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Online English Tutors For Every Age

For Parents Jun 2, 2022

A recent study released by the United Nations found that 460 million kids had reading difficulties in 2020, and that number jumped to 584 million in 2021. With online learning and English tutoring, you can support how your child learns to read, write, speak, and comprehend English. They can develop the critical skills they need in a way designed to support how they learn best. Empower your learner with the tool of English tutoring and online learning in a fun and self-paced way.

English study not only supports cognitive development and stimulation, but it can also help your child with focus, confidence, and even flexibility in and out of the classroom. English Studies/Language Arts is one of the essential areas of learning your child will pursue in their early years. Despite the importance, an astronomical number of kids face basic reading and comprehension difficulties. An online English tutor or class can help.

Top Areas for English Studies

Whether you call it English Studies, Language Arts, grammar, or another label, your child will be immersed in learning about language, words, and literature from the time they are in preschool. The need to read, write, and properly communicate never really goes away. But, here are some areas of study as your child grows and develops.

In the beginning, your child learns the alphabet, rhyming words, the beginning of spelling, and phonics as they learn to read and write. In Pre-K and Kindergarten, they're also learning to listen, follow directions, and the basics of comprehension.

As you support your child's cognitive development and language acquisition, you'll find many fun resources for Preschool and Kindergarten ages. Exercises are typically very basic at this level, so supporting your child's exploration of words and rhyming is easy.

Elementary English Studies, Language Arts, & Grammar
As your child progresses from 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade, you'll see a gradual escalation in the complexity and difficulty of reading and writing requirements for your child. While your child may grasp the new concepts quickly, they may also face challenges with their reading and writing.

It may be time to offer exciting resources and online learning options to help your child engage with their learning with the level of support they need. Those basic reading, writing, and comprehension skills also become ever more critical across every topic and subject of your child's studies.

Middle School Studies, Language Arts, & Grammar
As your kids continue to develop their reading and writing skills, it's more important than ever that you encourage your child to read. And, there are so many really great resources out there to support your child's reading tastes and preferences.

Online English & Grammar Tutors

English and grammar tutors each offer their own unique take on the subject and study of English, as well as the mechanics and structure. Online English tutoring is the most convenient way to support your child's cognitive development and language acquisition needs while supporting where they are right now. You can sign your child up for English courses or tutoring sessions for their current level while tapping into the evolving options that support your child as their learning escalates. It's the most reliable and fun way to tap into English learning. Give them the opportunity to get hands-on with their online learning. You're supporting their needs while taking advantage of the most affordable rates.

Outschool English Courses

At Outschool, English learning and tutor support are popular areas of interest for students. If your child struggles with grammar, reading, writing, vocabulary, or any other aspect of English studies, the Outschool courses offer the approach your child needs for their learning style. Here are just a few of the most highly-rated English courses and tutoring sessions.

Free Talk for ESL Learners (ages 4-7)
Rebecca Giampa offers a fully immersive experience for ESL learners. It's an opportunity for your child to practice their conversational English skills while having fun in this immersive online environment.

Essay Writing With the 4 Square Method for Novice Writers (ages 10-12)
Michaela Sellers, M.Ed., walks your child through how to write the 5-paragraph essay with the 4-square method. This essay writing class is one of the most popular courses from a top-rated Outschool teacher.

FLEX - Words Words Words - English, Spelling (ages 11-14)
Stacey Hamlin offers a 15-week English Spelling course, where your child will learn fun and interesting rules and facts that will help them remember the words more easily. With this immersion in words, the course should help your child develop as a reader and writer.

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