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Why tutoring is essential in the 21st century

Outschool co-founder Amir Nathoo shares how, by changing the way kids think about learning, we can change society for the better.

Research has shown time and again that 1-on-1 tutoring is highly effective for learners. Both online and in-person tutors provide essential support to students who are struggling and can help counteract learning loss. But, the benefits of tutoring aren't just for students who have difficulty in a subject area. It's also a great tool to inspire students and encourage a life-long love of learning. 

Outschool co-founder Amir Nathoo recently sat down with our Community Guy, Fernando, to talk about the importance of tutoring for education today and in the future. We invite everyone in our community to get inspired by Amir's passion for learning and his vision for Outschool.

Amir shared that he often thinks about the kind of world he wants his kids to grow up in. He thinks about how he can be a catalyst for that change, too. That's part of the reason he's so passionate about Outschool. By changing the way kids think about learning and about their world, Amir believes that we can change society for the better. 

Below is a recap of some takeaways from our conversation, or you can get the full recording here.

Meet Outschool co-founder Amir Nathoo 

Why tutoring is essential in the 21st century - Meet Amir

When we sat down with Amir, our community was eager to learn more about his background and what had drawn him to the homeschooling community. Amir told us that he attended school in the UK as a child. He told us that he had a great school experience and received awesome support from his parents, who were teachers. 

Amir was fascinated with computers growing up and wanted to know more about how they worked. Computer technology wasn't prevalent in the workplace at the time, and his parents didn't think of computing as a hobby that could turn into a career. 

That didn't stop them from supporting Amir and helping him explore his interest in computers. Today, he credits his parents with nurturing a love for lifelong learning that he still has today. As he thought about the challenges of today's world, he realized that a new approach to education could help his children tackle the problems of the future. 

Amir told us that he hadn't been familiar with homeschooling growing up. When he learned more about the homeschool community as an adult, he felt a resonance between what homeschoolers were doing in terms of personalized learning and what his parents had done to support him. 

He began to wonder what would happen if he could take the techniques and philosophies he'd learned from his parents and from the homeschool community and offer them to a broad base of learners. Amir used his background in technology to co-found Outschool, which was born out of the idea of providing tailored learning "outside of school." 

The power of individualized tutoring

Why tutoring is essential in the 21st century - the power of tutoring

Outschool was founded on the principle that every child is a unique person who brings their own mix of talents, skills, and interests to the classroom. Amir wanted to resist the one-size-fits-all nature of traditional education and offer an alternative model where learning can truly be personalized to each child. He shared that he strongly believes kids need a very personalized course of education in order to reach their full potential.

One of Amir's biggest hopes for Outschool's 1-on-1 tutoring program is that learners will feel empowered to make changes in the world instead of repeating the mistakes of the past. He shared with us that he believes that "one approach to education or one system cannot possibly meet the needs of one kid, let alone every kid." Online tutoring is a great way to support, inspire, and empower kids to become the best citizens and professionals possible. 

Amir stressed that it's important to remember that tutoring isn't just for kids who are behind academically. It's also a meaningful way for children who have an aptitude or interest in a specific area to do a deep dive for knowledge. 

Amir's own son, who's only 4 years old, is exploring his interest in the German language thanks to Outschool. Amir told Fernando that he doesn't know where his son's fascination with German came from, but he's thankful that he can allow him to explore it. 

What about core subjects? 

Why tutoring is essential in the 21st century - recap sneak peek

Many homeschoolers and Outschool parents who champion personalized education methods in traditional schools have had friends ask them, "But what about core subjects?" It's important to remember that allowing kids to explore what they're passionate about doesn't mean abandoning core subjects like reading, writing, math, science, and history. 

In fact, Amir believes that a shared base of knowledge is essential to a society. He told our Outschool community that he believes core subjects should definitely be taught. He simply believes that the approaches used should vary to meet the needs of different students. 

One way to do this is via smaller class sizes. Teachers can only personalize learning to an individual's needs when they're working 1-on-1 or in small groups. Outschool has committed to meeting this need by providing online classes and tutoring in all major academic subjects. Of course, there's a wide variety of specialty and interest-based courses, too. 

How Outschool can help solve world problems

Whether you homeschool or send your kids to a brick-and-mortar school, you know that the future holds serious challenges for your kids. Amir believes that one of the most important, hands-on ways we can change the world for the better is through empowering young learners.

His passion was clear as he shared his vision for a connected, global learning community where kids can interact with other kids around the world. A big part of empowering kids is igniting their desire to explore new subjects and ideas. Amir suggests that you try tutoring for your child even if they aren't behind in any academic subjects. Why? 

Amir told us that it all comes down to one essential lesson: Empowered kids know that they can learn whatever they want. When a new problem arises in the future that we can't even imagine today, these kids will know that they have the power to solve it. Inspired learners know that they can always gain new knowledge, even if they've struggled before. 

Tutors can help ignite that fire by exposing kids to new subjects and ways of learning. Amir suggests letting your kids explore their interests and pick their own Outschool classes or tutoring sessions when possible. It's an easy way to help your children take ownership of their educational experiences and shape their futures. 

Empowering passionate learners with Outschool 

Amir challenged us all to think about what our world would be like if kids interacted with other kids around the world. What would change if children developed a sense of global belonging and connectedness at a young age? It's exciting to think about—and it's something that's always on our minds at Outschool. 

Like Amir, the teachers and tutors on our platform believe that empowering kids to love learning can change the world. If you're eager to help your children explore their interests or gain skills in a core academic subject, take a look at Outschool's online tutoring options. We're proud to offer small group and 1-on-1 tutoring sessions for students of every learning style and grade level.

Dorothy BondDorothy is a homeschooling mom and educator with over 15 years of instructional experience. She’s passionate about helping kids think creatively and tap into their natural writing skills.

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