This Valentine’s Day, Give Your Kid More Than a Sugar Rush...Give the Gift of Learning

For Parents Jan 27, 2020

Of course you want your child to enjoy fun holidays like Valentine’s Day. For kids, it’s an innocent day to express love and eat lots of candy 🙂

What if this year you went beyond sweetening up your youngster with candy hearts and chocolates? What if you gave them the chance at a learning experience that lasts way longer than a sugar rush?

With fun video chat classes on 100s of topics, Outschool makes it easy for you to turn fun holidays like Valentine’s Day into valuable learning moments for your child.

Give your child learning options related to topics, people, and subjects inspired by Valentine’s Day. February may only last 29 days (it’s a leap year!), but the lessons can last a lifetime.

Here are several exciting live online classes presented for kids of different age groups on Outschool:

Valentine's Day Crochet - Level 1: Crochet Roses

For learners ages 10-15

We’re 90% sure Leslie Knope would approve this class

This 2 week project-based course will teach you basic crochet skills and help you produce some works to be proud of!

Valentine's Day Story Time

For learners ages 3-7

Image result for celebrity reading to kids
Still working on getting Gwenyth Paltro as a celebrity reader. Until then, we still think you’ll love this class.

Join this Seasonal Story Time class. Each class we will have a theme, story, and activity (craft, game or recipe). We will read Valentine's Day stories, and practice letters and numbers that go with the story.

The Dark History of Valentine's Day

For learners ages 8-13

If your child prefers the Professor Snape version of Valentine’s Day, they’ll love this class.

This is the class for young learners who love discovering the true story behind popular topics. With a tagline of “It wasn't always about candy hearts and chocolates,” this class is mysterious enough to catch your child’s attention without being too spooky for young minds.

We'll get down to the bottom of what many believe is nothing more than a Hallmark holiday and let you decide if you want to celebrate it or not...and how.

The class is lecture and discussion based, so meaningful participation is encouraged.

Show love by sharing the gift of learning.

Gerard Dawson

Gerard Dawson is a teacher, parent and writer for Outschool.