5 Mother's Day Craft Ideas that Kids Can Easily Make

For Parents May 9, 2022

Mother’s Day has long been a time to celebrate motherhood. An official U.S. holiday since 1914, It dates even further back in history, as the ancient Greeks celebrated and honored Gaia, the ancestral mother.

Mother’s Day is a wonderful day to offer tokens of appreciation to mothers. The more personal and heartfelt gifts are always the best, which is why we love to offer Mother's Day craft ideas for kids. Here are a few easy crafts your kids can make.

5 Mother’s Day Crafts

DIY Mother's Day crafts can start with simple pictures that your children draw.
Your kid can find inspiration for DIY arts and crafts in a book or magazine. 

For your youngest kids, D.I.Y. crafts start with simple pictures that your children draw. Here are just a few quick-and-easy ideas for kids of any age.

1.Spring Cupcake Flowers

Instead of making “real” cupcakes, your child can paint the cupcake lines and attach them to pipe cleaners for the ultimate in colorful and fun creations.

2.Popsicle Stick Bookmark

This is a fun and flexible idea. Take the discarded popsicle sticks (or perhaps you have a craft box in your supplies). Your child can use colorful paint to make it beautiful. When the paint is dry, they can add stickers and even glue on little buttons to make the perfect bookmark.

3.Painted Rock Paperweight

Have your kids collect rocks during a family walk to the park or around the neighborhood. Then, they can paint the rocks into colorful creatures or scenic places. Some kids also make them into colorful flowers or paint their names on the rock. It’s the perfect paperweight.

4.Egg-Carton Flowers

Take your old egg cartons for this fun recycled art project. Cut a carton apart along each section, giving you 12 paintable pieces. Break out the colorful paints and let your child be creative. Once the paint is dry, your child can glue their creations onto straws, popsicle sticks, or pipe cleaners to create a beautiful and colorful bouquet.

5. Key Wind Chimes

If you have old keys lying around, your child can paint them, tie string around them, and then tie the other end onto a hanger or stick to make it a wind chime that will jangle indoors or out.

Benefits of Kids Creating D.I.Y. Gifts

Mother's Day craft ideas can be something as simple as a painting, drawing, for any age or skill level.
Photo by Monstera

These simple Mother's Day craft ideas for kids encourage curiosity and build crafting abilities to benefit them now and in the future. You’re helping inspire imagination, develop better hand-and-eye coordination, and supporting their sensory development.

D.I.Y. crafts for kids are inexpensive, don’t take much time, and your kids can create something special at any age or skill level. It’s the perfect opportunity to encourage them to visualize and pretend. Creativity and use of imagination are important for your child’s ability to interact with others and solve problems.

Tips to Help Kids Get Creative/Crafty

As you encourage your child to get crafty and creative, it can get messy — but in a good way! Here's some tips to keep in mind:

  • Encourage your child to get creative and take risks. Arts and crafts don’t have to look a certain way or be perfect in execution.
  • Make time for creativity. Exploring arts and crafts can take time.
  • Interact with your child. Ask questions. Find out what they are thinking, dreaming, planning.
  • Celebrate their work. Put it up on the fridge. Share their work with family and friends. Let them know that you love their creativity.

You might dread the mess at the end, but you can also make cleanup part of the process. Encourage your kids to clean up and put supplies in a dedicated craft space where the supplies can be stored until next time.

Classes Where Kids Can Create Mother's Day Crafts

Crafting at home is fun and easy, and an online class can be a fun and interactive tool. With online classes, your kids can create Mother's Day crafts with the help of an educator and a class of kids around the globe.

These Mother’s Day Classes for Kids are great ways for your kids to get creative, learn about arts and crafts, and have fun, all while showing you how much they appreciate you.

Next Step: Sign up for Mother’s Day Crafts

It’s easy to sign up for our D.I.Y. craft sessions. They’re fun, easy-to-follow, and offer lots of encouragement for your child. Your kids can make a card, bake doughnuts, write a poem, make crafts, and so much more. It’s an opportunity for children to have fun, learn, and enjoy their time with our friendly, knowledgeable educators.

Our top-notch educators  offer a unique experience for each session, so their classes fill up fast. Sign up now to give them a fun online experience that will let them explore their artistic passions and creativity.

For more on art, check out  Creativity Explored: Online Art Classes for Kids .


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