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Fun Chemistry: Introduction to Chemistry Part 1 (Self Paced)

Mrs. Dawn Huffman, Certified Teacher M.S.Ed
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Students will engage in active learning through hands-on activities about the basics of chemistry

Class Experience

US Grade 1 - 4
5 lessons//5 Weeks
 Week 1
Lesson 1
What's the Matter?
Dive into the wonders of matter, focusing on states of matter and water. Engaging activities include identifying solids, liquids, and gases, observing ice melting, and discussing properties. This interactive lesson captivates young minds with hands-on exploration of the fascinating world of matter.
 Week 2
Lesson 2
Atoms & Properties of Matter
Learners will embark on a journey to explore atoms and the properties of matter. Through interactive activities like building models and observing everyday objects, they'll discover how atoms make up everything around us and learn about the different properties of solids, liquids, and gases. This hands-on experience will ignite their curiosity about the building blocks of our world!"
 Week 3
Lesson 3
Reading the Periodic Table of Elements
We will learn about the fascinating world of the periodic table of elements in this interactive lesson. Through engaging visuals and hands-on activities, they'll decode elements, understand atomic numbers, and explore elemental properties. This exploration of chemistry's building blocks sparks curiosity and lays a foundation for future scientific inquiry.
 Week 4
Lesson 4
Physical & Chemical Changes
Embark on an exciting exploration of physical and chemical changes in this interactive lesson. Through hands-on experiments and engaging demonstrations, they'll differentiate between physical changes like melting ice and chemical changes like rusting metal. This immersive experience fosters curiosity and deepens their understanding of how matter transforms in our world as we make scientific potions! (We will make oobleck!)
 Week 5
Lesson 5
Acids & Bases
Explore the colorful world of acids and bases in this engaging lesson. Through interactive experiments and demonstrations, they'll learn about the pH scale, identify common acids and bases, and explore the properties of these substances. This hands-on experience sparks curiosity and lays a foundation for understanding chemical reactions.
I am a certified teacher in science, language arts, and social science.  I also have a master's degree in reading.  I've been teaching for 18 years to both struggling students and gifted students.  I feel it's important to differentiate my instruction so that I'm meeting the individual needs of all my students.  
Meeting 1 Supply LIst:
Objects to represent atoms in the three states of matter (Skittle, Fruit loops, M&Ms, or any other small circular object would work.)
What’s the Matter Float Lab - Root Beer Soda or another favorite soda, 2 scoops of favorite Ice Cream, Cup, and Straw

Meeting 2 Supply List:
Three different color pony beads or small objects

Week 4 Supply List:
1st Potion Lab:
1 Cup White Vinegar (Bezoar)
1/4 cup Baking Soda (PepperUp Potion)
3 CLEAR glass jars, vases, cups or beakers (One with labeled Veritaserum, One labeled Bezoar 
          and add white vinegar prior to class, and the other labeled PepperUp Potion and add 
          baking soda prior to class - you can have fun with this creating labels or make it simply 
          using masking tape and markers)
Stir Stick (Wand)
Yellow Food Dye (Phoenix Tears)

2nd Potion
2 cups cornstarch  (Draught of Living Death)
1 cup water (Essence of Dittany)
1 plastic container or cauldron (no holes)
2 glass jars, cups or beakers (label one Draught of Living Death and add cornstarch prior to 
          class, label the other Essence of Dittany and add water prior to class)
Blue food Dye (Unicorn Tears)
Stir Stick (Wand)

Week 5:
Students will need pH paper, which can be ordered using this link:
Substances we will be testing using pH paper include:  
1.  Baking soda dissolved in water
2.  Mouthwash
3.  Lemon Juice
4.  Cola
5.  Vinegar
6.  Handsoap
7.  Laundry Soap
8.  Orange Juice
Learners will not need to use any apps or websites beyond the standard Outschool tools.
Joined November, 2017
Teacher expertise and credentials
Florida Teaching Certificate in Elementary Education
“If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.”
– Ignacio Estrada

I am a certified teacher and a math and science instructional coach. My teaching career began in 2007 as a 5th-grade teacher in Illinois. Now,... 
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