Creativity Explored: Online Art Classes For Kids

For Parents Apr 21, 2022

The global art market reached a height of more than 65 billion dollars last year, a far cry from the bleak image of starving artists from the past. Kids are also taking part and driving their own art trends as influencers, digital artists, and young entrepreneurs.

Your child can learn powerful skills through online art classes that translate into real-world experiences. They can use those talents to deliver digital art across a wide spectrum of platforms. Yes, they can make a difference, but they can also learn to repurpose their talent into their full-time passion, or just enjoy art as a creative outlet. Here's what to know about online art classes for kids.

Brief history of art

It’s not easy to focus on just one segment of art history in this at-a-glance discussion. You can trace the earliest art back to prehistoric times, which just goes to show that even the earliest artists expressed themselves where they were. They were able to capture imagery that gives us insights into their lives.

We can follow the history of art through Ancient Art, Medieval Art, the Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassicism, Romanticism, Realism, Impressionism, and down through Surrealism, Op and Pop Art, Minimalism, and Contemporary Art. You probably have your favorite artists, but some of the contemporary greats are Liu Wei, Frank Stella, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Yayoi Kusama, Edward Ruscha, and even back to M. C. Escher, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Frida Kahlo, and beyond.

Why is art important for your child?

Art is a creative expression of self and a way to demonstrate self-actualization. It's a way for  kids to express their artistic talents while learning techniques that will open up new avenues for them. If your child has already expressed an interest in art or online/digital platforms, online courses can offer the supportive learning environment they need.

With art classes and exposure to online learning platforms, your young student can tap into an area that can be underappreciated and discouraged in traditional classroom environments. This is your opportunity to help your child explore their artistic talents in a safe, collaborative space.

There’s more than one way to learn about art. Your child’s interest level, passion, and age will all be part of what will help you decide which classes are right for them.

Sign up for the art class your child will love

It’s easy to sign up for art classes for kids , and you’ll find exactly what your child is looking for. You can support their curiosity about drawing, encourage their love of video and digital art, support their interest in art history, or just give them a class that has a little of everything thrown in. Here are just a few classes that will introduce your child to the world of art, while giving them the skills and expertise they’ll need as they pursue their passion. These top-notch art teachers are popular, so classes fill up fast.

In Learn the Elements of Art kids 5-9 years-old are introduced to the elements of art, including shape, color, patterns, contrast, movement, value, texture, space, proportion, variety, unity, form, and more. Through this Montessori-inspired and interactive class, learners are introduced to the basics of art and encouraged to explore the use of different materials to create artwork at their own pace.

Art Club: Let's Create Together! for ages 6-10 introduces a new art piece each week, with a step-by-step approach to drawing. Kids learn to draw landscapes, animals, pop art, and magical creatures. The class is designed to encourage interaction with fellow students while they develop new skills.

Homeschoolers & Artists 10-14yr Complete Curriculum Art Course Draw Paint Create offers a full visual arts course that can be used as part of a homeschool curriculum or just for fun. Your child will learn about art and express themselves via their creative artwork using a range of materials, mediums, and techniques.

Exciting Digital & Classic & Crafts & Video Art & Procreate for Kids! provides an immersive digital art experience for kids 8-13 who are eager to express themselves on a virtual canvas. Your child can explore how to create digital works of art with Procreate 5.2. It’s a collaborative experience where everyone experiences and shares a range of work while having fun.

Sign up today at Outschool, so you can see how their passion for art will unfold.


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