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Master the Art of Portrait Drawing and Create Like a Pro!

Art Prof Sanya & My Art Academia
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Let's Unlock the Secrets to Sketching, Drawing and Shading Realistic Portraits Quickly & Easily and Develop an Artist's Eye With Hands-On Techniques.

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Beginner - Advanced Level
  • 𐃘 Key things you will learn: 1. Discover the fundamental techniques of simplifying the head into basic shapes, enabling you to effortlessly sketch it. 2. Explore the art of drawing the head from various angles, instilling life and energy into your portraits. 3. Master the art of creating a three-dimensional effect by learning how to draw the planes of the head. 4. Uncover the secrets of lighting in order to bring a lifelike quality to your drawings. 5. Enhance your ability to draw facial features by gaining a comprehensive understanding of their basic anatomy. Plus, you'll uncover a step-by-step process for creating stunningly portraits that you can be proud of! 𐃘 Unlock your artistic potential as you join me into the world of drawing and shading faces and facial features. With a variety of drawing techniques covered in class, you'll be able to bring life to your characters. But that's not all - my main focus is to nurture your artistic instincts, allowing you to observe and think like a true artist. Moreover, each class will introduce you to essential elements and design principles that will enhance your skills even further. I encourage curiosity and creativity, while also fostering patience and honing drawing techniques.
𐃘 ⭐️About me, Sanya, Sanja Manakoski, Founder of My Art Academia:

I am an awarded winning professional artist with an MFA degree from Northwestern University. I possess expertise in various fields of art such as theater designing, fashion designing, illustration, and fine arts. I have taught art to students of all ages, from young artists to graduate students at the university level. My artwork has been displayed and recognized in both Europe and the United States. Currently, I reside on the beautiful Island of Oahu, where I continue to create art. 

𐃘 ⭐️About Art Pro Teaching Super Star Jelena:

Jelena, an amazing artist with a masters degree in art from New York City, is truly remarkable. She has been teaching art and design classes at Art College Cuny for many years. While studying for our bachelors degree, we both focused on Fashion and Costume Design. Throughout the rigorous 5-year program, we collaborated on various projects, witnessing Jelena's immense talent and creativity. What I find most admirable about her is her calm demeanor and caring nature. In her spare time, she enjoys drawing and expressing herself visually. Her designs are always extraordinary, like the time she created a dress entirely out of straws! Jelena has a knack for turning ordinary things into something special, and with her unique experience working in New York, from the Metropolitan Opera to movie sets, she can impart her knowledge and expertise to students for their future careers. 

𐃘 ⭐️About Art Pro Teaching Super Star Megan:

Megan, an exceptional artist residing in Chicago, is truly remarkable. Not only does she dedicate herself to being a school counselor for students with special needs, but she also possesses an incredible talent for art. We both pursued our master's degrees at Northwestern University, where she earned her graduate degree in art. Megan's artistic abilities are truly outstanding, showcasing her high level of skill and creativity. Moreover, she is a nurturing and caring individual, making her a joy to be around. She has a unique ability to recognize the special qualities in everyone and uses that to help her students grow and find their own voice.

𐃘 My Art Academia Teaching Philosophy:

Picasso once said, “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” Teaching allows me to keep my artistic side alive by constantly exploring new ways to create and appreciate art. As an art teacher, I get to nurture my artistic side too by discovering fresh methods to create and admire art. I push myself to view things from diverse perspectives and experiment with various techniques to teach each young student uniquely.

My teaching philosophy is that all students must have a stimulating creative environment that will foster their artistic, creative, social, and intellectual growth. I approach each student individually by celebrating their specific point of view. 

My goal is to create a class that is never one-note or repetitive, but rather collaborative, interactive and dynamic. I want every student to have a meaningful experience in my class. 
In a safe, process-based environment I invite my students to learn through experimentation, share their ideas and discover the joy of creating art. 

My aim is to support students in feeling confident as they express their creativity and nurture their individual talents. This will be accomplished by teaching them essential art and drawing techniques and skills, and providing guidance on how to view the world from an artistic perspective.

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you in some of my classes!
Frequency: available upon request
Feedback: available upon request
Details: Don't let your artistic journey end when the class is over!. I highly encourage students to continue working on their artwork outside of class. If you want some extra guidance and feedback, simply email your finished drawings to me after the class. I'm here to support your creative journey!
𐃘  Supply List:

1. You can use various types of drawing pencils like H, 2H, B, HB, B, 2B, or any from 3B-6B. 
2. My favorite erasers are kneaded eraser and the little eraser in a pen holder. 
3. Don't forget to bring drawing paper and pencil sharpener
5. A ruler is necessary for measuring and setting up a grid before we can start drawing.
5. For blending, you can use a Q tip or a make-up sponge, but tissue or paper towel works just as well. 
6. Optional: Add a splash of color to your drawings with colored pencils, watercolors, or markers for an extra vibrant touch.

*If you're eager to join your first class but don't have all the supplies, don't worry. Just make sure you have a pencil and paper, and let the magic begin! We'll make it work.
Joined October, 2020
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I'm absolutely thrilled to be here on Outschool, ready to teach and inspire learners through the power of art! Join me in the series of classes My Art Academia... 
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