Mr. Chris' Art Group - A Place to Share, Inspire & Challenge Yourself

This group's purpose is to create a safe place where artists can share their drawings, learn and grow, and make friends while participating in monthly art challenges.
Chris Chien
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Mr. Chris' Art Group - A Place to Share, Inspire & Challenge Yourself

Mr. Chris' Art Group - A Place to Share, Inspire & Challenge Yourself is a community of learners that come together on Outschool to share what they’re learning, ask questions, participate in challenges, and get feedback on their projects
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Chris Chien is a professional theme park designer who has spent the last 10 years contributing to projects such as Universal Studios, Sesame Street Land, SeaWorld, Kennedy Space Center, Ferrari World and many more. As a professional concept designer and illustrator, he has created designs for many theme parks all around the world!

Chris primarily works in Photoshop, but his background in traditional mediums such as charcoal, watercolor and oil painting help gives his digital art an authentically “hand-painted” look. In addition, Chris often uses 3D software such as SketchUp, Unreal Engine and Planet Coaster to create immersive worlds.

In 2010, Chris graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a Bachelors in Industrial Design and a minor in Theater. During his time in college, Chris designed and built many award-winning Carnival Booths, which sparked his interest in themed entertainment. Afterward graduating from Carnegie Mellon, he moved to Los Angeles to study at the prestigious Concept Design Academy, studying under Hollywood’s finest professionals from Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, Lucasfilms, Marvel, and Blizzard.
Chris’ passion for themed entertainment and storytelling comes from exploring different countries. With his desire to learn and explore, he backpacked around the world, visiting the continents of Europe, Asia and South America - seeing castles, jungles, and temples in their natural context.  Chris’ mission in themed entertainment not just to entertain, but to also provide education and inspiration to people around the globe.
​• 10 years of concept art and design experience
​• 8 years of professional teaching experience (art classes for children, teens and adults)
• Experienced in theme park design, concept art for games and movies, showset design, fabrication, and scenic painting
Hello Everyone! Welcome to Mr. Chris' Art Group. You are welcome to post some of your work from my classes, or your personal artwork. It doesn't need to be finished artwork, it can also be sketches or works in progress. Feel free to ask for help if you are looking for any feedback or critique. Once we get more people in the group, we can start doing more art challenges! Before we begin... there are some rules I need to tell you. 

🔰 1) Be Nice to Everyone: Try to always be positive and supportive with your comments! Everyone is at different stage with their artistic development. We want to support people's growth. 

🔰  2) No Personal Info: It is Outschool's policy that students may not sure any of their personal information. This means no emails, phone numbers, instagram accounts or gaming handles. The reason we do this is to mainly prevent cyber-bulling and it's for everyone's safety and security. If I see anyone sharing personal info, I am required to delete that post.

However, I do support making online friends. If you want to exchange information, please ask your parent to message the other student's parent on Outschool and exchange emails that way. That is the only way for you guys to exchange contact information that is permitted by Outschool. 

🔰 3) Be Constructive: If someone is posting their artwork and asking for feedback, it is important to be helpful and constructive with your comments. The format I would like you guys to use is... First say something good about the artwork, then say something bad about the artwork, and then say how you think you can improve it. (For example: 😀 Wow - your colors and linework are very great! However, I think something is off with the proportions. Maybe you can try making the legs longer. Good job!)

However, if someone does not specifically ask for feedback - you can skip this step. Just say "Good job! 👍 " ...and that will be enough.

Thanks so much! Welcome to the Art Group!
- Mr. Chris
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Chris Chien
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Hi I'm Mr. Chris. I'm a theme park designer and professional concept artist who has worked for companies such as Disney, Universal and SeaWorld. I studied Industrial Design at Carnegie Mellon University and Art Center College of Design. 

I love... 
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