7 fun summer adventures your kids can have at home in 2021

May 12, 2021

This summer, set your kids' talents and curiosities free with online activities and camps for every interest!

If you want to inspire a love of learning in your kids this summer, interactive online classes give families an easy way to pursue hobbies your kids enjoy most.  

Some families are concerned about returning to in-person activities. That's understandable, and you're not alone if you feel that way.

You can ease back into safe and social learning with over 100,000 interactive online classes, clubs, and online summer camps on Outschool.

Whether it’s animals or anime, dancing or dinosaurs, singing or sewing, or even pilates or pizza making, your kids can set their talents and curiosity free this summer.

Check out these 7 fun summer adventures that start on Outschool.

🥋 Summer adventures start with karate!

"Mr. Braun was friendly, fun, and high energy which was perfect for my son. The class was fast paced but each step was explained well and built on and my seven year old son had a BLAST. I loved that he spoke to the kids by name. We will definitely be checking out more classes." - Real Outschool parent review for this class.

Give your kids the chance to kick, punch and chop their way to a summer adventure with live online karate classes.

Explore all karate classes here.

🤸‍♀️Summer adventures start with gymnastics!

"After 2 weeks of this class, my daughter has gone from almost landing her aerial to landing it most of the time. She had great tips and tricks to help her strengthen her weaknesses." - Outschool parent review of this class.

Your kids can twist, flip and cartwheel their way to fun and fitness this summer with live online gymnastics classes.

Explore all gymnastics classes here.

🦎Summer adventures start with lizards!

"My daughter had SUCH a wonderful time learning about bearded dragons. Lots of helpful information to keep in mind for her new pet. It was applicable and usable and she was able to tell me so many new learnings! Highly recommend." - Outschool parent review of this class.

They're creepy, they're crawly, and your kids love them. Lizards! Give your kids a chance to explore their curiosity in a live online lizard class.

Explore all lizards classes here.

🍕Summer adventures start with pizza making!

"This is Andrew’s 2nd class with Carri. She is great with kids and is very clear with her directions. Andrew is 8yo and only needed little guidance through the class. The end result is so delicious! We ate it as dinner and it was gone within minutes. Andrew can’t wait to make another one tomorrow." - Outschool parent review of this class

What's better than a fun adventure you can eat when you're finished? Give your kids the chance to learn to make their favorite foods in a live online pizza making or cooking class.

Explore all cooking classes here.

📸 Summer adventures start with photography!

"I learned everything I need and want to know about my camera. I am now able to capture the world using my photographic eye with ease. I don't have to depend on the unreliable auto mode on my camera and I'm able to create the best photos with settings I construct. I'm so glad I took this class and all the material was taught extremely well." - Outschool learner review of this class

Smile! If your young learner loves snapping pictures, help them build their skills through a live online photography class.

Explore all photography classes here.

🎩 Summer adventures start with magic!

"Alex enjoyed this class very much. Mr. Joe was patient, funny, and great with my son. Alex is having fun practicing what he learned. He said to tell everyone that he recommends it very much and wants to take more classes like this one." - Outschool parent review of this class

Ta-da! If your young learner would love to pull a rabbit out of their hat, or guess your card on the first try, then a live online magic class is the perfect choice.

Explore all magic classes here.

👯‍♂️Summer adventures start with dance!

"Lima is an exceptional teacher. He keeps the kids engaged the entire time, gives them breaks when needed, I love how the class culminated into a performance where each child had a solo AND a group routine. Using break out rooms was a fantastic idea! Great job Lima - we’d sign up for more LIMA for sure!" - Outschool parent review of this class

Help your child perfect their moves in a high energy live online dance class.

Explore all dance classes here.

Many kids have spent a lot of time sitting around inside this year.

Even if you have to stay at home, make this summer a chance for your kids to start a fun adventure while learning and growing at the same time.

Gerard Dawson

Gerard Dawson is a teacher, parent and writer for Outschool.