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7th Grade English Semester 1

Erica Sirratt
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In this 15-week class, students will read and discuss "The Giver" and "A Christmas Carol," while covering key elements of literature and vocabulary. Students will also work step-by-step to complete a biographical essay.

Class Experience

US Grade 7
15 lessons//15 Weeks
 Week 1
Lesson 1
Grammar review
Introduce the class Review the basic parts of speech Review the rules on capitals, punctuation, spelling Talk about eponyms, made-up words, re-duplication, portmanteau Activity: Create your own words Activity: Word game HOMEWORK: Identify the parts of speech (Google Form)
 Week 2
Lesson 2
Context Clues
Warm-up: Identify parts of speech Introduce interactive notebook on Google Docs Context clues Activity: Word Detective Enrichment work: Discover the meaning of words based on context clues (Google Form) HOMEWORK: Read chapters 1-9 of "The Giver" by Lois Lowry and complete notebook activities
 Week 3
Lesson 3
Warm-up: Read "Who was Lois Lowry?" Introduce genres and characteristics of each genre Read non-fiction text, “Would you Marry a Stranger?” Discuss setting and types of characters Introduce character sketch project Activity: Work on a group character sketch Enrichment work: Exploring genres (Google Form) HOMEWORK: Read chapters 10-15 of "The Giver" and complete notebook activities. Also, be working on the character sketch.
 Week 4
Lesson 4
Plot diagram and literary devices
Warm-up: What genre is The Giver? Provide examples. Discuss plot, sequence of events, climax, rising action Guided discussion on reading: Imagery, summary, foreshadowing, and theme Enrichment work: Complete a plot diagram (PDF assignment) HOMEWORK: Finish character sketch project and the reading.
 Week 5
Lesson 5
Explore the setting of The Giver Explore the plot of The Giver Introduce short story project - Students will write a short story in the genre of their choice. Discuss setting and plot Enrichment work: Complete a plot diagram of The Giver. HOMEWORK: Start working on brainstorming. Decide on the setting, plot, genre of your story.
 Week 6
Lesson 6
Story writing part 1
Warm-up: Brainstorming activity How to create believable characters Activity: Character surveys Types of characters How to write dialogue Enrichment work: Change the dialogue to make it better. HOMEWORK: Finish planning and start working on writing your story.
 Week 7
Lesson 7
Story writing part 2
Warm-up: Describe the picture Sensory details Showing, not telling Developing characters Creating a scene Enrichment: Practice showing, not telling (Google Forms) HOMEWORK: Finish short story and submit for review.
 Week 8
Lesson 8
Prefixes and suffixes
Warm-up: Vocabulary Prefixes and suffixes Activity - Prefix/suffix word game Enrichment: Word dissection (Google Forms) HOMEWORK: Read staves 1-2 A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens and complete the interactive notebook pages.
 Week 9
Lesson 9
Charles Dickens
Warm-up: Context clues Who was Charles Dickens? Discuss reading Read stave 3 of A Christmas Carol Enrichment: Vocabulary practice HOMEWORK: Finish reading A Christmas Carol and complete the interactive notebook pages.
 Week 10
Lesson 10
Biographical Essay
Guided discussion on book Read an excerpt of Oliver Twist What is a narrative essay? Read an example of a biographical essay Enrichment: Read a narrative essay and answer questions (PDF) HOMEWORK: Read an example biographical essay and choose the person you want to write about.
 Week 11
Lesson 11
Introduce the biographical essay assignment How to find good sources What makes a good source How to take notes Enrichment: No enrichment because homework will be time-consuming HOMEWORK: Do your research and find THREE sources. Then, work on taking notes.
 Week 12
Lesson 12
What is plagiarism? How to avoid plagiarism How to do a works cited page and in-text citations Activity: Practice citations Enrichment: Practice citations HOMEWORK: Create your works cited page.
 Week 13
Lesson 13
How to write an introduction Activity: Practice attention-getters and thesis statements How to write an outline Enrichment: Practice writing attention-getters HOMEWORK: Write the outline for your essay and the rough draft.
 Week 14
Lesson 14
What is revision? Discuss common problems in essays. Activity: Practice revising an essay Enrichment: Add feedback to an essay (PDF) HOMEWORK: Work on revising your essay.
 Week 15
Lesson 15
What is editing? Common editing problems Activity: Practice editing an essay Enrichment: Edit an essay (Google Docs) HOMEWORK: Edit your essay and turn in the final draft.
This class is taught in English.
I have a bachelor's degree in writing and journalism. I worked as a journalist for over five years and won several awards during my career. A large portion of my college years was spent studying creative and essay writing. I have self-published a few fiction books and I am currently working on another. Before changing my degree to writing, my study focus was on education. This change has given me knowledge of teaching and writing. I have been teaching ELA since 2014, and I have been teaching on Outschool since 2020.
1 - 2 hours per week outside of class
Frequency: Available upon request
Feedback: Available upon request
Details: There will be required homework each week. There will also be added enrichment assignments that students may complete to deepen their understanding of learned concepts.
Frequency: Available upon request
Details: Students will receive an itemized grade sheet that contains a breakdown of each assignment. Unless otherwise requested, students will receive this grade at the end of the semester.
Students will need copies of "The Giver," by Lois Lowry. If students want a physical copy of the book, they will need to purchase "A Christmas Carol" (the original version) by Charles Dickens.
In addition to the Outschool classroom, this class uses:
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Bachelor's Degree from University of Central Arkansas
I have a lot of passions in life, but two of my biggest passions are reading and writing. One of my main goals is to create a love of literature. If a student can read well, the possibilities of what they can learn are endless. I believe that... 
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