Here’s one way to make Black History Month a valuable learning moment for your child

For Parents Jan 29, 2021

Each February, America recognizes the contributions Black Americans have made in so many areas of society.

What if this year you went beyond noticing it on the calendar? What if you turned Black History Month into a timely, relevant learning experience for your child?

Right now, Outschool teachers are offering unique and important classes for young learners on Black History.

You can give your child learning options on topics and people inspired by Black History Month. February may only last 28 days, but the lessons can last a lifetime.

Here are several live online classes passionate Outschool teachers are presenting to kids of different age groups:

Black History: Beyond Malcolm, Rosa, and Martin

Outschool parent Krystal V. said about this class, "Kristina is a wonderful teacher with a wealth of information. I was so glad to find this class for my son to expand his Black history knowledge."

For learners ages 9 - 13

The Black/African-American community is rich in history, culture, leadership, and success. In this on-going class, teacher Kristina Krump, M.Ed. will introduce learners to moments and people they may not yet know, but certainly won't forget!

Enroll here.

Bold Men and Women in Black History Series

Outschool parent Iman A. submitted this photo along with her review saying, "Amazing as usual. She is incredibly engaging and we learned so much about Bob Marley! We also learned so very much! Thanks Ms. Yvette"

For learners ages 9 - 13

Courses in these two series are a great way to introduce students to African Diaspora history featuring storytelling, learning vocabulary words, and recall. The Bold Men and Women in Black History Series will provide a strong foundation for long-term African Diaspora history studies.

Teacher Yvette McDonald, M.Ed. offers courses in this series about Bob Marley, Frederick Douglass, Malcolm X, James Baldwin, and Louis Armstrong, as well as Angela Davis, Harriet Tubman, Zora Neale Hurston, Rosa Parks, and Ruby Bridges.

Classes exploring Civil Rights

From learning about Dr. Martin Luther King, to the Little Rock Nine, to a historical perspective of the Civil Rights Movement for "tweens", to the philosophy of non-violent protest, teachers are offering many unique and important Civil Rights-themed classes on Outschool for your young learner.

Teaching kids about Black Lives Matter

For learners of various ages (see below)

Outschool teachers offer several classes about Black Lives Matter for learners of different ages, including:

These are just a handful of the important historical and cultural lessons your child can learn this February on Outschool.

Still looking for more? Use the link below to explore our catalog of video chat classes about Black History for all ages.


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