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Online math tutors for every age

If your child is struggling with math, they're not alone. The pandemic has caused startling math declines. An online math tutor can help your kid close the gap. 

If your child is struggling with math, they're not alone. The pandemic has caused "sweeping declines" and decades' worth of learning progress to be lost. But what can parents do? If you are ready for some extra support from seasoned experts, an online math tutor is a great option.

Research from Stanford University shows that the best way for your child to learn math is to focus on the problems they enjoy. The study further shows the damage to students who are pressured to memorize, drill, and test on math problems. 

But for too many kids, finding a way to enjoy math can be challenging. If a child feels behind or like they're not "getting it," it's easy for the issue to snowball into a cycle of frustration and shame.

Trying an online math tutor creates an opportunity for a new approach. It's also a chance to experience math in a new way that will allow your kids to achieve analytical thinking and reasoning. They can develop the problem-solving skills they need in a way that’s fun, supportive, and targeted to the way they learn best.

Here's a quick overview of math concentrations by age and the different options for online math classes and math tutoring your family can try.

Top areas for math concentration

Beginning Math

When your child is starting out in math, they’ll learn the basics of countingrecognizing numbers, cardinality, quantifying, and shapes. These are the skills your young student might be ready for from 4-6 years old.

Elementary Math

As your child moves beyond basic arithmetic, they’ll learn about measurement, fractionsdecimalsmultiplication, and division. They will explore basic geometry involving area and perimeter, as well as concepts of probability and statistics.

Middle School Math

As your student tackles Middle School math, they will learn algebra, geometry, variables, expressions, proportionality, relationships, and more. Through 7th and 8th grade, they’ll learn how to determine the surface area and volume of shapes as well as graphing and linear functions.

Online math courses

Online math tutoring is the most convenient way to support your child’s learning needs. You can sign up for the math courses or tutoring sessions that perfectly meet your child’s current needs, with evolving options as your child advances. 

It’s the most fun and reliable way to tap into math learning, with the level of interactivity and hands-on support your child needs at the most affordable rates.

At Outschool, we offer a range of online learning sessions and math tutors. The courses offer different approaches so your kids can find the learning options they prefer. Your kids can try a group course, or some customized one-on-one, whatever your family needs.

Here are a few of our popular online math classes and categories. 

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