5 reasons kids need a fun learning experience this spring break

For Parents Mar 8, 2021

Does anybody else think “spring break” doesn’t feel like much of a break this year?

The weather isn’t perfect yet. Everyone is stir crazy from winter. Remote learning has kids restless. And everyone could use some time apart.

If this sounds familiar, then Outschool’s Spring Break camps on fun topics like STEM, drawing and dance are the perfect option.

Keep reading, and you’ll be excited to discover what your child can learn over their week-long break from school.

If you’re feeling like...

1) You need some down time.

“This was my 10 year olds first OutSchool class, and first architecture class, and she loved it! Mr. Beck is very engaging and supportive. It’s amazing how much my daughter retained from this class. I highly recommend it!” - Hakan O.

Working from home while juggling remote learning and child care? Hustling through the daily routine of heading into work and getting kids on the bus?

Spring break is a time when this typical schedule falls away.

But if you don’t have activities to fill your kids’ days, then it’s still going to be a week filled with work for you.

Outschool’s Camps offer week-long activities for your kids. This means you can count on time to yourself, knowing your kids are having fun and learning with one of Outschool’s passionate, vetted teachers.

Explore these popular categories of Outschool Camps:

2) Your kids need structure - just a little.

Amanda kept the kids under control and allowed for lots of questions and interaction. When I asked my son what he would change or improve on for future classes he responded with, “I wish it went longer!” - Deanne D.

It’s a whole week without regular school. Kids need just enough structure to keep everybody feeling good during the day, while still giving them a break from the typical routine.

Being with other kids is limited during remote learning. Time to talk and learn about your child’s interests will be a welcome change from the norm this year.

Explore these fun, social camps:

Or browse all social camps here.

3) Kids are ready to explore nature again.

“It was good information for my daughter’s age. Kids were interactive. The projects were fun, simple and engaging.” - Jaclyn S.

Depending on where you live, the snow is gone (or at least it’s melting). Soon enough, it’ll be time for kids to step into their rain boots and head outside to enjoy the spring.

To get kids excited about the outdoor activities and topics they love, enroll them in a nature-based camp during spring break:

Or browse all Science & Nature camps.

4) After a winter inside, it’s time to get healthy.

“The kids finish the class tired, smiling and proud of their accomplishments. We look forward to taking more classes with Sensei Rick in the future.” - Kerri L.

Winter often means lots of time spent indoors. During a week at home without any plans, don’t let kids slip into easy habits of screen time and sitting around.

Help them build their bodies and their minds with fun active camps that teach them lifelong skills like yoga and dance:

Explore all Health & Wellness camps here.

5) Kids might be burnt out from remote learning.

“Wow!! Great and amazing class. My 7 years old son really enjoyed his class for 5 days. The teacher was really organized, and my son liked him a lot. We are going to take Level 2 next. I highly recommend this class.” - Yurim J. 

If your child is learning from home full-time or part-time, they might be tired of their routine.

For kids, getting the chance to explore the topics they love is a burst of energy. Give them a week to dive into interests with kids who are just as passionate as they are.

Explore some of Outschool’s interest-based week-long camps:

Looking for more?

When your child spends spring break learning and growing with other kids and a passionate teacher, everybody wins.

Gerard Dawson

Gerard Dawson is a teacher, parent and writer for Outschool.