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Middle School Statistics & Probability for Grade 8 | Math 1-1 Tutoring on Demand

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Be Math Confident with this Statistics and Probability class for Grade 8. It discusses basics of bivariate data and interpretations of it. The class is Interactive, Gamified and aligned to Common Core standards of Middle School Math.

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US Grade 8
Beginner Level
  • C1: Scatter Plots - Creating scatter plots - Analyzing scatter plots C2: Line of Best Fit - Scatter plots with linear association - Interpretation of lines of best fit C3: Mastering Scatter Plots and Lines of best fit - Questions and applications C4: Two- way Tables - Introducing two-way tables - Interpreting two-way tables C5: Two way Relative Frequency Tables - Creating a two-way relative frequency table - Two-way relative frequency table and probability C6: Association Between Bivariate Data - Using row/ column relative frequency table - Asserting possible association between the two variables
All teachers are certified by Byju's teacher training team. They are math experts and are trained to teach/ tutor middle school students online. 
-You must have a computer with good internet connection.
-Materials (like a mouse) for a better learning experience.
-A notebook and a pen/ pencil will be needed.
In addition to the Outschool classroom, this class uses:
Tutors will share screen and use geogebra applets as part of our classes. YouTube recordings maybe shared for some classes for additional insights and these will be appropriate to age and content. No downloading is needed on the student's part. 
In addition to the Outschool classroom, this class uses:
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