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5th Grade Homeschool Full Curriculum: Part 2

Seed and Stem Learning Center
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Part 2 of 4: This 4 part course will provide your fifth grader with a full curriculum including Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Computer Applications in a small group setting!

Class experience

US Grade 5
Follows Teacher-Created Curriculum
Aligned with Common Core State Standards (CCSS)
40 lessons//8 Weeks
 Week 1
Lesson 1
Homeroom: Introductions/Syllabus, Math: 4.1 Multiplication Patterns
Lesson 2
Language Arts: Building Background-What is Heritage? (They Call Me Guero)
Lesson 3
Science: 3.1 Water on Earth, Social Studies: Italian Renaissance Era
Lesson 4
Math: 4.2 Multiplication Patterns and Estimation, Art: Value
Lesson 5
Study Hall/Make Up
 Week 2
Lesson 6
Homeroom: Critical Thinking, Math: 4.3 Multiplying Whole Numbers
Lesson 7
Language Arts: Begin Informational Cultural Heritage Essay
Lesson 8
Science: 3.2 Physical Properties of Water, Social Studies: Northern Renaissance
Lesson 9
Math: 4.4 Multiplying Whole Numbers, Art: Line
Lesson 10
Study Hall/Make Up
 Week 3
Lesson 11
Homeroom: Learning to Learn, Math: 4.5 Multiplying Multi-Digit Whole Numbers
Lesson 12
Language Arts: Dialogue
Lesson 13
Science: 3.3 Hydrophobic vs. Hydrophilic, Social Studies: Renaissance Era Cultur
Lesson 14
Math: Unit 4 Review, Art: Shape
Lesson 15
Study Hall/Make Up
 Week 4
Lesson 16
Homeroom: Learning Dynamic Traits, Math: 5.1 Multiplying Decimals
Lesson 17
Language Arts: Planning Topic, Detail, and Concluding Sentences
Lesson 18
Science: 3.4 Water’s Special Properties, Social Studies: The Reformation Period
Lesson 19
Math: 5.2 Multiplying Decimals, Art: Form
Lesson 20
Study Hall/Make Up
 Week 5
Lesson 21
Homeroom: Encouraging Innovation, Math: 5.3 Multiplying Decimals and Whole Numbe
Lesson 22
Language Arts: My Cultural Heritage Narrative Draft
Lesson 23
Science: 4.1 Plant Needs, Social Studies: 1.6 Protestant Denominations
Lesson 24
Math: 5.4 Multiplying Decimals and Whole Numbers, Art: Texture
Lesson 25
Study Hall/Make Up
 Week 6
Lesson 26
Homeroom: Adapting to Change, Math: 5.5 Use Models to Multiply Decimals
Lesson 27
Language Arts: Writer’s Workshop
Lesson 28
Science: 4.2 Types of Plants, Social Studies: Reformation Presentations
Lesson 29
Math: 5.6 Use Partial Products to Multiply Decimals, Art: Color
Lesson 30
Study Hall/Make Up
 Week 7
Lesson 31
Homeroom: Understanding the Problem Solving Process, Math: 5.7 Multiply Decimal
Lesson 32
Language Arts: Complete Novel
Lesson 33
Science: 4.3 Seed Dispersal, Social Studies: Reformation Theme Park Project
Lesson 34
Math: 5.8 Multiply Decimals, Art: Pablo Picasso
Lesson 35
Study Hall/Make Up
 Week 8
Lesson 36
Homeroom: Fostering a Culture of Iteration, Math: 5.9 Multiply with Money
Lesson 37
Language Arts: Final Presentations
Lesson 38
Science: 4.4 Plant Adaptations, Social Studies: Complete Final Projects/Review
Lesson 39
Math: Unit Test, Art: Vincent Van Gogh
Lesson 40
Study Hall/Make Up
  • This 8-week course will provide you with a full curriculum including Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Computer Applications in a small group setting!
Certified and Licensed Elementary Educator
Homework Offered
Students will be given homework Monday-Thursday for each subject. The homework will not be due until the next lesson of that subject is taught. For example, Monday's math homework will be due Thursday and Langauge Arts homework will be due the following Tuesday.
1 - 2 hours per week outside of class
Assessments Offered
Students will turn in assignments through the Outschool classroom. They will be given grades/feedback for each assignment along with individual and in-depth report cards after each semester.
Grades Offered
Report cards are offered at the end of each course.
A syllabus will be provided with student materials.
In addition to the Outschool classroom, this class uses:
Nearpod and kahoot will be used during this course. No accounts are needed. 
Books Needed:
Part 1: Esperanza Rising- by Pam Muñoz Ryan
Part 2: They Call Me Guero-David Bowles
Part 3: A Midsummer Night's Dream
Part 4: The Science of Breakable Things by Tae Keller
Joined May, 2020
Teacher expertise and credentials
Bachelor's Degree in Science
Sarah Herrera Stoltzfus
Bachelor's Degree in Science
Michelle Cregger
Bachelor's Degree in Science
Michelle Cregger
Bachelor's Degree in Science
Michelle Cregger
Bachelor's Degree in Education
Sara Neidigh
Bachelor's Degree in Science
Theresa Norris
Bachelor's Degree in Math
Jonathan Stone, M.A.T.
Bachelor's Degree in Education
Bailey Nelson
Master's Degree in Education
Carlie Spears
Master's Degree in Science
Michelle Cregger
Master's Degree in Education
Victoria Larsen, M.Ed.
Master's Degree in Education
Theresa Norris
Master's Degree in Education
Emily Lindberg, MSED
Master's Degree in Education
Jonathan Stone, M.A.T.
Master's Degree in Education
Bailey Nelson
Colorado Teaching Certificate - Elementary Education
Amanda Mucci
California Teaching Certificate
Carlie Spears
Tennessee Teaching Certificate - Science
Carlie Spears
Indiana Teaching Certificate - Elementary Education
Sara Neidigh
Virginia Teaching Certificate - Elementary Education
Kimberly Terry
Indiana Teaching Certificate - Elementary Education
Theresa Norris
Indiana Teaching Certificate - Elementary Education
Theresa Norris
NewYork Teaching Certificate - Special Education
Amanda Zanzano
Maryland Teaching Certificate - Elementary Education
Angela Papandrea
Oregon Teaching Certificate - Social Studies/History
Emily Lindberg, MSED
Washington Teaching Certificate - Mathematics
Jonathan Stone, M.A.T.
Illinois Teaching Certificate - Elementary Education
Bailey Nelson
Welcome to Seed and Stem Learning Center by Bailey Nelson and Kenneth Kirk! 

As a prior public school teacher, Bailey experienced the positive difference that scientific inquiry can have on students. Kenneth, who received his Bachelor's of... 
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weekly or $999 for 40 classes
5x per week, 8 weeks
90 min

Live video meetings
Ages: 9-12
5-12 learners per class

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