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Yes And...This Is Improv

Teaching a six week improvisation class to your young learners will not only harness their talents, creativity and imagination, they will develop important tools for life in the process. A child's sense of play should never fade away.

Class experience

US Grade 3 - 5
Beginner Level
6 lessons//6 Weeks
 Week 1
Lesson 1
Yes and...
This first week lesson addresses listening skills, agreeing to disagree and respecting others' ideas and sense of play. The improv game, "Yes And..." is a marvelous exercise in which one student says to another, for example, "The new Marvel movie is great!" and the other student's response starts with, "yes and". So, the response could be something like, "yes and I saw it last week!". This teaches students to go with the flow and think on their feet.
 Week 2
Lesson 2
The Magic of Facial Expressions
This second week lesson is all about making faces and how one facial expression can speak volumes! This teaches students sometimes, our faces can speak for us without actually saying anything. They also learn how to read faces for emotions and recognizing silent reactions. As an example, one student may make a face showing happiness and the rest of the class, mirrors that expression. The face is a billboard for emotions. How many faces can your young learner make?
 Week 3
Lesson 3
Reading and Using Body Language
In this third week's lesson, students learn how to explore different body movements and expression for characters they create. As well, young learners discover how to read body language: is the person angry? Are they anxious? Lying? With the tools for reading body language, students also learn how to best interact with the person based upon one's body expressions. A fantastic life skill to learn at an early age!
 Week 4
Lesson 4
The Voice!
Week four, students work on coming up with different character voices. How many voices can a student make up? How do funny impressions of people we know help in creating characters? Sometimes, silence is golden and students will learn there's no pressure to say anything the face and body can't say for you. Character voice development is key in improvisation and performance.
 Week 5
Lesson 5
Developing Characters
During week five students take facets from previous lessons to develop a character. What's the character's favorite color? Food? How do they sound? How do they walk? The freedom to dive into an imaginative person not only asks the player to think on their feet as somebody else; but to listen to the other player to get on the same page and work as a team in improvised scenes.
 Week 6
Lesson 6
Improvisation for Life
The final lesson of week six is a review of the previous lessons, and examining how the tools used in improv, can translate to life skills. As an adult, I find it's important for me to maintain a sense of play and imagination. No matter the walk of life, adults usually utilize creativity, great listening and quick thinking in some ways, without knowing it! Improv will help young learners feel more confident speaking in class, in public or any other event. Improvisation for life! Come play!
Students of "Yes And...This Is Improv" will learn how to improvise and harness important skills, not just for acting, but practically any given situation in the real world. Skills such as listening to others and finding a common ground, thinking on your feet while exercising your imagination, are a few of the tools students will develop through improvisation. In short, students will learn improv is not just for laughs and performing, it's something children and adults sometimes do instinctually throughout their lives. 
- 20 years of performing improvisation professionally; seven years of stand-up
- Worked with Jay Leggett (performed on "In Living Color", movie director), Tom O'Horgan (theater director of the original production of "Hair"), Harland Williams (actor/comedian), Andy Cohen (host, "Watch What Happens Live"), Howie Mandel (actor/comedian/host) and others, in developing characters and strengthening my talent for ad-libbing/thinking on the spot
 - Formed improv troupes, in both high school and college, to perform at school and for various nursing homes and hospitals
- Went across the United States on a book tour to support and promote my book, "Honey Badger Don't Care,"; was off-script/improvised all Q&A, lectures and media events 
- Appeared on television's "America's Got Talent", "ESPN", "FOX Sports", "The Jimmy Kimmel Show", "The Beat with Ari Melber" and more
- Recipient of a 2012 Comedy Award for "Best Mashup Video"; my voiceover for the video itself was improvised  
Homework Offered
This class' homework is honestly super fun and is beyond engaging. They will be given every week and won't take up much time. There is no "correctness" as there is nothing "right or wrong" when it comes to improv. All homework is assigned for all students. Assignments include: - Creating a character-What's their name? Where do they live? What do they sounds like? What do they do? - Pretend you're living on another planet-What planet? Why? Introduce us to someone who lives on the planet by pretending you're that someone. - Study someone in your life and have a conversation pretending you're them. - Listen to your environment-What are some sounds you hear at school? At home? Outside? At an outdoor event? - How many different faces can you make? Practice making different faces in the mirror and count the number of expressions you create. - Pretend you're a president and prepare for a press conference/meeting, where your teacher (yours truly) will ask you random questions. No answer is a bad answer...
0 - 1 hours per week outside of class
Assessments Offered
Grades Offered
No material required
Hello there! My name is Christopher Gordon. I am a proud father of two and I teach classes in improvisation for children. Whether through character work or storytelling, the emphasis in my classes is in learning to trust oneself, letting one’s... 
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weekly or $84 for 6 classes
1x per week, 6 weeks
45 min

Live video meetings
Ages: 8-12
4-12 learners per class

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