Four Tricks to Try When Your Kid Is Tired of Distance Learning

For Parents Jan 4, 2022

To say that the landscape of learning has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic may be the understatement of the year. There are many positive features that have come out of this major transition to distance and hybrid learning environments, but it has also led to many students feeling tired of distance learning. Find out how to reduce remote learning burnout and four tricks to try when your kid is tired of online learning.

What Is Remote Learning Burnout?

The impact of distance learning on kids can be seen in a number of ways. For some kids, it looks like moodiness or feelings of depression. Other children become stressed, disconnected, or spend excessive time studying and worrying about academic success. A survey by The Ohio State University’s Office of the Chief Wellness Officer found that 71% of students were facing burnout in April 2021, compared with 40% of students in August 2020.

Burnout creates a number of emotional and physical issues for children. Many have reported feeling sad and angry, as well as other powerful emotions. Burnout can also affect academic performance. A McKinsey & Company study found that students only learned approximately 67% of math knowledge in fall 2020 that average grade-level students learn in a semester.

Tips/Tricks to Help When Your Kid Is Tired of Distance Learning

Thankfully, there are ways to combat remote learning burnout. Find out how to reduce remote learning burnout with these tricks to try when your kid is tired of online learning. While some form of online or hybrid learning may be a reality for your student, these tips to help with online learning can help promote positive emotions and socially engaging opportunities.

1. Create a Dedicated, Engaging Space

One issue with remote learning is the lack of movement and change. Kids are stuck in the same room, typically their bedroom, for hours at a time. Add in after-school online activities and time sleeping and kids can feel like they never leave their room or see any change in their environment.

Find ways to refresh your at-home learning space. Your student may not be homeschooled, but you’ll need to create an at-home learning space to help them stay focused and engaged. Here are some basic steps to get you started:

  • Give your kids dedicated desks or tables, if possible
  • Remove clutter for a tidy workspace
  • Personalize the space with posters, photos, and other decorations
  • Be sure the background is professional and clear of distractions
  • Give your child a comfortable chair

2. Maintain a Consistent Schedule

With so much changing as students transition to remote learning, try to keep some things consistent. Whether it’s after-school activities, morning routines, or extracurricular classes with friends, establishing a routine can help teach kids how to reduce remote learning burnout.

3. Talk About Distance Learning Burnout

There may be some tricks to try when your kid is tired of online learning, but it’s important to also be open with your kids. There are students reporting remote learning burnout around the country, so reassure your child that burnout is not an unusual feeling.

If burnout leads to a mental health crisis, be sure your kids have the resources they need. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a national helpline for advice if you feel your child is facing mental health issues.

4. Find Motivating Classes and Subjects

One issue that may be contributing to burnout is a lack of interest in the subject matter. If your child isn’t connecting with any classes this semester or this year, consider adding an interactive online class on a topic your child is excited to learn more about.

How to Help Your Kids Through Online Learning

Remote learning burnout: Looking for a way to help your kid who is tired of online learning? Try an interactive online class, like Outschool.
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Don’t let the impact of distance learning on kids cause your child to become disengaged with learning. These tips to help with online learning are great places to start, but you can expand your child’s learning opportunities and rekindle a love of learning with resources to supplement these tricks to try when your kid is tired of online learning.


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FAQs About Remote Learning Burnout

  • What is remote learning burnout?: Remote learning burnout describes a range of emotional, social, physical, and academic symptoms of uncomfortable or stressful remote learning experiences.
  • What are the signs of remote learning burnout?: The impact of distance learning on kids varies, but common signs include anger, sadness, irritability, lack of appetite, and anxiety.
  • Do all kids experience burnout?: While burnout isn’t universal, it’s becoming increasingly common.
  • How can Outschool classes help?: An engaging online class or fun experience can help your student fall in love with learning and interact in a more social, low-stress online learning environment.

Help Your Kid Avoid Remote Learning Burnout With Outschool

The impact of distance learning on kids can be significant, but you can help your child navigate this experience. Sign up for an Outschool class today.


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