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Fluent in Fun: Advanced Immersion Spanish for Tween Learners

Spanish the Fun Way Academy: ¡Viva el Español!
Average rating:4.8Number of reviews:(380)
Fluent in Fun: An Advanced Spanish Immersion Journey for Tween Learners, fostering fluency and cultural appreciation through interactive and engaging activities. Let's become experts in this bonito language together. ¡Únete ahora!

Class experience

US Grade 5 - 8
Advanced Level
This class is taught in Spanish.
Students will achieve the following learning goals:

Advanced Vocabulary and Grammar: Students will expand their Spanish vocabulary and master complex grammatical structures, enabling them to express themselves more fluently and accurately.

Conversational Skills: Through interactive role-playing, discussions, and real-life scenarios, students will practice and refine their conversational skills, gaining confidence in speaking in various contexts.

Reading Comprehension: Students will engage with authentic Spanish texts, such as articles, short stories, and poems, to enhance their reading comprehension and understanding of the language in context.

Listening Skills: By listening to native speakers, audio clips, and engaging videos, students will improve their ability to comprehend spoken Spanish and develop an ear for different accents and intonations.

Cultural Awareness: The class will explore the rich diversity of Hispanic cultures, customs, traditions, and celebrations, fostering a deeper appreciation for cultural differences and similarities.

Writing Proficiency: Through creative writing exercises and structured essays, students will hone their writing skills, expressing ideas and opinions effectively in written Spanish.

Language in Context: Students will learn to use Spanish in practical situations, such as ordering food, asking for directions, and making phone calls, preparing them for real-life interactions in Spanish-speaking countries.

Confidence and Fluency: As they engage in immersive activities and collaborate with peers, students will gain confidence in using Spanish, allowing them to speak more naturally and fluidly.

Media and Culture: By exploring Spanish-language media, music, and films, students will not only improve their language skills but also gain insights into contemporary cultural aspects of Spanish-speaking countries.

By the end of the course, students will have developed a solid foundation in advanced Spanish language skills, allowing them to communicate effectively in both casual and formal settings while appreciating the richness of Hispanic cultures.
Our values reflect our commitment to providing the highest quality education to our students. Our highly qualified and experienced teachers are all native Spanish speakers who have been carefully background checked. 

They specialize in teaching Spanish to children and are committed to making the learning experience fun and effective. 

Meet our team: 
Susana Lezcano (Founder & Curriculum Creator)
María Sosa (Teacher María)
Evelyn Torres (Teacher Evelyn)
Erika Daughtry (Teacher Erika)
Naomi Hernandez (Teacher Naomi)
Sara Jiménez (Teacher Sara)
Melody Aguilar (Teacher Melody)
Viviana Albán (Profesora Viviana)
Jaime Potes (Teacher Jaime)
Levi McHnery (Teacher Levi)
Olivia de Diego (Profesora Olivia)
Yazmin Llandrón (Teacher Yazmin)
Yovaly Irizarry (Teacher Yovaly)

And our wonderful Administrator, Andrea C. Maestre.

Our classes are in high demand so we are currently hiring new teachers. Don’t hesitate to ask the qualifications of your child’s instructor. 

 We offer unlimited support before, during, and after each class and are available across two time zones to accommodate learners around the globe. 

"¡Hola estudiantes! My name is Susana Lezcano, and I'm a Spanish teacher and author from Madrid, Spain. From a very young age, I fell in love with the beauty of the Spanish language, and my passion for it has only grown stronger with time. When I moved to America at 17, I discovered that many Americans shared my love for the language, and I knew that teaching Spanish was my calling.

Over the years, I have developed a curriculum that caters to all ages and levels of proficiency in Spanish. After teaching on Outschool for just one year, I was fully booked, teaching eight hours a day! It was then that I realized that I needed a team of awesome Spanish teachers who share my passion for teaching and love for the language.

And so, Spanish the Fun Way Academy was born - a place where we teach Spanish in a fun and engaging way, helping students of all ages to learn and appreciate this beautiful language. We are committed to providing the highest quality education to our students and aim to inspire them to embrace and love Spanish as much as we do.

Join us today and experience the joy of speaking Spanish with Spanish the Fun Way!"
Homework Offered
Homework in "Fluent in Fun: Advanced Immersion Spanish" will complement the in-class learning experience and reinforce the concepts covered. The type of homework may vary each week, including a mix of individual and group assignments to cater to different learning styles and encourage collaboration. Examples of homework assignments include: Vocabulary and Grammar Exercises: Practice with worksheets or online exercises to reinforce new vocabulary and grammatical concepts introduced in class. Conversation Practice: Engage in conversation practice with a language partner or family member to apply the conversational skills learned in class. Reading Assignments: Read articles, short stories, or excerpts from Spanish literature to enhance reading comprehension and cultural understanding. Writing Tasks: Complete short writing assignments, such as journal entries, creative stories, or reflections on cultural topics. Listening Comprehension: Listen to audio clips or watch Spanish videos to improve listening skills and understanding. The amount of time dedicated to homework each week will depend on the complexity and variety of assignments. On average, students may spend around 1 to 2 hours per week on homework. For classes requiring reading, learners can expect to read approximately 5 to 10 pages independently per week. The reading material will be carefully selected to match the students' language proficiency level and align with the topics covered in class. Throughout the course, learners will have opportunities to work on projects both individually and as a group. Group projects foster collaboration and communication skills, while individual assignments allow students to focus on specific language aspects tailored to their needs. The homework balance ensures that students get a well-rounded learning experience and reinforce their Spanish skills effectively.
Assessments Offered
Learner progress is assessed through a combination of methods to ensure a comprehensive evaluation of their language skills and growth. The assessment approach is designed to be informative, encouraging, and supportive of individual learning journeys. Here's how learner progress is assessed: Informal Assessments: Regular in-class activities, discussions, and participation will be observed to gauge students' comprehension, speaking ability, and engagement. Informal assessments provide continuous feedback to identify strengths and areas for improvement. Speaking Assessments: Throughout the course, students will have opportunities for one-on-one or small group speaking assessments, where they can demonstrate their conversational skills, pronunciation, and fluency. Writing Assignments: Written assignments, such as essays, creative writing, and journal entries, will be reviewed to assess students' written expression, grammar usage, and vocabulary proficiency. Reading Comprehension: Reading assignments will be evaluated to measure students' ability to comprehend and analyze Spanish texts. Listening Comprehension: Listening exercises and assessments will gauge students' ability to understand spoken Spanish and interpret audio content accurately. Projects and Presentations: Individual and group projects allow students to showcase their knowledge and creativity while incorporating newly acquired language skills. Self-Assessment and Reflection: Encouraging self-assessment and reflection exercises will empower students to recognize their progress and set personal language learning goals. The emphasis of assessment in this class is on the overall learning experience and improvement rather than just assigning letter grades. Regular feedback and constructive guidance will be provided to support students in their language development journey. As the instructor, I will work closely with each learner to identify their strengths, provide targeted support, and celebrate their successes throughout the course.
Grades Offered
Average rating:4.8Number of reviews:(380)
♥ Welcome to Spanish the Fun Way, where learning Spanish is an enjoyable and engaging experience for kids! ♥ Our classes are perfect for preschool, elementary, middle, and high school learners. We offer after-school classes for homeschooling... 
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