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5.0 (16) · 연령: 5-9

Beginner Tap

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5.0 (24) · 연령: 7-10

Time For Tap! (Ages 7-10)

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5.0 (1) · 연령: 6-9

Happy Tappers Dance Class. Tap Dance Today. New Steps Every Week & Fun Warm Up,

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5.0 (12) · 연령: 5-18

Private Dance Class: Create Your Own Experience

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5.0 (1) · 연령: 6-9

Shoe Tying 101

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5.0 (6) · 연령: 6-9

Beginner Tap Featuring a Mini Recital

누구든지 Tap℠ Soft Shoe를 사용할 수 있습니다! 7~10세

탭댄스를 배우기 위해 탭슈즈가 필요하지 않다는 사실을 알고 계셨나요? 나의 혁신적인 7주 과정 ,누구나 탭할 수 있습니다: 소프트슈!, 일상적인 신발을 사용하는 초보자를 위해 설계되었습니다. 이 수업에는 탭 슈즈가 허용되지 않습니다!
보고계신 지문은 자동 번역 되었습니다

수업 경험

Beginner 레벨
7 lessons//7 Weeks
 Week 1
Lesson 1
The Basic Steps and History of Tap
Welcome to the world of TAP DANCE! We'll learn this... ♫ Tap History and how it started in a nutshell. ♫ Why tap Shoes aren’t necessary. ♫ Why we don't count in 8 when we tap ♫ Stance: Legs, arms, fun, how you feel ♫ Ankle movement and leg/hip action Essential Steps: They go everywhere! Touch: All 5 Parts of the toe (tap) Step Heel Drops Combination with touch steps & heels Dig Scuff Toe Drop Knock Improvisation Please note: All lessons go at the pace of the individual(s) within the class.
 Week 2
Lesson 2
"Cramp Rolls" not a Crab Roll
Essential Steps: Heel Rocks Hop and leap Rolls & Reverse Rolls Cramp rolls Reverse Cramp rolls stamp and stomp Cramp Roll Combination “AABA” Improvisation and/or Routine Please note: All lessons go at the pace of the individual(s) within the class.
 Week 3
Lesson 3
Flaps & Shuffles: The Cousins
Essential Steps: Flap Slap Walking Flaps Running Flaps Shuffle Shuffle Ball Change Irish Improvisation and/or Routine Please note: All lessons go at the pace of the individual(s) within the class.
 Week 4
Lesson 4
Shuffle Step Heels & Paddle Rolls
Learn the basics of these tap standards along with a multitude of combinations and drills to help you grow into a rhythm tap dancer! Improvisation and/or Routine Please note: All lessons go at the pace of the individual(s) within the class.
 Week 5
Lesson 5
Tap moves, combos, drills & History
A Fun day to learn and play with new moves and groves! I'll include some cultural and historical aspects into our play of dancing to the music!
 Week 6
Lesson 6
Time Steps
We will cover... ♫ The History of Time Steps ♫ Why do we do Time Steps ♫ How and when to use Time Steps ♫ A Basic Buck Time Step ♫ A logical breakdown of construction of buck time steps. ♫ A Single Buck Time Step ♫ A Double Buck Time Step *time permitting
 Week 7
Lesson 7
The Shim Sham Shimmy
Originally called "Goofus" and danced to "Turkey in the Straw", "The Shim Sham Shimmy" is the most iconic tap dance known and is considered the tap dancers anthem. Not only will we learn more than one version of this dance, but we will also cover its history along with information and stories that were told directly by one of the creators, Leonard Reed! Please note: All lessons go at the pace of the individual(s) within the class.
이 수업은 English로 진행됩니다.
By the conclusion of this course, students will have achieved:

♫ A comprehensive comprehension of music and its correlation with dance.
♫ Proficiency in tap dancing fundamentals, including basic improvisation skills.
♫ The capability to count rhythmically like a musician.
♫ Competence in producing clear and uniform sounds and rhythms.
♫ Enhanced self-confidence.
♫ Fundamental historical insight into tap dance and its connection to American History
♫ Approximately one year or more of tap knowledge and skills (based on the typical duration of tap classes providing 1 hour per week for 9 months)
I have over 25 years of teaching experience working with children on various subjects!
Some of my Accomplishments:

1. Dance Education and Choreography:

♫ Received a BA in dance from Western Washington University with a focus on modern interpretive dance.
♫ Founder and owner of Jovon Miller Productions, dedicated to creating artists and providing performance opportunities while teaching life lessons through dance.
♫ Creates choreography for various forms of dance including tap, contemporary, and jazz, producing award-winning solos, duos, trios, and group dances for competitions and his dance company.
♫ Master educator in Tap dance, soft shoe, solo jazz, and Vernacular Jazz dances
♫ Created and developed a unique curriculum to teach Tap and created his own class series, “Anybody Can Tap!” 
♫ Designed the class to show that anyone can learn to tap! Including soft shoe tap!
♫ Mentored by Chester Whitmore (protege of Fayard Nicholas, choreographer for Boys II Men, Sugar Ray, Teena Marie as well as working with artists such as Savion Glover, MC Hammer, Prince and many more). Together they are working to preserve the oral history of Vernacular Jazz Dances
♫ Instructor, Emcee, Producer, and co-creative director, Camp Jitterbug and The Jump Session Show, Seattle WA

2. Music Background:
♫ Former professional musician: Saxophone, flute, and clarinet. Classical and Jazz music.
♫ Utilizes his music background, having performed with notable musicians such as Gerald Turner, Kevin Gardner, and Greg Adams, to teach music theories, musicality, and rhythm in dance.

3. Recognition and Awards:
♫ Recognized with awards in both regional and national competitions for innovative choreography and technical training.
♫ Nominated for outstanding spoken word or storytelling in the 2015 Voice Arts Awards for his piece "Elemental War."
♫ Owns a show in Western Washington University’s Student Education Matinee Series, inspiring children with engaging choreography and personality.

4. Commissioned Work and Collaborations:
♫ Commissioned to choreograph for various organizations including Evoke Productions and the Seattle International Dance Festival.
♫ Choreographer and dancer in a Greg’s Japanese Auto commercial.

5. Performances and Accolades:
♫ Performed for notable individuals and organizations including Sam Gilliam, Tyler Perry, members of the United States Congress, Disney, and Coca-Cola executives.
♫ Notable mention in the book "The Less Subdued Excitement, A Century of Jazz in Bellingham and Whatcom County, Washington."
♫ Started tap dancing in 2006 and became Winner of the 2009–2010 Congressional Black Caucus Spouses Performing Arts Scholarship for his work in tap dance.
♫ Concept co-creator, choreographer, and leading performer for The Jump Session Show, featuring artists from across the globe.
♫ Privileged to perform alongside renowned artists such as Chester Whitmore and Greta Matassa.
♫ Commissioned to co-direct and perform in a show “Torino Royal” in Torino, Italy, alongside Ryan Francois, for the Torino Swing Festival, including teaching master classes in tap, jazz, and improvisation.
숙제 제공
Practice drills, exercises, and any optional work the student(s) want to do will be assigned weekly. We will assess any issues the following week students may have had.
수업 외 주당 0 - 1 시간
제공되는 평가
제공되는 성적
A Certificate of Completion is offered by request after successful completion of an exam.
Dance SHOULD be accessible. Please communicate any needs and I will facilitate! I have a family of special needs and neuro-diverse individuals, so I INVITE the opportunity to work with people just like them! I'm here for YOU!
 등록 시 1개의 파일을 볼 수 있어요.
1) Favorite shoes that are secure to your foot (Please review the class description video for more information). 2) Hard surface to dance on with plenty of space to move safely. 3) Notebook and writing utensil. 4) Ready to learn and grow!
Dance, as an art form, not only nurtures the soul but also challenges the body. To ensure that each student's journey is both fun and safe, we kindly ask parents and guardians to take note of the following recommendations and potential hazards associated with the dance movements and routines involved in our classes:

Preparing for Class:

♫ Open Workout Space: Ensure there is a clear and open area for students to move freely without the risk of bumping into furniture or other objects. A space of at least 6x6 feet is recommended for each dancer. For quality of sound try to use a hard surface floor.

♫ Hydration: Please provide your child with a water bottle to keep nearby during class. I typically allow students to get water whenever they need to. Since we are online, it’s totally fine for them to have their water bottle near them, so they can just grab it when they need to and still watch and participate in class.

♫ Adequate Stretching: Each class will begin with guided warm-up exercises to prepare the body for dance. I also educate your child on what we are doing and why, so they can embrace these practices and help prevent injuries.

♫ Please have your student wear shoes that are... 
1. Secure on their feet
2. Closed toed
3. Hard sole
4. Sneakers, basketball shoes, walking shoes, and dress shoes (might scuff the floor but just clean with soap and water) are examples of shoes that are great options
5. Refer to the student video on what shoes to wear for examples and additional information

Potential Hazards and Injuries:

♫ While dance is a celebratory expression of movement, it is not without its risks. Common injuries in dance can include sprains, strains, and bruises. More serious injuries can be avoided by adhering to the preparation guidelines above and by ensuring that students do not push their bodies beyond their limits.

Supervision and Support:

♫ Supervision: For our younger dancers, or those new to dance, parental supervision during online classes is recommended to assist with technical difficulties and to provide immediate support if needed.

♫ Emotional Support: Learning dance can be challenging. Providing positive reinforcement and emotional support can greatly enhance your child's learning experience and resilience.

By sharing this information, we aim to collaborate with parents and guardians to create a safe, supportive, and empowering learning environment for every student. Your understanding, preparation, and support are integral to the success and safety of our dance class.

Should you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to ask. Together, let's make this dance journey a memorable and safe experience for your child.
Jovon Miller is a talented, innovative, and diverse artist, dance educator, musician, and professional choreographer from Seattle, Washington. He is an outstanding and award-winning dancer and choreographer, whose emphasis is primarily on various... 
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