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Prep for Algebra 1 Success

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Bridge to Algebra 1 | Preparing You for High School Math

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Algebra 1 Problem Solving Practice

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Algebra 1 - Full Curriculum Homeschool Course

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Pre-Algebra Unit 1

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Algebra 1 (8th/9th/10th Grade) Summer Camp With Certified Math Teacher

Let's Prep: Algebra 1 Readiness Class

Miss Harrington (Kelsie Harrington)
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Welcome, 7th-9th Grade Learners! This 9-week enrichment class is designed to prepare you for Algebra 1. In addition to live lessons, independent practice with feedback will be provided. For more details please keep reading below 馃憞

Class experience

US Grade 8 - 9
Follows Teacher-Created Curriculum
Aligned with Common Core State Standards (CCSS)
9 units//27 lessons//9 Weeks
Unit 1Prerequisite Skills Review
3 lessons1 Week
Prerequisite Skills Review
Week 1
Lesson 1
Topics: 鈥 Prerequisite 1 - Whole Numbers 鈥 Prerequisite 2 - Place Value 鈥 Prerequisite 3 - Addition and Subtraction 鈥 Prerequisite 4 - Multiplication and Division Homework: 鈥 Lesson 1 Worksheet
Lesson 2
Topics: 鈥 Prerequisite 5 - Exponents 鈥 Prerequisite 6 - Prime Factorization 鈥 Prerequisite 7 - Fractions 鈥 Prerequisite 8 - Decimals Homework: 鈥 Lesson 2 Worksheet
Lesson 3
Topics: 鈥 Prerequisite 9 - Least Common Multiple 鈥 Prerequisite 10 - Estimation 鈥 Prerequisite 11 - Angles 鈥 Prerequisite 12 - Probability Homework: 鈥 Lesson 3 Worksheet
Unit 2Chapter 1 - Variables, Expressions, and Properties
3 lessons1 Week
Chapter 1 - Variables, Expressions, and Properties
Week 2
Lesson 4
Topics: 鈥 1.1 - A Plan for Problem-Solving 鈥 1.2 - Expressions and Equations 鈥 1.3 - Order of Operations Homework: 鈥 Lesson 4 Worksheet
Lesson 5
Topics: 鈥 1.4 - Commutative and Associative Properties 鈥 1.5 - Distributive Property 鈥 1.6 - Problem-Solving Strategy: Guess and Check Homework: 鈥 Lesson 5 Worksheet
Lesson 6
Topics: 鈥 1.7 - Additional Properties 鈥 1.8 - Simplifying Expressions Homework: 鈥 Lesson 6 Worksheet
Unit 3Chapter 2 - Integers and Equations
3 lessons1 Week
Chapter 2 - Integers and Equations
Week 3
Lesson 7
Topics: 鈥 2.1 - Equations 鈥 2.2 - Integers Homework: 鈥 Lesson 7 Worksheet
Lesson 8
Topics: 鈥 2.3 - Adding and Subtracting Integers 鈥 2.4 - Multiplying Integers Homework: 鈥 Lesson 8 Worksheet
Lesson 9
Topics: 鈥 2.5 - Dividing Integers 鈥 2.6 - Problem-Solving Strategy: Look for a Pattern 鈥 2.7 - Solving Equations Homework: 鈥 Lesson 9 Knowledge Check
Unit 4Chapter 3 - Fractions
3 lessons1 Week
Chapter 3 - Fractions
Week 4
Lesson 10
Topics: 鈥 3.1 - Fractions 鈥 3.2 - Fractions and Mixed Numbers 鈥 3.3 - Greatest Common Factors Homework: 鈥 Lesson 10 Worksheet
Lesson 11
Topics: 鈥 3.4 - Problem-Solving Strategy: Draw a Diagram 鈥 3.5 - Multiplying Fractions 鈥 3.6 - Dividing Fractions Homework: 鈥 Lesson 11 Worksheet
Lesson 12
Topics: 鈥 3.7 - Adding and Subtracting Fractions With Like Denominators 鈥 3.8 - Adding Fractions With Unlike Denominators 鈥 3.9 - Subtracting Fractions With Unlike Denominators 鈥 3.10 - Fractions in Expressions and Equations Homework: 鈥 Lesson 12 Worksheet
Unit 5Chapter 4 - Decimals
3 lessons1 Week
Chapter 4 - Decimals
Week 5
Lesson 13
Topics: 鈥 4.1 - Fractions and Decimals 鈥 4.2 - Adding and Subtracting Decimals Homework: 鈥 Lesson 13 Worksheet
Lesson 14
Topics: 鈥 4.3 - Multiplying Decimals 鈥 4.4 - Dividing Decimals Homework: 鈥 Lesson 14 Worksheet
Lesson 15
Topics: 鈥 4.5 - Problem-Solving Strategy: Work Backward 鈥 4.6 - Decimals in Expressions and Equations Homework: 鈥 Lesson 15 Worksheet
Unit 6Chapter 5 - Exponents and Roots
3 lessons1 Week
Chapter 5 - Exponents and Roots
Week 6
Lesson 16
Topics: 鈥 5.1 - Exponent Rules 鈥 5.2 - Integer Exponents Homework: 鈥 Lesson 16 Worksheet
Lesson 17
Topics: 鈥 5.3 - Problem-Solving Strategy: Solve a Simpler Problem 鈥 5.4 - Roots Homework: 鈥 Lesson 17 Homework
Lesson 18
Topics: 鈥 5.5 - Simplifying and Evaluating Expressions 鈥 5.6 - Comparing and Ordering Rational Numbers Homework: 鈥 Lesson 18 Worksheet
Unit 7Chapter 6 - Ratios, Rates, Proportion, and Percent
3 lessons1 Week
Chapter 6 - Ratios, Rates, Proportion, and Percent
Week 7
Lesson 19
Topics: 鈥 6.1 - Ratios and Rates 鈥 6.2 - Fractions, Decimals, and Percents Homework: 鈥 Lesson 19 Worksheet
Lesson 20
Topics: 鈥 6.3 - Proportions and Proportional Reasoning 鈥 6.4 - The Percent Proportion Homework: 鈥 Lesson 20 Worksheet
Lesson 21
Topics: 鈥 6.5 - Problems Involving Percents 鈥 6.6 - Direct Variation 鈥 6.7 - Problem-Solving Strategy: Make a Table Homework: 鈥 Lesson 21 Worksheet
Unit 8Chapter 7 - Algebra on the Coordinate Plane
3 lessons1 Week
Chapter 7 - Algebra on the Coordinate Plane
Week 8
Lesson 22
Topics: 鈥 7.1 - The Coordinate Plane 鈥 7.2 - Problem-Solving Strategy: Draw a Graph Homework: 鈥 Lesson 22 Worksheet
Lesson 23
Topics: 鈥 7.3 - Relationships Involving Equal Ratios 鈥 7.4 - Measures as Rates and Products Homework: 鈥 Lesson 23 Worksheet
Lesson 24
Topics: 鈥 7.5 - Linear Equations 鈥 7.6 - Graphing Linear Equations 鈥 7.7 - The Pythagorean Theorem Homework: 鈥 Lesson 24 Worksheet
Unit 9Chapter 8 - Geometry Basics
3 lessons1 Week
Chapter 8 - Geometry Basics
Week 9
Lesson 25
Topics: 鈥 8.1 - Plane Figures 鈥 8.2 - Congruency and Similarity 鈥 8.3 - Coordinate Geometry Homework: 鈥 Lesson 25 Worksheet
Lesson 26
Topics: 鈥 8.4 - Perimeter 鈥 8.5 - Area 鈥 8.6 - Problem-Solving Strategy: Make a Model Homework: 鈥 Lesson 26 Worksheet
Lesson 27
Topics: 鈥 8.7 - Solid Figures and Volume 鈥 8.8 - Surface Area Homework: 鈥 Lesson 27 Worksheet
I have a bachelor鈥檚 degree in Science in Education from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and 3+ years of teaching experience in secondary Math Education.
Homework Offered
Lesson worksheets will be provided for independent practice. These are designed to prepare learners for Algebra 1.
2 - 4 hours per week outside of class
Assessments Offered
LESSON WORKSHEETS: A worksheet accompanies every live lesson to provide learners with the opportunity to practice each concept independently. Since this is a readiness class, I will provide written feedback on each worksheet so learners will have a clear idea of their strengths and weaknesses before entering Algebra 1.
Grades Offered
Learners will need the following materials:

1. Something to take notes with (paper and writing utensils, iPad/tablet and notetaking app, etc.)

2. Graphing Calculator (physical or digital)

3. A scanner or device with a camera (To Turn In Independent Practice Worksheets)

4. A Google Account (to access the Lesson Worksheets) 

The following materials will be provided:

1. Lesson Class Notes

2. Lesson Worksheets

3. Worksheet Answers (end of each week)
In addition to the Outschool classroom, this class uses:
THIRD-PARTY APPLICATIONS: This class uses Google Docs for providing Lesson worksheets. Each worksheet is shared via a view-only link that allows learners to access the document without signing in to their Google Account. The Lesson worksheets may be printed, scanned, and sent back to me using the "message teacher" option in the classroom. If your learner has a Google Account, they can complete the work using Google Docs and send me a view-only link of their work.  This ensures that no information is shared between parties and is in compliance of Outschool's Safety Policy. 
STANDARD REFUND POLICY: "Refund within 24 hours of payment until your next meeting or lesson access begins."

PAYMENT OPTIONS: This class uses both upfront payments and weekly payments. The upfront price of this class is $350 (approximately $13 a lesson). The weekly price of this class is $55.56 a week (approximately $18.50 per lesson, which is the currently recommended rate per hour for enrichment classes).

EMERGENCIES: Despite our best efforts, emergencies happen and can result in changes to the class schedule. I always plan to have my classes as scheduled. If I have to miss class (loss of power/internet), I ask that learners log into the Zoom meeting and remain in the waiting room for 10 minutes so that Outschool can mark their attendance. There is a one-week gap between all of my classes to add make-up sessions during the same time. If your learner cannot attend a class, please reach out so I can adjust the assignments' due dates. All class recordings are available in the classroom. I expect learners to watch the video lessons for the classes they miss and send a copy of their completed worksheet to receive feedback.
This class uses the following source for all learning materials:

Price, Jack. California Algebra Readiness. The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., 2008. p. All.
Average rating:5.0Number of reviews:(13)
Hello, welcome to my Outschool teaching profile. If you are looking for a Math or Science class, you are in the right place. In 2010, I graduated high school with an advanced diploma and recognition for high honors. I could have graduated early...
Group Class


weekly or $350 for 27 classes
3x per week, 9 weeks
60 min

Live video meetings
Ages: 13-15
1-5 learners per class

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