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Adventure Quest: Intro to Coding With Game Design and Animation, Group Class

BYJU'S FutureSchool
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Project based, Gamified, Hands-on, Beginner Friendly class where puzzle-solving, storytelling, and game-design nurture 21st-century skills! Witness their creativity bloom as they craft scenes, animate players, and breathe life into stories.

Class experience

US Grade 3 - 4
Beginner Level
16 lessons//16 Weeks
ย Week 1
Lesson 1
Train the Knight
We will learn about animation and loops to help the knight patrol and guard the castle.
ย Week 2
Lesson 2
Mystical Gem
We will learn click events and will use the when actor clicked code block to create a clicker game.
ย Week 3
Lesson 3
Dodge Game
We will learn to use the point towards โ€œmouse pointerโ€ and the โ€œwhen touchingโ€ code blocks to create a dodge game.
ย Week 4
Lesson 4
Forest Maze
We will create a fun maze game in which the characterโ€™s movements are controlled using the arrow keys.
ย Week 5
Lesson 5
Save the Knight
We will create a dodge game where the knight must avoid a moving arrow and reach its goal, the castle.
ย Week 6
Lesson 6
Dragon Flight
We will create an infinite runner game in which the dragon must avoid obstacles to survive as long as possible.
ย Week 7
Lesson 7
Hurdle Jump Game
We will create a hurdle jump game where the knight moves toward the gem by jumping and avoiding moving obstacles.
ย Week 8
Lesson 8
Circular Pong
We will create a circle pong game in which we will rotate the circular shield to the left and right on keypress using the when key pressed and turn code blocks.
ย Week 9
Lesson 9
Choppy Ride
We will create a game similar to an infinite runner game using the concepts of coordinates and smooth gliding movement to navigate Agent 7's plane.
ย Week 10
Lesson 10
Laser Tag
We will learn to send and receive messages between Actors using the 'broadcast' and 'when I recieve' code blocks to help Agent 7 dodge lasers.
ย Week 11
Lesson 11
Run for key
We will learn to create a complete game where Agent 7 trying to nab the key with Win and Loss game states.
ย Week 12
Lesson 12
Steer Clear
We will create a Steer Clear game where Agent 7 has to avoid being hit by cans thrown by the thief.
ย Week 13
Lesson 13
Catch the Thief
We will create the Catch The Thief game based on the classic whack-a-mole game, in which Agent 7's hands act as a hammer, and he needs to catch the gang member as it comes out of the hole.
ย Week 14
Lesson 14
Trap Escape 1
We will create a fun game, Trap Escape 1, in which floor tiles randomly switch colors. Agent 7 must step on these tiles when the safe color is shown to escape the hideout.
ย Week 15
Lesson 15
Trap Escape 2
Multilevel games are an important category of game coding. In this game, we took Agent 7 from one level to another to face the next sequence of challenges.
ย Week 16
Lesson 16
Escape Marathon
We will create a multilevel game called Escape Marathon. In Level 1, Agent 7 had to jump over obstacles. In Level 2, Agent 7 had to duck and avoid being hit by another obstacle.
Key skills & concepts your child will learn:
- Animation
- Commands-sequences
- Algorithms and debugging
- Events
- Loops
- Conditionals
- Variables
- Clones
- Coordinates 
- Comparison operator
Homework Offered
All projects will be finished individually. Homework will be recommended but not mandatory.
0 - 1 hours per week outside of class
Assessments Offered
Grades Offered
In addition to the Outschool classroom, this class uses:
Tynker requires a login supplied by the teacher, and it does not collect personal identifiable information.
Average rating:3.0Number of reviews:(2)
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Group Class


weekly or $400 for 16 classes
1x per week, 16 weeks
55 min

Live video meetings
Ages: 9-12
1-6 learners per class

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