Full Curriculum 5th Grade Math - Printables Included - Ongoing Weekly Math

Mrs. Mattingly, State Licensed Math Teacher
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This ongoing 5th grade math class covers a full year of curriculum! Expert teacher, engaging curriculum, motivating atmosphere, and flexible scheduling. Enroll now!

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US Grade 5
Beginner - Advanced Level
Understanding Place Value
- Understand the concept of powers of 10 and its application in numerical expressions.
- Express whole numbers in standard and expanded form.
- Convert between fractions and decimals with ease.
- Represent decimals in standard and expanded form.
- Compare and order decimals effectively.
- Round decimals to the desired place value.
- Perform addition and subtraction of decimals accurately.

Fluently Multiply Multi-Digit Whole Numbers
- Master the skill of multiplying numbers ending in zero.
- Successfully multiply 2-digit numbers by 3-digit numbers.
- Solve multi-digit multiplication word problems with proficiency.

Multiply Decimals
- Utilize blocks to multiply a decimal by a one-digit number effectively.
- Multiply decimals by one-digit and multi-digit whole numbers confidently.
- Solve real-world problems involving the multiplication of decimals and whole numbers.
- Multiply two decimals accurately.
- Apply decimal multiplication skills to solve money-related word problems.

Divide Whole Numbers and Decimals
- Divide numbers ending in zero with precision.
- Successfully divide 3 and 4-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers.
- Solve division word problems efficiently.
- Divide whole numbers and decimals by 1-digit numbers accurately.
- Perform division by decimals without adding zeros effectively.
- Solve word problems involving division with decimal quotients.

Adding and Subtracting Fractions
- Understand and apply the concept of equivalent fractions.
- Determine the least common denominator for fractions.
- Add fractions with unlike denominators proficiently.
- Subtract fractions with unlike denominators effectively.
- Add mixed numbers with unlike denominators accurately.
- Subtract mixed numbers with unlike denominators successfully.

Multiply and Divide Fractions
- Multiply fractions by whole numbers with confidence.
- Successfully multiply two fractions together.
- Understand fractions as a division operation.
- Divide whole numbers by unit fractions accurately.
- Divide unit fractions by whole numbers proficiently.
- Solve word problems involving division with fractions.

Understand Volume Concepts
- Visualize and calculate the volume made of unit cubes.
- Determine the volume of cubes and rectangular prisms accurately.
- Calculate the volume of compound figures effectively.

Convert Measurements
- Compare and convert customary units of length with precision.
- Compare and convert customary units of volume accurately.
- Compare and convert customary units of weight effectively.
- Compare and convert metric units of length proficiently.
- Compare and convert metric units of volume successfully.
- Compare and convert metric units of weight with confidence.
- Solve multi-step problems involving measurement conversions efficiently.

Analyzing Data
- Create and interpret line plots and frequency charts accurately.
- Represent objects on a coordinate plane with proficiency.
- Graph points from a table successfully.
- Use a rule to complete a table effectively.
- Analyze relationships presented in graphed data accurately.

Write and Interpret Numerical Expressions
- Apply the order of operations to numerical expressions correctly.
- Solve multistep word problems involving numerical expressions effectively.

Geometric Measurement
- Classify triangles based on their properties with precision.
- Classify quadrilaterals accurately.
- Understand and identify relationships between different quadrilaterals effectively.
Homework Offered
An optional assignment is provided for each week. This assignment is via Kahoot and students receive immediate feedback.
0 hours per week outside of class
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Teacher will supply curriculum and materials for each week.  
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Average rating:4.9Number of reviews:(174)
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