How to Turn Women’s History Month into a Fun Learning Experience for Your Child

For Parents Mar 1, 2021

Studying history is too often only about HIS-story.

In other words, women’s voices and contributions often get much less attention when young people learn about the past.

Women's History Month is an opportunity to change that.

This March, help your learner explore amazing contributions women have made to society. Contributions to art, science, politics and other fields. Contributions often made while facing unequal opportunity and undue oppression.

Better yet, your youngster can learn about these great women with other curious kids and a passionate Outschool teacher.

This March, explore Outschool's engaging, safe and social women’s history classes available for young learners.

By sharing stories and contributions of historic women with young learners, we hope the next generation will seek out inclusive, diverse voices when recording important events.

Here are five classes Outschool teachers are currently offering that can help your learner explore women who have made, eh-hem...HER-story.

Women in History

"My 8 year-old looks forward to this class every week and even wanted to do the project where she presented about her favorite woman in history, Anne Frank - and this is a child who does NOT like doing homework or projects! :)" - Susan E.

In this class for learners ages 8-12, learners take a look at the lives and impact of different women, both from history and modern day. Each class focuses on a different woman who made an impact in history. Some examples include:

  • Michelle Obama
  • Harriet Beecher Stowe
  • Julia Child
  • Josephine Baker
  • Joan of Arc

Learn more or enroll your learner in this class here.

Bold Women in Black History Series

Ruby Bridges is one of the four women in this series of classes taught by Outschool teacher Yvette McDonnell.

Courses in this series for learners 9-13 are a great way to introduce students to American history featuring African Americans through storytelling, learning vocabulary words, and recall. The Bold Women in Black History Series will provide a strong foundation for long-term African American history studies.

Classes in the series include Ruby Bridges, Rosa Parks, Angela Davis and Zora Neale Hurston.

No prior knowledge of African American history is necessary, only a passion for learning.

Explore this series of classes here.

Revolutionary Women in History (That You May Not Have Heard About)

"Charley enjoyed class and she did a presentation afterwards on one of the women they learned about! Teacher was very sweet! It was her first time using Outschool - she enjoyed it." - Linda

In this one day course for learners 9-13, kids will learn about, discuss and analyze important women in history.  

Your learner will study the women’s past, how they became influential and what contributions they have made on history. The class will also consider how they have shaped society and history, as well as how strong their impact influences us today.  

The teacher will provide pictures of each woman so the students are able to visualize who it is they are learning about, as well as discussions and questions are always welcomed. No previous experience or knowledge is required, just come ready to have some fun!

Learn more or enroll your learner in this class here.

Women's History Month Story Time Read Aloud

"The teacher allowed the kids to share at the beginning, then read She Persisted aloud. Then they filled in a sheet profiling a woman who experienced a challenge...The teacher was very kind and patient and I would recommend this class to all little kids!" - Cat T.

During this class for learners 6-11, students will celebrate International Women's day by exploring and enjoying an enthusiastic read-a-loud from the best-selling book She Persisted!

In this class, kids will learn about 13 different historical figures! Learners will then be able to chose a coloring/doodle note page to complete about their favorite female historical figures. Learners will have the opportunity to interact with the teacher and other learners through engaging and thoughtful questions throughout the class.

Learn more or enroll your learner in this class here.

Breaking the Rules: Defiant Women in World History

"My daughter loved this class because 'I love learning about women in history which I don't hear much about in all my regular history classes.'" - An Outschool Parent

Well-behaved women seldom make history, and in this class for learners 10-15, learners will meet 10 defiant women in world history who didn't ask permission to make their mark on the world.

Kids will learn about some well-known troublemakers like Malala Yousafazi and Marie Curie, but also about lesser-known rebel-rousers such as Emmeline Pankhurst and Ada Lovelace.

Learn more or enroll your learner in this class here.

Of course, there are many more examples of women who have made (and continue to make) important contributions to history and the present. Fortunately, there are also many more women’s history-themed classes on Outschool.

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Gerard Dawson

Gerard Dawson is a teacher, parent and writer for Outschool.