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Welcome to Thunder Rift! The Iconic D&D Campaign.

This class for beginner D&D Adventurers is designed to introduce students to D&D through a series of immersive encounters in the amazing setting of Thunder Rift, where they will be coached to reach their character's full potential.
Keith (M.A. Military History)
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Students will learn how to get the most out of a D&D 5e character they created in Session Zero. 
Students will explore a 'real' biome (i.e., woodlands, mountains, caverns, and swamps) in Thunder Rift. (vicariously learn about physical geography...bonus!)
Students will learn the value of preparation and planning for successful future encounters.
Students will experience opportunities to interact with NPCs, their teammates, and other creatures through role-playing their PC in this adventure. (work on interpersonal and communication skills....bonus!)
Students will gain confidence in their character's abilities through a series of challenging scenarios. 
Students will understand the importance of teamwork and cooperation in problem-solving during the adventure.
Students will gain an understanding of a fantasy medieval/feudal setting through their role-playing interactions in the scenarios
As a certified Social Studies teacher with 30 years of experience and a huge fan of D&D, I am excited to share my enthusiasm and knowledge with Thunder Rift adventurers. My experience with Outschool D&D classes over the last year has been fantastic! It is really a blast!

For the past year, I have integrated D&D 5e with my Social Studies teaching, especially my on-line/remote teaching, and have found this effort very successful. Classes similar to the ones I have recently added Outschool soon (e.g., D&D Immersion: Beowulf). 

As an AP World & European teacher with overseas GCSE/A-Level/I.B. History experience, I have immersed myself in Ancient, Medieval, and Modern History for the last thirty years. With a B.A. in History, a B.S. in Education, and an M.A. in Military History, I have a great deal of knowledge to subtly "sneak" into the fun and enjoyment of "the world's greatest role-playing game". 
There is no assigned homework.
Students will be encouraged to write a reflective narrative (a biography of their PC) concerning their experience as a means by which to remember the lessons learned during the session for future adventures. Since students will be gaining experience points and perhaps moving up a level, they will be encouraged to conduct some research concerning their new skills and new spells in preparation for future D&D sessions. Perhaps students could conduct independent research upon the various historical themes, biomes, monsters, and game situations in order to enhance their exploration, role-playing, and combat (the Three Pillars of Adventure). 
 4 files available upon enrollment
On the Outschool platform, I will present a Powerpoint with landscapes, characters, monsters, and maps to assist with visualization. Students MUST have an account with Roll20 (free) prior to joining; this is the platform we use for our adventures. On Roll20 I can share my Player's Handbook, Monster Manual and other compendiums (the digital versions), yet I cannot share my Roll20 screen since that will give away the location of all the monsters and all the treasure. Students may wish to print out their character sheet and may perhaps want to make notes to record their skills or spells.
In addition to the Outschool classroom, this class uses:
Students essentially "self-assess" through in-game guided practice through DM coaching. By writing an "after-action report" (reflective narrative) they can, in their own words, identify what aspects of the session went well and indicate what they might work on for future sessions. This journal approach is optional but highly recommended. Earning experience points can be a means of understanding progress since these are awarded for clever problem solving, creative thinking, bold leadership, skill in spell casting as well as success in encounters with monsters and villainous NPCs. Upon reaching a certain number of experience points the students will "level up", which - in and of itself - is a great achievement. 
1 hour 30 minutes per week in class, and an estimated 0 - 1 hours per week outside of class.
Students will experience the Three Pillars of Adventure: exploration, role-playing, and fantasy combat. Players will be advised to seek means other than conflict to solve problems in the most clever manner possible. The adventuring team will encounter beasts, monsters, and maleficent NPCs and must defend themselves and their teammates. All combat encounters will be designed to practice fighting and spell casting skills with monsters often choosing to flee to fight another day. Fantasy violence will be downplayed and descriptions of such will be superficial at best. 
While we certainly use "Theater of the Mind" for many aspects of the class, students MUST have an account with Roll20 (free) prior to joining; this a VTT (Virtual Table Top) platform we use for our adventures. This is where we roll up our characters, maintain our character sheets, and accumulate our treasure. On Roll20 I can share my Player's Handbook, Monster Manual and other compendiums (the digital versions). Thus it is not necessary for the student to purchase any of the official D&D books. (As a parent of a learner who has vastly improved his reading comprehension through reading the books, you may wish to purchase them depending upon the genuine interest of your student.)

Students with a Roll20 account are only invited to our game and only Outschool students will be on our game. The Roll20 code sent to parents/students should not be shared with others. Parents should monitor their learners activity on any website, this includes Roll20. Out class will only be on Roll20 during our game sessions. Since all of our magic spell and weapon attacks are presented in the chat window, I monitor that constantly. 

I will provide: 
-  links to copies of the Basic D&D5e rules,
- a step-by-step presentation of the D&D rules, 
- a preview of the Thunder Rift setting,
- a fillable character sheet.   


Keith (M.A. Military History)
Lives in Canada
Igniting Passion for Learning through an Immersive Approach
274 total reviews
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Over the past 30 years I have taught I.G.C.S.E, A-Level, I.B., and A.P. History throughout the Atlantic region in both private and public school settings. During that time I have instructed students in a variety of rigorous exam subjects . I am a... 
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