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Middle School English Language Arts (ELA) Novel Study " Bananza Girl"

In this Flipped Learning 6 Week Course, Students will stregthen reading comprehension skill, develop a stronger vocabulary, increase fluency and work on core writing elements in a Novel Study by Patricia Beatty "Bonanza Girl".

Class experience

US Grade 5 - 8
12 lessons//6 Weeks
 Week 1
Lesson 1
Chapter 1-2 Point of View
Day 1 (Homework): Read Chapters 1 and 2 of "Bonanza Girl." key characters introduced, setting details, and initial plot points. Reflect on the characters' motivations and action. What do these chapters reveal about the characters' personalities and relationships? Day 2 (In-Class Meeting): Briefly review the key events and characters introduced. Discuss the historical context of the Wild West and the challenges faced by pioneers. Introduce the concept of narrative voice and point of view.
Lesson 2
Introduction to Wild West & Characters
Day 3 (Homework): Descriptive writing point of view: Katherine Scott 13, or Jimmy, 10 emotions & reactions Day 4 (In-Class Meeting): Review 4 main characters. Take a look at each person's point of view. What does Katherine's point of view tell us?
 Week 2
Lesson 3
Chapter3-4: Character Study
DaY 1: HOMEWORK, Read Chapters 3 and 4 of "Bonanza Girl."Analyze character development in the assigned chapters: How do the characters' actions and dialogue contribute to their development? Day 2: IN CLASS MEETING, Analyze dialogue between characters and its impact on character relationships and plot progression. In-class activity: Practice writing dialogue exchanges between characters based on scenario
Lesson 4
Themes of Resilience and Adaptability
Day 3: HOMEWORK, dialogue writing: Timothy Clover Point of View Day 4: IN CLASS MEETING: Chosen Review of Dialogue Writing.
 Week 3
Lesson 5
Chapter 5- 6: Settings and Solutions
DaY 1: HOMEWORK,Read Chapters 5 and 6 of "Bonanza Girl." Day 2: IN CLASS MEETING, review Setting, Problems and solutions, alternative solutions
Lesson 6
Friendship and Community Bonds
Day 3: HOMEWORK, descriptive writing: imagining life as a pioneer in the 19th century. Day 4: IN CLASS MEETING: Vocabulary, importance of community in pioneer days
 Week 4
Lesson 7
Chapter 7- 8: Plot
DaY 1: HOMEWORK,Read Chapters 7 and 8 of "Bonanza Girl." Day 2: IN CLASS MEETING:Review vocabulary words and plot
Lesson 8
Conflict and Resolution
Day 3: HOMEWORK, dialogue writing: If Timothy Clover Could Talk Day 4: IN CLASS MEETING: Discuss dialogue and 1st, 2nd, 3rd persons point of view, analyze conflict and resolution
 Week 5
Lesson 9
Chapter 9-10: Man versus Nature
DaY 1: HOMEWORK,Read Chapters 9 and 10 of "Bonanza Girl." Day 2: IN CLASS MEETING: Theme, man versus nature, summary points
Lesson 10
Man versus Man
Day 3: HOMEWORK, descriptive writing: Analyze Arrowsmith Farr Day 4: IN CLASS MEETING: Theme man versus man, summary points, vocabulary focus
 Week 6
Lesson 11
Chapter 11-12: Moral & Lessons
DaY 1: HOMEWORK,Read Chapters 11 and 12 of "Bonanza Girl." Day 2: IN CLASS MEETING:Moral, lessons learned, character growth, overall view
Lesson 12
Reflection and Final Projects
Day 3: HOMEWORK, descriptive writing: End it with a Bang Alternate Endings Creative Writing. Day 4: IN CLASS MEETING: Read Alouds for all Creative Endings, Reflections on story, reflections on course.
* Analyze character development in "Bonanza Girl" through close reading and discussion of descriptive passages.
* Identify and analyze descriptive language techniques used by Patricia Beatty to evoke the setting and atmosphere of the Wild West.
* Examine the role of dialogue in developing character relationships and advancing the plot in the novel.
* Practice writing descriptive scenes inspired by "Bonanza Girl" using sensory details to create vivid imagery.
* Develop an understanding of narrative voice and point of view through analyzing how the story is told in the novel.
* Explore themes of resilience, friendship, and cultural diversity through written responses and class discussions.
*Improve descriptive writing skills by revising and editing drafts with a focus on enhancing imagery and language precision.
* Engage in peer feedback and revision workshops to strengthen descriptive writing techniques and dialogue authenticity.
*Analyze the impact of dialogue on character development and conflict resolution in "Bonanza Girl."
*Enhance vocabulary acquisition by identifying and studying unfamiliar words and phrases from the novel's descriptive passages.
*Demonstrate comprehension of literary devices such as symbolism and foreshadowing through written analysis and discussion.
*Practice effective communication skills through participating in group discussions and presenting findings from research projects related to the novel's historical context.
*Apply knowledge of descriptive writing techniques and dialogue formatting conventions in creating original short stories or scenes set in the Wild West.

I am Ms Mumma.
* I have Multiple Degrees in Education and I have taught for many years. I have experience teaching online as well as in classroom.  
* I am a Published Writer & a Homeschool Mom.
* I am TESOL, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and TEFL Teaching English as a Foreign Language certified
* I am a native English speaker.
* I have previously served as a Parent Educator.
I teach Classes in English and English Language Arts, as well as Tutoring 1 on 1 for reading and for English speakers.

  I love teaching writing. I teach reading, writing, speaking, socratic (discussion) circles, book club, and many courses in  English Language Arts.
I teach ESL English as a Second Language. Students of varying abilities whether they are beginners, intermediate or more advanced with the language. 

   I am a firm believer that the right Learning Environment will Accelerate your childs Foundations.  I am dedicated to establishing that environment for your little learners. 

  Join our class today!!!

 * 我擁有多個教育學位。  * 我教書多年。  * 我有線上和課堂教學的經驗。
 * 我是一名出版作家。
 * 我獲得了 TESOL(對外英語教學)和 TEFL 英語作為外語教學認證
 * 我的母語是英語。
 * 我之前曾擔任過家長教育工作者。
 * 我教授英語和英語語言藝術課程,並為英語使用者提供一對一的閱讀輔導。

   我喜歡教寫作。 我教授閱讀、寫作、口語、蘇格拉底(討論)圈、讀書俱樂部和許多英語語言藝術課程。
 我教授 ESL 英語作為第二語言。 具有不同能力的學生,無論他們是該語言的初學者、中級或高級。

    我堅信,正確的學習環境將加速您孩子的基礎。 我致力於為您的小學習者建立這樣的環境。

Homework Offered
The is a Flipped Learning Course. Students will complete 20-40 minutes of work prior to first meeting and 20- 40 minutes of work prior to 2nd meeting. This course is structured as day 1: HOMEWORK Day 2: MEETING day 3: HOMEWORK Day 4: MEETING 這是翻轉學習課程。 學生將在第一次會議之前完成 20-40 分鐘的工作,在第二次會議之前完成 20-40 分鐘的工作。 本課程的架構如下: 第一天:家庭作業 第二天:會議 第三天:家庭作業 第四天:會議
1 - 2 hours per week outside of class
Assessments Offered
Assessments will be given in the form of interactive games as well as short quizes 評估將以互動遊戲和小測驗的形式進行
Grades Offered
A digital or paper copy of Bonanza girl by Patricia Beatty.
In addition to the Outschool classroom, this class uses:

🤩 Middle School English Language Arts Teacher

🌟 I am an experienced teacher with multiple degrees in Education and many years teaching inside the classroom, as well as virtually.   Im a Passionate English Language Arts Educator and... 
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weekly or $216 for 12 classes
2x per week, 6 weeks
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Ages: 9-14
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