Six Ways You Can Give Back This #Giving Tuesday

Outschool Team Nov 15, 2021

The holidays are a time for togetherness. Things and items like warmth, comfort, and the kindness of a stranger can go a long way during the holiday season. In honor of Giving Tuesday, the Outschool team wanted to provide a resource to help give back to others in your community and beyond. Read on to learn more about how you can give back during the holiday season, starting with Giving Tuesday.

6 Ways You Can Give Back During The Holiday Season This Giving Tuesday

Find out six ways you can give back this holiday season, including Giving Tuesday
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1. Support Your Inner Circle

"My family especially likes to celebrate the teachers, caregivers, and staff at my son's daycare during the holidays. They work so hard and have juggled so much, especially with Covid. They are the unsung heroes of my husband's and I's lives. They keep our sanity intact and deserve anything we can do for them!" -Anna

2.  Personal Connection to a Family in Need

"On Christmas morning, each member of our family chooses a specific charity to support, and we donate. For instance, this may include purchasing clean water or livestock to support families. Each person chooses whatever is most meaningful to them." -Brandon

3.  Giving Food When It's Needed Most

"I have a recurring donation to the local food bank. We buy turkeys and groceries during the holidays and bring them over to the food bank in person. Last year when that wasn't possible, I donated extra at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Earlier this year, when my daughter earned some money for cleaning, she was splitting it in half so that she could save half and donate it to the food bank and the pet shelter." -Michelle

4.  A Little Goes a Long Way

"Our girls set aside what they earn in a 'Give Jar.' They recently heard how their grandparents sponsor a child. The twins decided they wanted to do that and will be using that money to sponsor a child from Compassion International each month." -Erin

5.  Comforts That Remind You of Home

"We have worked with the kids and made donations to sports programs in conflict areas, like Unicef an organization that supplies soccer balls to kids in refugee camps. Locally, we have participated in programs like 'Adopt a family' food basket, and I've particularly enjoyed the programs that help refugee families new to Canada that need winter clothes. " -Bethany

6.  Everyday Heroes

"Every November, we put out snacks, water, and a note for all the hard-working mail carriers and delivery people. Naturally, we know they work hard all year but especially at this time. We also give a monetary gift to not just them but the garbage pick-up team. Finally, we have a list we always donate to as well. For example, these organizations we either volunteer with, sit on boards, or have grown to love what they do over the years." -Amy

Find ways to help others during the holiday like volunteering, starting a food drive, or donate goods in your community.
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Find Ways To Volunteer Digitally or Remote

It may be hard to find a place to volunteer between the weather, schedules, or a pandemic. Luckily, there are opportunities where you and your family can volunteer remotely.

As a family, you can start a fundraiser, create care packages, or share online challenges on social media as a way to give back and help others.
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Check out this list of ideas and organizations that accept volunteers no matter where you live!

  • Play a game of chess or checkers with a senior citizen online.
  • Start a fundraiser.
  • Sew a mask for a person in need.
  • Sew blankets or create care packages for relief efforts.
  • Start a little library with books to gift to those in your community.
  • Organizations like have online campaigns and challenges to give back to cause your care about and get certified volunteer hours.
  • Make a self-care package for first responders.
  • Collect cold winter essentials to give to shelters.
  • Start a food drive.

These small acts of kindness can help teach several social and emotional skills in kids and teens, including leadership skills, organization skills, compassion, empathy, problem-solving, and teamwork. For more ideas, check out this link.

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This season, give the gift that means a little bit more. 

Giving Back and Helping Families in Need This Holiday Season

The holidays are about so much more than things. It's about the chance to connect, inspire, and help each other. So, whether your family is volunteering, donating goods, or taking the time to chat with your neighbor, it's all about supporting one another. No matter what you choose to do this season, no amount of giving is too small or big.

To learn more about how you can give back this season, check out

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