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US History Herald: Exploring United States History - Middle & High: Part TWO!

Courtney Murray, M. Ed, M. Hist. World US History
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From the rise of factories to the struggle for civil rights, from the trenches of World War I to the digital age, this course offers a fascinating exploration of the people, events, and ideas that have shaped the United States.

Class experience

US Grade 5 - 8
Beginner Level
14 lessons//14 Weeks
 Week 1
Lesson 1
The Second Industrial Revolution
* Technological Advancements: Railroads, Steel, Electricity * Impact on Society: Urbanization, Immigration, Labor Movements * Impact on Indigenous Communities and Cultures
 Week 2
Lesson 2
Immigration and Urbanization
* Growth of cities and effects of immigration due to the rise of industry * Economic opportunities * Political and religious persecution * Agricultural changes and industrialization
 Week 3
Lesson 3
Progressive Era
* Progressive Ideals: Social Justice, Government Reform, Conservation * Reform Legislation: Antitrust Laws, Consumer Protection, Labor Rights
 Week 4
Lesson 4
Expansion and Imperialism
* The annexation of Hawaii * The Spanish-American War and acquisition of Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines * The Open Door Policy in China
 Week 5
Lesson 5
World War I
* Causes of World War I * Impact of new technologies and tactics * Social, Economic, and Political Consequences
 Week 6
Lesson 6
Roaring 20s
* Jazz Age, Prohibition, Consumer Culture
 Week 7
Lesson 7
Great Depression and the New Deal
* Causes, New Deal Programs, Impact on Society
 Week 8
Lesson 8
World War II
* U.S. Entry into World War II: Pearl Harbor, Homefront Mobilization * War in Europe and the Pacific: Battles, Allied Victory
 Week 9
Lesson 9
The Cold War
* Truman Doctrine, Marshall Plan, Korean War
 Week 10
Lesson 10
The Civil Rights Movement
* African American Struggles: Brown v. Board of Education, Montgomery Bus Boycott, Civil Rights Act
 Week 11
Lesson 11
The Vietnam War
* Vietnam War and Anti-War Movements
 Week 12
Lesson 12
The Era of Nixon and Carter
* Vietnam War and the Nixon Doctrine * Detente and foreign policy with China and the Soviet Union * Watergate scandal and resignation
 Week 13
Lesson 13
The Regan Era and the Nineties
* Reagan Economic policies: Reaganomics, tax cuts, and deregulation * Cold War foreign policy: Arms race, Strategic Defense Initiative, and the end of the Cold War * Bush Foreign policy: Gulf War, collapse of the Soviet Union, and New World Order *Domestic policies: Americans with Disabilities Act, Clean Air Act, and budget negotiations
 Week 14
Lesson 14
The 2000’s
* Bill Clinton's Presidency - Economic policies: NAFTA, welfare reform - Domestic affairs: impeachment proceedings * George W. Bush's Presidency - 9/11 terrorist attacks and the War on Terror Iraq War and Afghanistan War - Domestic policies: No Child Left Behind, tax cuts, Hurricane Katrina response *Barack Obama's Presidency - Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) - Foreign policy: Withdrawal from Iraq, Iran nuclear deal, Osama bin Laden's death
Course Objectives:

* Understand the major social, economic, and political developments in the United States from the late 19th century to the present.
* Analyze the causes and consequences of key events and movements, including industrialization, immigration, reform movements, wars, and social change.
* Examine the impact of technological advancements, globalization, and cultural shifts on American society.
* Evaluate the role of individuals, groups, and institutions in shaping modern American history.
* Develop critical thinking, research, and communication skills through historical inquiry and analysis.
For the past decade, I have been encouraging students through education and personal development to explore the challenges of the past. Through my own personal education and professional development, I create a safe environment for students to learn about challenging topics of the past. My undergraduate is in history, focusing on United States and European integration, past cultures, and empire. My first master's degree is in education with a focus on English/Language Arts and History. My second master's degree is in history with a focus on world empires and United States/Europe during the premodern era and modern era. I am currently pursuing my PhD in history focusing on immigration and relations with indigenous peoples and cultures. 
I have taught Ancient Civilizations in World History classes as well as classes on the history of Africa, Asia, and Australia, Ancient and Medieval Europe, and Early American history. I have taken and taught classes on world religions and practices starting with the ancient traditions of prehistoric cultures through modern day transitions of religions such as druidism. I have also taught about episodes of religious hysteria such as the Inquisition and the Salem Witch Trials. I also teach classes on the myths and legends that have defined these cultures. This extensive background will be utilized to create a well-rounded and thorough explanation of the topic.
Homework Offered
Each week will have required reading from the assigned book along with a weekly note page to helps students record information. They will also receive optional activities to help deepen the content they are learning each week.
1 - 2 hours per week outside of class
Assessments Offered
Students will be given multiple ways to show their understanding each week: * Primary Source Analysis: Analyze historical documents, speeches, and artifacts. * Class Discussions: Participate in discussions on historical topics and debates. * Activities & Projects: Research and activities on specific historical events, figures, or movements. Assessment is not mandatory. Each family may chose to complete weekly assignments or not depending on the student's learning needs and the family's schooling style.
Grades Offered
Students can receive a grade for this class through attendance, participation, and weekly assignments if parents/guardians choose to do so.
Students will need a copy of the book "Everything You Need to Ace U.S.  History In One Big Fat Notebook" 2nd Edition by Workman Publishing and Philip Bigler. ISBN: 978-1523515943  (New on Amazon for 15.99, but cheaper other places if purchased used.) (Link for reference: https://a.co/d/a2mLQZg)
History is often ugly, and we do discuss topics that are extremely sensitive such as genocide, slavery, war, and sectional conflict. Please be advised that some content might be disturbing for some learners (i.e. The Holocaust and American Slavery). 
A vast collaboration of sources will be utilized to create this content to provide the students with a multi-faceted explanation of events from differing perspectives. Some sources utilized to create the content of the course:

A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn 

An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States for Young People  by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz

The Constitution of the United States and The Declaration of Independence by Delegates of The Constitutional Convention

A Little History of the United States (Little Histories) By James West Davidson

A Documentary History of the United States by Richard D. Heffner and Alexander B. Heffner

A Different Mirror for Young People: A History of Multicultural America (For Young People Series) by Ronald Takaki
Star Educator
Average rating:5.0Number of reviews:(527)
I am so excited to join you on this education adventure! I absolutely love teaching and learning and believe it can be exciting for every student! I am a certified classroom educator with a master's degree in education and a second master's... 
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