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World History for Middle Schoolers - Ancient History Through Medieval Times

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In this ongoing, year-long social studies course, learners will explore the early civilizations of Egypt, India, China, Greece, Rome, West Africa, and the Americas.

Class Experience

US Grade 6 - 8
Follows Teacher-Created Curriculum
Aligned with National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies (NCSS)
40 lessons//40 Weeks
 Week 1
Lesson 1
Early Humans and The Start of Farming
 Week 2
Lesson 2
Ancient Sumer
 Week 3
Lesson 3
 Week 4
Lesson 4
Ancient Persia
 Week 5
Lesson 5
Early Civilizations in the Americas
 Week 6
Lesson 6
Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs
 Week 7
Lesson 7
Daily Life in Ancient Egypt
 Week 8
Lesson 8
The Kingdom of Kush
 Week 9
Lesson 9
Origins of Judaism
 Week 10
Lesson 10
Geography and Early Settlement of India
 Week 11
Lesson 11
Origins of Hinduism and Buddhism
 Week 12
Lesson 12
First Unification of India
 Week 13
Lesson 13
The Shang Dynasty
 Week 14
Lesson 14
Three Chinese Philosophies
 Week 15
Lesson 15
First Emperor of China
 Week 16
Lesson 16
Han Dynasty
 Week 17
Lesson 17
The Silk Road
 Week 18
Lesson 18
Rise of Democracy
 Week 19
Lesson 19
Life in Two City-States: Sparta and Athens
 Week 20
Lesson 20
Fighting the Greco-Persian Wars
 Week 21
Lesson 21
The Golden Age of Athens
 Week 22
Lesson 22
Alexander the Great
 Week 23
Lesson 23
Rise of the Roman Republic
 Week 24
Lesson 24
From Republic to Empire
 Week 25
Lesson 25
Daily Life in the Roman Empire
 Week 26
Lesson 26
Origins of Christianity
 Week 27
Lesson 27
Feudalism in Western Europe and The Roman Catholic Church
 Week 28
Lesson 28
Life in Medieval Towns and the Decline of Feudalism
 Week 29
Lesson 29
Byzantine Empire
 Week 30
Lesson 30
Origins of Islam
 Week 31
Lesson 31
From the Crusades to the New Muslim Empires
 Week 32
Lesson 32
Ghana: A West African Trading Empire
 Week 33
Lesson 33
Influence of Islam on West Africa
 Week 34
Lesson 34
Imperial China
 Week 35
Lesson 35
Heian-kyo: The Heart of Japan's Golden Age
 Week 36
Lesson 36
The Rise of the Warrior Class in Japan
 Week 37
Lesson 37
The Maya
 Week 38
Lesson 38
The Aztecs
 Week 39
Lesson 39
The Incas
 Week 40
Lesson 40
Mongol Empire
  • Learners will analyze the transformation of human societies and explore the social, political, and economic structures that defined these early societies.
  • Learners will describe the development and organization of political systems in ancient civilizations, including the rise of democracy in Ancient Greece, the structure of the Roman Republic and Empire, and the feudal system in Medieval Europe.
  • Learners will describe the origins and impact of major world religions and philosophical systems.
  • Learners will describe daily life in various ancient and medieval civilizations, focusing on social hierarchies, family roles, economic activities, and cultural practices
  • Learners will analyze the interactions between different civilizations through trade, conquest, and cultural exchange
  • Learners will assess the lasting legacies of ancient civilizations on modern societies.
I have over twenty years of experience working with and teaching students.  I have a bachelor's degree in both History and Economics.  My master's degree is in Higher Education.  I also have a juris doctorate degree in Law.  Most importantly, I have a passion for teaching, history in particular! 
1 - 2 hours per week outside of class
Frequency: 1-2 per week
Feedback: as needed
Details: Optional weekly assignments will be posted in the Outschool Classroom each week. Feedback (letter grade) will be given on turned-in assignments.
Frequency: 3-6 throughout the class
Feedback: available upon request
Details: Two projects are given each semester. These are optional. Finished projects can be displayed (posted) in the Outschool Classroom if the learner chooses to do so.
Letter Grade
Frequency: available upon request
Details: Feedback will be given on turned-in assignments. Grade reports/certificates are given at the parent's request.
Certificate of Completion
Frequency: available upon request
Details: Feedback will be given on turned-in assignments. Grade reports/certificates are given at the parent's request.
In addition to the Outschool classroom, this class uses:
This class will discuss wars and deaths.  Also, religions will be discussed as they relate to history.  All discussions of religions will be discussed in a secular manner.

Nearpod, Gimkit, Khan Academy, and Kahoot will be used as outside resources.  Nearpod, Gimkit, and Kahoot do not require a login and links will be given during class.  
World History: Cultures, States, and Societies to 1500, edited by Eugene Berger, Ph.D., George L. Israel, Ph.D, Charlotte Miller, Ph.D., Brian Parkinson, Ph.D., Andrew Reeves, Ph.D., Nadejda Williams, Ph.D.

Resources from the Library of Congress Native American Collection and the National Museum of the American Indian will be used during our unit on American civilizations.  This includes maps, images, recordings, first-hand accounts and documents.  These resources can be found at:  

The history of Ashanti Kings and the whole country itself and other writings / by Otumfuo, Nana Agyeman Prempeh I; edited by A. Adu Boahen ... [et al.].

The Book of Samurai: The Warrior Class of Japan, Stephen R. Turnbull.

The Royal Kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, and Songhay: Life in Medieval Africa, Patricia McKissack, Fredrick McKissack.

The Golden Trade of the Moors: West African Kingdoms in the Fourteenth Century, E. W. Bovill.

A History of the World's Religions, 14th Edition by David S. Noss and Blake R. Grangaard.

Olmec Archaeology and Early Mesoamerica by Christopher Pool.

A Serpent's Tale: Discovering America's Ancient Mound Builders by Lorett Treese.

The Maya (Ancient Peoples and Places) by Michael D. Coe and Stephen Houston.
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Amanda Smith
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Amanda Smith
At Learning Adventures Academy, we believe that education should be a journey filled with curiosity, creativity, and joy. Our online learning academy is designed specifically for young minds, providing an engaging and interactive classroom... 
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