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Basics of Biology (Flex)

Mrs. Dawn Huffman, Certified Teacher
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This course will cover the fundamentals of Biology. Students should have completed middle school sciences as a prerequisite.

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US Grade 5 - 8
8 lessons//8 Weeks
 Week 1
Lesson 1
Discover the basics of biochemistry! Explore proteins, carbs, lipids, and nucleic acids and their roles in life. Learn how these molecules drive cellular functions like metabolism and genetic info. Gain a solid foundation in biochemistry for further studies in life sciences.
 Week 2
Lesson 2
Cells (Structure, Function, Homeostasis & Transport)
Uncover the secrets of cells! Learn about cell structure, functions, and how they maintain balance (homeostasis). Explore cellular transport mechanisms for nutrients and waste. Gain a deep understanding of the fundamental unit of life.
 Week 3
Lesson 3
Genetics & PTC Lab
Dive into genetics! Understand inheritance, DNA, and traits. Conduct a PTC lab to explore taste sensitivity genetics. Analyze results to grasp genetic variations. Gain insights into genetic principles and their real-world applications.
 Week 4
Lesson 4
Structure & Function of DNA & RNA/Strawberry DNA Extraction Lab
Delve into DNA and RNA! Learn their structures and roles in genetics. Conduct a fun Strawberry DNA Extraction Lab to witness DNA's real-world presence. Understand genetic material's significance in life processes.
 Week 5
Lesson 5
Biotechnology Part I
Explore the intersection of biotechnology and ethics! Examine controversial topics like genetic engineering, cloning, and gene editing. Discuss the implications on society and the environment. Analyze ethical frameworks to navigate complex biotechnological decisions.
 Week 6
Lesson 6
Biotechnology Part II
Delve into biotech's core technique - Gel Electrophoresis! Explore DNA and protein separation for analysis. Learn how this method aids in genetic research, forensics, and medical diagnostics. Understand its crucial role in advancing biotechnological innovations.
 Week 7
Lesson 7
Ecology Survival Strategies: Exploring Adaptations in Nature
Dive into the world of adaptations! Learn how organisms change to thrive in their environments. Explore physical, behavioral, and physiological adaptations. Discover how adaptation drives biodiversity and survival in diverse ecosystems.
 Week 8
Lesson 8
Bird Beak Adaptations Lab
Discover the diversity of bird beak adaptations! Conduct hands-on experiments to study how beak shapes correlate with diet and habitat. Learn how natural selection shapes these adaptations for survival. Gain insights into biology and ecological niches.
I've been teaching middle school comprehensive science for six years, which includes preparing advanced and gifted students in 8th-grade for high school AP Biology.  I also taught 5th-grade science prior to moving to middle school.  I currently help design activities that support the 7th & 8th-grade curriculum for all of the science teachers.  I will be incorporating reading and writing in this science course as well.  I have a master's degree in reading and writing, and I am a firm believer in reading and writing in the content area.  
Materials List will be provided at the beginning of the course.  
In addition to the Outschool classroom, this class uses:
Average rating:4.9Number of reviews:(439)
“If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.”
– Ignacio Estrada

I am a certified teacher and a math & science instructional coach. 
I began my teaching career as a 5th-grade elementary teacher in Illinois in... 
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