arachnid Kahoot Recap -

Day 6:
Unicorn Lancelot (the goat): 
Kahoot Horse Recap -  

Day 7: 
Mud puppy: / 
Zombie starfish: 
Kahoot SeaAnimal Recap -
The most beautiful sea creatures: 
Sunflower seastar 
Feather stars: 
10 unbelievable home aquariums
The largest aquariums in the world:
Amazing tank for little boy, Video says the A word. 

Day 8: Review Day
Horse Kahoot -
Fish and Other Kahoots -
Goodbye Song -

Meet the teacher

Average rating:4.9Number of reviews:(151)
HELLO! Welcome to my page! My name is Mrs. Ariel and you have come across a very fun profile. I love to learn and have fun! My classes are very informative, interactive, and energetic. I love to introduce learning through goofy dancing, drawing,... 
Group Class


for 8 classes
2x per week, 4 weeks
60 min

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Completed by 6 learners
Live video meetings
Ages 8-13
3-6 learners per class

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