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Semester-Long Science: Physics, Biology, Earth (GED Aligned)

Savannah Gilmore
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This is an semester-long Science class! We cover Physical, Biology, and Earth topics that are standards. Grades and assessments are provided for those who wish to have them.

Class Experience

US Grade 6 - 9
I have been a certified teacher for almost 8 years. I have two Master's degrees, one in education, and I enjoy sharing my knowledge and seeing students grow. I have taught in the classroom and for the largest charter in the US, and I have learned various methods of teaching. I have worked with all types of learning styles, so I am more than qualified to teach this class. 
Homework Offered
There will be weekly homework to go with the lessons we have covered.
Assessments Offered
I offer weekly assessments most weeks in the folder for your student to take on the topics we covered. Students who want to test their knowledge of the content can take these and submit to be added into their grade. Most of the time, answer pages are also linked in there as well, but in the case there is none, submit for grading.
Grades Offered
Grades will be provided via request but require students to submit weekly work to be graded and then averaged at the end for an overall grade. Please let me know the week you enter class if you wish to have a grade, and I will keep track of progress throughout the class.
You will need random supplies throughout the section. I will post an updated list of supplies at the start of class and remind you each week what will be needed for the following week. This class is hands on. Here is the supply list which you will also get once class begins. 


Week 2 – Chemical Reactions 

Supply List 
1st experiment Supplies 
• 1 Egg 
• 1 Cup or Glass (large enough to hold your egg and vinegar)
• Vinegar (distilled or apple cider will work)

2nd Experiment Supplies 
• Empty water or soda bottle (cut top off) - 16oz Bottle is Recommended 
• An extra cup (needs to be normal size drinking cup)
• Large bowl
• Large tray or pan to go UNDER the bowl
• Spoon to stir 
• Towel or paper towels
• Measuring cups and spoons (1 Cup and 1 Tablespoon)
• Hydrogen Peroxide (1 Cup or MORE)
• Dry Yeast (can be found online or at the store) THIS IS NEEDED - You need 3 TABLESPOONS at least.
• Dish soap of any kind 
• Average Temp Water  - NOT COLD
• Food color (OPTIONAL - any color and you can use two)  

Week 4 - Energy

Thermal Energy Experiment
• Ice (any kind works and you can keep in freezer until experiment time)
• Two bowls
• Latex Balloon (large is fine)
• Empty water bottle - Needs to be thinner plastic. This won't work with think water bottles. 
• Water (we will put hot water in one and ice water in the other when we do the experiment at the end of class)

Week 5 - Waves 

Light Experiment Supplies 
• Clear glass 
• Water in another container 
• Small plate or saucer 
• Penny 

Sound Experiment Supplies 
• Clear glass 
• Water in another container (they can use the same from the previous experiment) • Plastic straw 
• Scissors

Week 6 – Electricity 

Static Experiment Supplies 
• Salt 
• Pepper 
• Plastic Spoon 

Week 10 – Organs Part 1 

Heart Experiment Supplies (HOME ONLY)
• 3 Bottles with lids 
• Water (Approx. 32 oz or a quart) 
• Playdough or clay (any color or kind) 
• 4 straws with bendable sections 
• Red food dye (optional) 
1 lid needs 1 hole in the middle and another lid needs 2 holes in it or a larger hole. Use a nail and  hammer to create these. Have parents help you. That is the easiest way. The holes must be large enough  for the straw to fit. 

Week 11 – Organs Part 2 

Lung Experiment Supplies 
• Empty water bottle (do not use a thick bottle – we have to cut the bottle so thinner is better) • Two regular balloons (larger is better – do not get the small balloons) 
• Scissors 

Week 14 – Plants 

Planting Supplies 
• Jars or containers for your plants (mason jars work well for this- but something with a drain hole  in the bottom is better)
• Soil (You can get this at a store or from your yard - the better the soil the better they will grow) • Spoon (or something to dig with and put dirt into your containers) 
• Seeds (choose from the following) 
o Calendula (flower) 
o Marigold (flower) 
o Morning Glory (flower) 
o Radish (vegetable) 
o Carrot (vegetable but needs deeper potting containers) 
o Onion (vegetable) 
o Parsley (herb) 
o Basil (herb) 
o Mint (herb) 

Week 16 – Rocks, Weathering, Erosion 

Erosion Experiment 
• Jar with lid or bottle 
• Bowl 
• 2 Peppermints or hard candies 
• 2 M&Ms or Skittles 
• 2 Gummy Candies of some kind 
• Water 

Students will also be able to show and talk about any rocks or gemstones they have collected. We will  do this at the end of class.  

Week 17 – Fossils 

Students will also be able to show and talk about any fossils they have collected. We will  do this at the end of class.  There is no experiment but they should bring things related that they want to show.  

Week 19 - Weather and Climate

Snow Storm in a Jar
• Jar with a lid 
• Baby Oil (Full large  
bottle – enough to fill  
your jar ¾ full of oil) 
• Water 
• White paint 
• Alka Seltzer TABLET (for  bigger jars, get two of  

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Master's Degree from Ashford University
Master's Degree in Education from Kaplan University
Bachelor's Degree from Ashford University
Oklahoma Teaching Certificate in English/Language Arts
My name is Savannah. I am married to a wonderful guy, and recently became a new mom to a beautiful little girl. I enjoy family and friends, and I love to travel. I have traveled to over 20 countries and love experiencing the world. 

First off, I... 
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