The Wonderful World of Anime

For Parents Mar 22, 2022

It’s always good to make sure your kids are having fun while learning. And what better way to have fun than including classes on how to draw anime in your schooling plan? These engaging animated shows have captivated the hearts of many kids, teens, and even young-at-heart adults all over the world. The colorful caricatures, along with the interesting storylines that can range across all genres, will surely brighten your child’s schedule without the hassle of coming up with something too complicated.

Here at Outschool, we’ve come up with a quick, comprehensive guide about anime and how you can incorporate these fun drawing classes into your child's learning schedule.

What Is Anime?

When we hear the word anime, we automatically remember all the colorful animation that originated from Japan. It’s a word used by people who are living outside of Japan to describe any type of cartoon or animation produced in Japan. So, anything from an animated show or movie or a Japanese cartoon series would be considered in this category.

However, technically speaking, the word “anime” itself is simply the Japanese word for cartoon or animation. In Japan, it’s used by everyone to describe all cartoons, whether they may have been produced by their country or not. So, for them, “Naruto” and “Entangled” are both considered anime — and not two different animation shows from entirely separate genres.

A Brief History

Modern anime began around 1956, but it did not find lasting success until 1961 — when Mushi Production by Osamu Tezuka was established. Tezuka was a leading figure in the field of modern manga, which is a Japanese comic book style now associated with dense and lengthy volumes that people love to read. Manga has a huge influence on the overall aesthetic of anime. By the 21st century, anime started gaining international popularity because of the “Pokémon” television series and other renowned and recognized films such as Hayao Miyazaki’s “Spirited Away” (2002).

How Can Anime Help Your Kids Learn?

People often associate anime with for-kids-only shows, but it’s actually more than just cartoons. If you use it correctly and incorporate all the right elements in your child’s learning plan, it can be one of the best learning tools that you can use to foster authentic — and fun — learning.

Not only is it full of interesting topics and subjects across different genres, but it’s also one of the easiest ways for children to absorb information because of how engaging it is. There are also plenty of life lessons that can help your child understand important subjects, inspiring them to become a better version of themselves in the future.

Round-Up of Anime Classes

So, how can you incorporate anime into your child’s learning? Some of the best integrations you can use for your anime learning plan are drawing classes or even cosplaying.

Here is a round-up of anime classes you can check out through Outschool:

This is one of Outschool’s best drawing classes, especially if you’re looking for something that can teach your child fundamental sketching techniques in anime and manga drawing styles. Not only is this class friendly for beginners, but it’s also loaded with plenty of helpful tips on drawing the human face and head — which is one of the main focuses of this class.

In this drawing class, your child will learn proper sketching, shading, and blending techniques, especially the styles that are popular in anime characters. If you want to learn more about this 8-week Pencil Sketching Anime class.

This is another drawing classes that will inspire your child to express themselves creatively. In this particular class, students learn how to draw different types of eyes using the right proportions. From male eyes to female eyes, the class also covers how to appropriately depict the varying expressions and different angles that can be observed in anime eyes.

There’s no need for your child to have any previous experience, so the class is beginner-friendly. But it’s also one of those drawing classes that don’t discriminate based on the level of expertise, so even experienced artists are welcome to enroll in this class. Check out this Anime Art Club class for beginners.

If you’re not looking for specific drawing classes for your kid’s learning plan, but you’re wondering if there’s a class that could help them learn about anime and the Japanese culture in general — or you’re just looking for a fun class to start with — then  try this ongoing class. It's meant for anime enthusiasts to get together and talk about their favorite anime and manga, what makes one story more remarkable, and why we tend to gravitate toward some characters more than others. For those who know how to cosplay, you can also include this in your learning plan to make it more fun and interesting.

Find the perfect Outschool anime class for your child now.


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