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Functions & Graphs for Middle School Grade 8 | 1-On-1 Math Tutoring

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This Beginner friendly class on functions is tailored for Grade 8 learners. It outlines the concept of functions and gives insights into linear functions. The class is Interactive, Gamified and aligned to Common Core standards.

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US Grade 8
Beginner Level
This class is taught in English.
  • C1: Introduction to Functions - Concepts of relations and function - Function machine - Graph of a function C2: Further insights into Functions - Questions and applications C3: Comparison of Functions - Different representations of a function - Linear functions - Comparing functions - Nonlinear functions C4: Mastering Comparison of functions - Questions and applications C5: Analyzing Graphs - Identifying increasing, decreasing and constant functions - Describing the qualitative features of a function verbally C6: More on analyzing graphs - Questions and applications
All teachers are certified by Byju's teacher training team. They are math experts and are trained to teach/ tutor middle school students online. 

Lalitha Meena

Meet Meena, a dedicated educator with a Master's degree in Information Technology. With a profound passion for teaching and cultivating the intellect of young learners, Meena brings nearly a decade of experience to the classroom  and believes in the potential of every student to excel. Throughout her career, she has adeptly navigated through various subjects, with a particular expertise in mathematics. Her commitment to fostering a deep understanding of mathematical concepts shines through in her approach to instruction, making her a valued mentor to students of all backgrounds.

Shaifali Goel

Shaifali Goel, a certified educator with 4 years of experience, is dedicated to instilling a love for mathematics and ensuring the success of each student in her classroom. She focuses on inspiring curiosity, critical thinking, and a genuine enthusiasm for learning. Shaifali's educational philosophy is rooted in the belief that every student has potential to excel, and it is her privilege to guide them along that path of academic and personal growth. She fosters an environment where collaboration and growth are paramount. In Shaifali's classroom, students don't just learn facts and figures; they embark on a collective journey of discovery, growth, and achievement.

Rubina Khatoon

Rubina is a friendly and enthusiastic teacher known for her wealth of knowledge and infectious laughter. She takes great joy in being a part of her students' exciting journey to grasp math concepts in a fun and interactive manner. With a master's degree in mathematics and a bachelor's in Education, Rubina has been tutoring young minds for the past six years, allowing her to finely hone her teaching skills. Passionate about her craft, Rubina's confidence in the subject shines through in her ability to convey complex concepts in a simple yet effective manner. What sets her teaching apart is her emphasis on fostering two-way communication with her students, creating an engaging and dynamic learning environment.

Rehaab B

Introducing Rehaab, a passionate math educator committed to cultivating an engaging learning atmosphere where students are encouraged to unleash their potential. With four years of expertise in personalized 1-on-1 and small group online instruction, Rehaab specializes in guiding students who face challenges in math. With a profound love for teaching mathematics, Rehaab is confident in her ability to assist students in overcoming their current hurdles and gaining confidence in math-related subjects. She firmly believes in the potential for everyone to excel in math.

Shamily Sharma

Meet Shamily Sharma, an experienced math educator with four years of teaching experience, spanning grades 1 through 8. Shamily's teaching philosophy revolves around fostering a positive and interactive learning atmosphere, where students are encouraged to inquire and push their boundaries to grasp new concepts. Recognizing the diversity in learning styles, she prioritizes tailoring her teaching methods to suit individual student needs. Shamily's approach also integrates real-world examples and applications into lessons, allowing students to appreciate the relevance and practicality of their mathematical skills.

Nidhi Pandey

Meet Nidhi Pandey, an energetic and compassionate educator with a dual bachelor's degree in mathematics and education. With four years of teaching experience in mathematics under her belt, Nidhi's journey took a transformative turn a year ago when she transitioned to providing personalized 1-on-1 and small group online classes. Her genuine passion for teaching shines through as she wholeheartedly supports students in their learning journey, bringing her best to the role every day.
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-You must have a computer with good internet connection. -Materials (like a mouse) for a better learning experience. -A notebook and a pen/ pencil will be needed.
In addition to the Outschool classroom, this class uses:
Tutors will share screen and use geogebra applets as part of our classes. YouTube recordings maybe shared for some classes for additional insights and these will be appropriate to age and content. No downloading is needed on the student's part. 

In addition to the Outschool classroom, this class uses:
In addition to the Outschool classroom, this class uses:
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