Dear Outschool: My Favorite Thing About Outschool Is the Flexibility

For Parents Dec 15, 2021

Dear Outschool,

I found out about Outschool through my friend! She had posted on Facebook quite a while ago about a ballet class her child had taken through Outschool. I decided to look at the website to see what might be offered for Carter.

His very first class in September of 2020 was a one-time Moana Phonics class, and I thought it was awesome, but it was a one-time class. I wanted more of a routine for him given the pandemic and that I wouldn't be sending him to school in person….queue Mrs. Chelsea's Spanish class.

Carter began using Outschool regularly in December of 2020, taking Spanish lessons several days per week, and in February, we added Ms. Candice's Pre-K curriculum five days per week. Carter's schedule may have changed slightly over the past year. However, he's currently still with Mrs. Chelsea building his foundation for the Spanish language three days per week and learning everything he can, getting prepared for traditional school in Ms. Candice's pre-k class five days per week.

Carter has taken a few one-time classes, but his all-time favorite class was "It's Mario Show and Tell Time" with Ms. Weber this past summer. A class showing off your best Super Mario gear and toys?! Who wouldn't want to join in on that? He asked me for an entire week after that when he could retake the class!  

Overall, Outschool Has Had the Most Positive Impact on Our Family Throughout this Pandemic.

Carter has underlying medical conditions, so we decided as a family not to send him to in-person pre-school, and Outschool has afforded us this opportunity.

Carter is still thriving, learning, and developing so much in the online/virtual schooling format. He can express his thoughts and ideas, and the teachers make the learning activities fun and engaging for the kids.

Some of Carter's cousins are still experiencing complete or hybrid online/virtual learning this school year, so he gets to spend time with them, which gives him that social, kid-time all of our kids need outside of a traditional school setting.

My Favorite Thing About Outschool Is the flexibility.

I had a scheduling conflict, reached out to one of Carter's teachers, and quickly got him switched to a time that worked better for our family without him having to miss or stop his class altogether.

If Other Parents Are Looking Into Outschool, My Biggest Recommendation Would Be To Read Teacher Reviews.

Those were really helpful for me. Also, try to pick subjects your learner may already be interested in. That way, they can remain engaged throughout their course, whether it's one-time or they meet multiple times per week.

I would absolutely recommend Outschool to friends and family, and I already have! Carter is actively trying to make plans with some friends and cousins to take a class together.

Best regards,

Angelica and Carter

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Kelli Rascoe

Kelli is a Creative Strategist at Outschool. She's the proud momma to a superhero princess and a pack of rescue dogs. When she's not creating, you can find her watching tv or eating vegan treats.