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Fifth Grade Language Arts

Abby Field
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This is a 13-week Language Arts course that will engage your student and get them excited to dive into their next book and write their next short story!

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US Grade 5
  • Throughout the language arts course, 5th-grade students will learn and develop various skills and competencies. Here are specific areas of learning they will focus on: Reading Comprehension: Utilizing active reading strategies to enhance understanding and engagement with texts. Applying comprehension skills such as predicting, summarizing, and making connections to deepen understanding. Analyzing and interpreting text elements, including characters, setting, plot, and theme. Extracting key details, main ideas, and supporting evidence from a variety of texts. Developing vocabulary through context clues and word analysis. Writing Skills: Crafting well-structured narratives with a clear introduction, supporting details, and satisfying conclusions. Using descriptive language, sensory details, and figurative language to create vivid and engaging written descriptions. Composing persuasive pieces that effectively employ rhetorical techniques and logical arguments. Applying grammar rules and sentence structure to construct grammatically correct and coherent sentences. Enhancing spelling accuracy through knowledge of spelling patterns, rules, and strategies. Speaking and Listening: Engaging in effective verbal communication by speaking clearly, fluently, and with appropriate tone and volume. Actively listening and responding to others' ideas and perspectives during discussions and collaborative activities. Delivering speeches and presentations with confidence and using appropriate body language and gestures. Following and participating in group discussions, debates, and role plays. Critical Thinking and Research Skills: Evaluating and analyzing information from various sources for credibility, relevance, and accuracy. Conducting research on specific topics, gathering information, and organizing findings. Developing skills in note-taking, summarizing, and paraphrasing while utilizing proper citation methods. Making connections between different texts and drawing inferences based on evidence. Applying critical thinking skills to analyze and evaluate arguments, claims, and evidence. Language and Vocabulary Development: Expanding vocabulary through exposure to new words, word roots, prefixes, and suffixes. Understanding and applying parts of speech in writing and speaking. Identifying and using correct grammar rules, including subject-verb agreement, verb tenses, and sentence structure. Recognizing and understanding literary devices such as similes, metaphors, and personification. Developing an appreciation for different forms of literature, including poetry, drama, and fiction. By the end of the course, students will have enhanced their reading comprehension abilities, developed their writing skills across various genres, improved their oral communication and presentation skills, and honed their critical thinking and research abilities. These skills will empower them to effectively express themselves, understand and interpret texts, and engage in meaningful communication in both academic and real-world contexts.
1 - 2 hours per week outside of class
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Details: This class meets one time per week virtually. Students are given five journal prompts per week to complete outside of class. Journal prompts should take no more than 20 minutes. Students are also encouraged to read 15 minutes per day for a total of 75 minutes per week. When your student is enrolled in this class, they get my creative writing session classes for free.
Frequency: included
Frequency: included
A notebook, chapter books they'd like to read (I suggest 5 books), and writing tools (pencils, pens, erasers). 
In addition to the Outschool classroom, this class uses:
Joined May, 2023
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Bachelor's Degree from Grand Canyon University
Hello there! My name is Abby, and I am thrilled to be a part of this wonderful community. I have been involved in the field of education for many years, both as a teacher and in administrative roles.

As a teacher, I have primarily focused on... 


Group Class


weekly or $400 for 13 classes
1x per week, 13 weeks
55 min

Live video meetings
Ages: 10-12
4-8 learners per class

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