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Summer Math Camp | Review | Algebra | Live Class (5 Days)

Nicole Marie
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Join my summer Algebra class for middle school & high school students. Boost your math skills with a comprehensive math review and master essential algebraic concepts.

Class experience

US Grade 9 - 12
5 lessons//1 Week
 Week 1
Lesson 1
Algebra Basics Unleashed
Dive into the world of variables, expressions, and equations. Unravel the mysteries of algebraic operations, mastering the art of simplifying expressions and solving basic equations.
Lesson 2
Equations & Inequalities Unveiled
Unlock the power of equations and inequalities as you delve into their intricacies. Discover strategies for solving linear equations and inequalities, equipping you with the tools to tackle real-world scenarios.
Lesson 3
Graphing Adventures
Strap on your graphing armor and embark on a visual journey through the Cartesian plane. Learn to graph linear equations, explore slope and intercepts, and unleash the power of graphing technology.
Lesson 4
Exponents & Radicals Explored
Venture into the realm of exponents and radicals, where mathematical superheroes manifest. Conquer the laws of exponents, simplify radical expressions, and unearth the secrets of rational exponents.
Lesson 5
Quadratic Quest
Brace yourself for a quadratic adventure! Discover the fascinating world of quadratic equations, exploring their solutions, graphing parabolas, and unraveling the mysteries of the quadratic formula.
Develop Strong Algebraic Foundation: Our primary goal is to help you build a solid foundation in algebra. By the end of the course, you will be proficient in manipulating variables, simplifying expressions, and solving various types of equations.

Master Key Algebraic Concepts: We aim to ensure your mastery of essential algebraic concepts, including linear equations, inequalities, graphing, exponents, radicals, and quadratic equations. You will confidently apply these concepts to real-world scenarios and mathematical problems.

Enhance Problem-Solving Skills: Throughout the course, we will focus on developing your problem-solving abilities. You will learn effective strategies for breaking down complex problems, analyzing data, and arriving at logical solutions using algebraic techniques.

Improve Critical Thinking and Logical Reasoning: Algebra promotes logical reasoning and critical thinking skills. Our class will sharpen your ability to analyze patterns, make connections between concepts, and apply deductive reasoning to solve problems.

Build Mathematical Confidence: We are dedicated to nurturing your mathematical confidence. As you gain a deep understanding of algebraic principles and successfully apply them to various scenarios, you will grow in confidence, empowering you to tackle more advanced mathematical challenges.

Prepare for Future Mathematics: Our class serves as a stepping stone towards higher-level mathematics, providing you with a solid preparation for future math courses, including high school geometry and beyond. You will be equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary for continued success in your mathematical journey.

Foster a Growth Mindset: We believe in fostering a growth mindset, encouraging you to embrace challenges, persist through obstacles, and view mistakes as learning opportunities. By cultivating a growth mindset, you will develop resilience and a lifelong love for learning.

Together, we will work towards achieving these learner goals, ensuring that you not only excel in algebra but also develop valuable problem-solving skills, mathematical confidence, and a passion for continuous learning. Let's embark on this transformative journey towards algebraic mastery!
As your Algebra 1 instructor, I offer a wealth of expertise and a genuine passion for mathematics education. With over three years of teaching and tutoring experience, I have honed my skills in explaining complex algebraic concepts in a way that is accessible and engaging. My deep understanding of algebra, combined with a commitment to your success, ensures that I will guide you through the intricacies of the subject with clarity and patience. Together, we will create an interactive learning environment that fosters critical thinking and empowers you to unlock your full mathematical potential. Join me on this transformative journey, where your growth and success in algebra are my utmost priorities.
Homework Offered
Homework assignments play a crucial role in reinforcing your understanding of algebraic concepts and enhancing your problem-solving skills. Here's a summary of how homework will be incorporated into our class: Purposeful Practice: Homework assignments are carefully designed to provide purposeful practice opportunities. They will feature a range of exercises that align with the topics covered in class, allowing you to apply what you've learned independently. Reinforcement of Concepts: Homework serves as a reinforcement tool, helping solidify your understanding of algebraic principles. Through practice, you will deepen your knowledge and gain fluency in solving equations, graphing functions, and manipulating algebraic expressions. Individual Progress Tracking: Completing homework allows you to track your individual progress and identify areas where you may need additional support. It provides valuable feedback on your understanding and highlights areas for improvement, allowing us to address any challenges together. Optional but Encouraged: Homework assignments are optional, but highly encouraged. Engaging with the assignments will enable you to maximize your learning and make the most of our class. Taking the time to practice independently will contribute to your overall growth and mastery of algebra. Personalized Feedback: If you choose to submit your homework for review, I will provide personalized feedback to help you gauge your performance and offer guidance for improvement. This feedback loop fosters a deeper understanding of the material and allows us to address any misconceptions or difficulties you may encounter. Remember, homework is an opportunity for independent exploration and growth. It complements our in-class learning and empowers you to take an active role in your mathematical development. While it is optional, I strongly encourage you to embrace the practice opportunities provided and engage with the homework assignments to enhance your understanding and mastery of algebraic concepts.
2 - 4 hours per week outside of class
Assessments Offered
Grades Offered
In addition to the Outschool classroom, this class uses:
As an additional resource for practicing and reviewing concepts outside of class, I may provide YouTube videos. These videos are intended to support your learning journey and offer extra guidance. It's important to note that all communication regarding the class should take place exclusively on the Outschool platform for your safety and convenience.
Average rating:4.8Number of reviews:(445)
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With over four years of teaching experience on Outschool and two years of teaching English online to children in China, I have a... 
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for 5 classes
5x per week, 1 week
45 min

Completed by 2 learners
Live video meetings
Ages: 11-16
2-10 learners per class

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