Many families exploring trick-or-treat alternatives for Halloween this year

For Parents Oct 6, 2020

As the fall holidays approach, families are planning celebrations that will look different this year for health and safety reasons.

In particular, parents are wondering how they can give their kids a fun and safe Halloween in a time of social distancing, masks, and concerns about the spread of coronavirus.

The Outschool parent community is constantly looking to support their learners in the best way possible, so we turned to the community to get their current take on celebrating Halloween 2020.

Parent health concerns mean Halloween looks different this year

We surveyed over 600 families to find out how they were feeling about trick-or-treating this year  and a majority (nearly 60%) said that they didn’t feel safe.

The results are not surprising, as many schools are still closed due to coronavirus concerns, and many other kids’ activities are cancelled or restricted around the country.

At the same time, parents are working hard to maintain a sense of normalcy for kids. Halloween is a special time when kids get to embrace an extra sense of playfulness, take on new identities through dressing up, and of course enjoy some candy!

Kids can celebrate, dress up, and enjoy sweet treats with safe, fun alternatives

With that in mind, we also asked parents about activities they were planning as alternatives to traditional trick-or-treating. Other activities that were high on the list to make Halloween fun this year for kids included:

  • Nearly ¾ of families still plan to dress up for Halloween (74%)
  • ⅔ (66%) are decorating the house
  • ⅓ (33%) are taking fun Halloween classes online
  • ⅓ (33%) are modifying trick-or-treating by just doing it with family or friends
  • And less than ⅓ (30%) are getting together in person for a small party with family or friends

Halloween-themed classes for kids

Outschool offers fun, affordable live online classes for learners 3-18.

When it comes to fun Halloween classes, parents can enroll their children to give them a chance to experience many of the fun parts of Halloween like:

  • Celebrating the holidays with friends new and old
  • Dressing up in costume
  • Participating in a holiday-themed dance party
  • Enjoying Halloween-themed tasty treats

Explore live online classes to help kids celebrate Halloween from home

Outschool is offering lots of fun this Halloween knowing that the trick-or-treating tradition of years past is likely off the table for most. See below for a list of fun alternative ideas offered on Outschool:

🎃  Pumpkin Spice Slime & Glowing Ghosts

🔬  Hocus Pocus Chemistry

🧟  Zombie Dance Camp

👩‍🍳 Cooking Chocolate Pumpkin Bread

You can also check out Outschool’s Learner Community, which is hosting fun fall and Halloween-themed events (for free!) including a Halloween Costume Contest, a Pumpkin Decorating Contest, and Inktober 2020!

These are just some of the live online classes and activities for kids offered by Outschool for this Halloween. You can browse all Halloween-themed class options here.

Find the perfect class for your learner

These are just some of the live online classes and activities for kids offered by Outschool for this Halloween.

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Gerard Dawson

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