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Intro to Stop-Motion Movie Studio With Clay, Toys and Crafts

Raymond Mullikin (Raytoons Comics)
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In this 4-Week Animation class, students explore the hands-on process of Stop-Motion through setting up characters and sets, using Clay, Crafts, People, Toys & other materials. Their film(s) would be put together via tablet or Smartphone.

Class Experience

4 lessons//4 Weeks
 Week 1
Lesson 1
Stop-Motion Introduction
✓ Students learn the basic concept of what is Stop Motion Animation. ✓ Students will first be introduced to the Stop-Motion through a Slideshow and watching example Stop Motion videos. They will also see some sample videos created by past students. ✓ Students will their film ideas and plan out what their films will be about. ✓ Students will be given instructions from the instructor on how to use smartphones (or computers or tablets) and Stop Motion software.
 Week 2
Lesson 2
Stop-Motion Practice
✓ Students will see example titles that use Stop Motion. ✓ Through Direct Instruction, students will follow along (or just watch and do it after class) with the teacher as he puts together a "title animation" for a Stop Motion film. (Title is recommended to be a stop-motion animation.) ✓ Students will work on designing their characters and backgrounds. ✓ Students will practice using the Stop-Motion software and get assistance from the instructor, if they need any help.
 Week 3
Lesson 3
Special Effects and Rotoscoping
✓ The students will be introduced to Rotoscoping with the FlipaClip software. Students can try some Rotoscoping with FlipaClip or they can just watch. ✓ The students will learn (and discuss) different ways of creating Stop Motion effects. This will include watching videos on special effects, as well seeing examples being made by the instructor.
 Week 4
Lesson 4
Background Effects (Including Rear Projection)
✓ The students will learn how to create green/blue screen effects. ✓ The students would also learn about "Rear Projection", another method for creating background effects. (This will include learning about how this was the main effect used before green/blue screen effects.) ✓ Students will also have the option to share their films with the rest of the class.
  • 1. Students will learn to use their artistic and creative talents to communicate and tell a story. 2. Students will learn to design their own characters, from 2D sketch transitioned to 3D Clay models. 3. Students will learn to identify and solve authentic problems into developing animated scenes and figure out a way (investigation) on how to fix them.
Frequency: Available upon request
Feedback: Available upon request
Details: Optional: Students can work on their stop motion in between class times.
Frequency: Available upon request
Details: The learner's progress and comprehension skills are observed through informal assessment, in observation of their work on their claymation/stop-motion films.
 2 files available upon enrollment
🏗️ Materials Required: ✓ Smartphone or Tablet (Android or iOS) If you only have a computer, you could either run the android apps on your PC with BlueStacks: https://www.pcmag.com/how-to/3-free-ways-to-run-android-apps-on-your-pc Or you could try installing a Stop Motion program for Windows: https://fixthephoto.com/best-free-stop-motion-software.html Here is a link to Stop Motion Studio on the PC or Mac: https://www.cateater.com/ ✓ Lapse It or Lapse It Pro (to animate the student art) Stop Motion Studio is another program that works well: https://www.cateater.com/ 🏗️ Highly Recommended Materials: (These materials are what most students will use in the class. But they are not required for the class.) ✔️ Modeling/Oil-Based Clay (Modeling Clay is the best material for Stop Motion characters. But paper, toys, random objects - or even people - can also be used.) ✔️ Legos ✔️ Colored Paper ✔️ Scissors ✔️ Large Box - For Setting Up Background (This might not be necessary if your scene is located outdoors or in your home.) ✔️Scotch Tape and Glue 📎 Suggested Materials: ✔️ Smartphone Camera Stand (If you are using a Smartphone and it doesn’t have a kickstand case) ✔️ Plastic construction toy blocks ✔️ Toothpicks and paperclips ✔️ Tablecloth ✔️ Sculpting tools ✔️ Styrofoam, armature wire, and/or foil ✔️ Pipecleaners ✔️ Toys ✔️ Beads and/or Buttons ✔️ Scraps of cloth. Optional: ✔️ Flipaclip App Software (For Android or iOS) This animation software app has the ability to easily import Stop Motion videos and add some fun "rotoscoping" effects. Rotoscoping effects work great with Stopmotion! You can use it to make toy or clay characters fire lasers! Or add explosions! (I also do a class on adding Rotoscoping effects with Flipaclip: https://outschool.com/classes/making-stunning-animated-effects-in-movies-intro-to-rotoscoping-BsAiRsio?usid=fF9cKM18&signup=true&utm_campaign=share_activity_link) 📢 Please install Zoom on the same device as the Lapse It Software. That way the instructor will be able to see what the student is doing and be able to help the student if they are having any difficulties.
In addition to the Outschool classroom, this class uses:
Pretty much anything can be used for Stop-Motion, whether it be clay, paper, toys, craft materials, etc.

If the learner chooses to use paper (cut-out animation) or some other craft materials for creating their Stop-Motion characters or scenes, some of the tools need to do these things could be potential hazards.
Scissors and sculping tools may be needed while creating Stop Motion characters or scenes, which could be pointy and/or sharp. Paper could even given children paper cuts. 

Since most materials are optional, it is up to the parent to decide what the child can or can not use. 
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Joined June, 2020
Teacher expertise and credentials
Bachelor's Degree in Education from University of La Verne
California Teaching Certificate in Elementary Education
Hi, my name is Raymond Mullikin. 👋

I am a professional cartoonist and credentialed teacher from San Luis Obispo, California.

I teach classes in Cartooning, Comic Book Printing and Publishing, 2D Cartoon Animation, Claymation/Stop Motion, Toy... 
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