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Dive Into the Fascinating World of Human Blood!

In this live class students will learn about blood types, how to calculate the probability of genetic crosses, and how blood type is determined. I walk the students through testing their blood at home and then play a blood typing game!

Class Experience

US Grade 7 - 10
Follows Teacher-Created Curriculum
3 lessons//1 Week
 Week 1
Lesson 1
What is blood?
This lesson explains the basic characteristics and functions of human blood.
Lesson 2
Blood Genetics
This lesson explains the basic genetics behind what determined your blood type. Punnett square are introduced to calculate the probability of an offspring's blood type.
Lesson 3
What's your blood type?
In this lesson, you will be guided through testing your blood type at home with a kit and how to read the results. If the student is testing their own blood, parental supervision required during this lesson. Students will then play a game in which they blood type a patient and then give a blood transfusion.
  • Grasp Rh Factor Proteins: Understand the role and importance of Rh factor proteins in blood typing.
  • Understand Blood Anatomy: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the components and functions of human blood.
  • Master ABO Blood Types: Learn the differences between ABO blood types and the significance of each.
  • Learn Punnett Squares: Master the use of Punnett squares to predict blood type inheritance.
  • Explore Blood Typing Methods: Discover how blood is typed using anti-serum and the principles behind it.
  • Understand Blood Transfusions: Learn the critical process of cross-typing for safe blood transfusions and its life-saving importance.
  • Hands-On Blood Testing: Gain practical experience by observing a demonstration of at-home blood testing.
  • Engage in Simulation: Apply your knowledge in an interactive online game to simulate blood typing and transfusions.
I have a Bachelor of Science with a minor in Biology.  I am certified in AZ for K-12 education with an approved area of general science and Biology.  I have a Master's in Secondary Education, and another in Educational Leadership. For the past 21 years I have been teaching Science grades 7, 8, and High School Biology and Environmental Science.
Frequency: available upon request
Feedback: available upon request
Details: For each lesson there is an assignment to help you practice the skills learned. You may need to complete those assignment outside of class.
If you would like to test your own blood, you will need a home testing kit similar to this:

 If student is testing their own blood, parental supervision required during this lesson.
In addition to the Outschool classroom, this class uses:
Video of actual blood will be shown.  If student is testing their own blood, parental supervision required during this lesson.  Pear Deck interactive slides requires a Google sign in.  No other information is gathered.
Joined July, 2023
Teacher expertise and credentials
Arizona Teaching Certificate in Science
Master's Degree in Education from Rockford College
I'm a certified science teacher and small business owner.  I believe that learning is fun and enthusiasm for a topic is contagious.  Since I've discovered microgreens, I've developed a love of growing them with a vast knowledge of varieties and... 
Group Class


for 3 classes
3x per week, 1 week
45 min

Live video meetings
Ages: 13-18
3-12 learners per class

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