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Splatoon 3: Weekly Summer Gaming Club

Miss Tatiana's Daydream Academy: Gaming Clubs
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Join our popular homeschool & afterschool social club to connect with friends from around the world! Tweens and teens will play, socialize, and foster global friendships while having fun. Join Miss Tatiana's award-winning gaming club today!

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Beginner - Advanced Level
  • Daydream Academy's Splatoon 3 Club is designed to seamlessly amalgamate the worlds of education and play. Our learning goals leverage the interactive and engaging nature of Splatoon 3 to foster a variety of skills among tweens and teens. Our learning goals include: 🔴 Strategic Thinking: Develop the ability to think strategically, plan ahead, and make quick decisions during gameplay, enhancing problem-solving skills in both individual and team-based scenarios. 🟢 Teamwork and Collaboration: Learn the importance of teamwork and effective communication as players work together in turf wars and Salmon Run challenges, fostering a sense of cooperation and mutual support. 🔵 Creative Expression: Encourage creativity through the customization of characters, gear, and graffiti, allowing learners to express their individuality and artistic skills within the game’s vibrant universe. 🟡 Adaptability: Cultivate adaptability and flexibility by facing ever-changing game environments, strategies, and team dynamics, teaching learners to quickly adjust and thrive in variable conditions. 🟣 Digital Literacy: Improve digital literacy through interactive gameplay and navigation of the game’s features, understanding the mechanics, rules, and strategic elements of Splatoon 3. 🟠 Cultural Awareness: By connecting with players from around the world, participants will gain insights into diverse cultures and perspectives, enhancing global awareness and empathy. 🔴 Emotional Intelligence: Develop emotional intelligence by managing competition-induced emotions, learning to handle wins and losses gracefully, and understanding the emotional cues of team members during play. 🟢 Critical Analysis: Encourage critical analysis and reflection by discussing strategies, gameplay outcomes, and the artistic aspects of the game, promoting a deeper understanding of game design and strategy. 🔵 Responsibility and Online Safety: Teach responsibility and online safety through moderated interactions, ensuring learners understand the importance of respectful communication and internet safety practices. 🟡 Joy of Learning: Foster a joy of learning by engaging in an educational experience that is fun, interactive, and aligned with learners’ interests, demonstrating that learning can occur in various settings, including video games. These learning goals are designed to ensure that participation in our Splatoon 3 Club is not only fun and engaging but also educational, providing learners with valuable skills and knowledge that will benefit them beyond the gaming environment.
🔴 Nintendo Switch console
🟢 Splatoon 3 game
🔵 Nintendo Switch Online membership to be able to play online
Learners will not need to use any apps or websites beyond the standard Outschool tools.
🔴 Nintendo Switch console
🟢 Splatoon 3 game
🔵 Nintendo Switch Online membership to be able to play online
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1x per week
45 min

Completed by 36 learners
Live video meetings
Ages: 10-15
3-8 learners per class

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