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Exploring Astronomy and Astrophysics With Universe Sandbox (Ages 7-11)

Alana May - Astronomy, M.S.
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Students will investigate the physics of astronomy through an interactive program called Universe Sandbox.

Class Experience

5 units//15 lessons//5 Weeks
Unit 1Explore the Solar System
3 lessons1 Week
Explore the Solar System
ย Week 1
Lesson 1
Explore the Solar System: Size and Distance
Explore the size of the planets and the vastness of our Solar System through a fun challenge. (Video length: 13 min)
Lesson 2
Explore the Solar System: Density
Explore the planets' densities (Video length: 20 min)
Lesson 3
Explore the Solar System: Customized Moon
Create a customized moon (Video length: 13 min)
Unit 2Collisions and Tidal Forces
3 lessons1 Week
Collisions and Tidal Forces
ย Week 2
Lesson 4
Collisions and Tidal Forces: Forming a Hypothesis
Create various collisions and examine the outcomes (Video length: 16 min)
Lesson 5
Collisions and Tidal Forces: Earth-Moon Roche Limit
Explore the Roche Earth-moon limit (Video length: 10 min)
Lesson 6
Collisions and Tidal Forces: Saturn's Roche Limit and Black Hole's Roche Limit
Explore Saturn's and black hole's Roche limit (Video length: 8 min)
Unit 3Gravity and Orbits (Part 1)
3 lessons1 Week
Gravity and Orbits (Part 1)
ย Week 3
Lesson 7
Gravity and Orbits (Part 1): Kepler's Law of Motion
Learn about Kepler's Laws of Motion (Video length: 12 min)
Lesson 8
Gravity and Orbits (Part 1): In Our Solar System
Make application in our Solar System (Video length: 7 min)
Lesson 9
Gravity and Orbits (Part 1): Exoplanetary System
Make application to an exoplanetary system (Video length: 11 min)
Unit 4Gravity and Orbits (Part 2)
3 lessons1 Week
Gravity and Orbits (Part 2)
ย Week 4
Lesson 10
Gravity and Orbits (Part 2): Gravity in the Universe
Learn about gravity in the Universe (Video length: 11 min)
Lesson 11
Gravity and Orbits (Part 2): Orbital and Escape Velocities
Learn about orbital and escape velocities (Video length: 7 min)
Lesson 12
Gravity and Orbits (Part 2): Application
Make application with black holes (Video length: 11 min)
Unit 5Celestial Mechanics
3 lessons1 Week
Celestial Mechanics
ย Week 5
Lesson 13
Celestial Mechanics: Planets
Consider various outcomes of planetary importance (Video length: 10 min)
Lesson 14
Celestial Mechanics: The Sun
Consider various outcomes of the Sun's influence (Video length: 8 min)
Lesson 15
Celestial Mechanics: Multiple Star Systems
Make application with multiple star systems (Video length: 8 min)
Universe Sandbox and provided note pages
In addition to the Outschool classroom, this class uses:
From Universe Sandbox: " Accordingly, we will not knowingly collect or use any personal information from children that we know to be under the age of 13. In addition, we will delete any information in our possession that we discover originates from a child under the age of 13.
Parental Controls. If you believe that your childโ€™s personal information was mistakenly collected through our services, please contact us immediately at info@universesandbox.com and we will work with you to determine if this is the case and remove such information if necessary."
Please see https://universesandbox.com/privacy/ for further questions.
Students will need to purchase Universe Sandbox. It can be purchased here:
http://universesandbox.com/ -or-

I would recommend logging into the Outschool classroom on a separate device than what you will use Universe Sandbox. It's an amazing program and because of that, it can take up a lot of a computer's processing power. It can also make it difficult to see the shared screen and your computer
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I am a 5-star ACE certified teacher and was recently recognized as an Outschool "Outstanding Educator." My passion is teaching astronomy. There is nothing like hearing the "Ooos" and "Awws" from families who have seen the rings of Saturn for the...ย 
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