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Tears of the Kingdom Fan Group: Help, Challenges, and More

In this group, we will help each other as we play Tears of the Kingdom, sharing tips and tricks and doing cool challenges.
Laura Tucker
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What can learners do in this group?

Laura Tucker
What do you want to see in Tears of the Kingdom?
Tears of the Kingdom Fan Group: Help, Challenges, and More is a community of learners that come together on Outschool to share what they’re learning, ask questions, participate in challenges, and get feedback on their projects
I don't want my weapons to break. SO annoying!
Bring back Epona!
I think this should be dark, like Majora's Mask or Twilight Princess
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Group Experience

This class is taught in English.
Learners will have fun completing challenges and sharing their Tears of the Kingdom knowledge.
I've been playing Legend of Zelda games for about 20 years now.
Welcome to the Tears of the Kingdom Fan Group! I want all of my fellow Hylians/Sheikah/other Legend of Zelda beings to feel comfortable, connected, and safe. Please follow these 3 rules: Be Kind, Be Safe, and Be Respectful.

1. Be Kind - Help EVERYONE feel welcome and included. Many of us are from all over the world and have very different opinions or beliefs. Always be nice and make others, especially new Hylians/Sheikah/other Legend of Zelda beings, know that they belong and are welcome. No teasing, name calling, or bullying is happening here.

2. Be Safe - Keep your personal information private and never ask other learners for theirs. On Outschool, please don’t share your full name, home address, gaming or social media name, email, and school name.

3. Be Respectful - Treat others how you want to be treated. Keep language clean and information you share safe. If you wouldn't say it or share with your grandma or mom or other important figure in your life, don't do it here. That includes things like words, inappropriate videos or  images (not allowed!). 

Now that that’s clear, let’s get to the fun stuff! My name is Laura and I’m pumped to have you here. What is your preferred name? What is your favorite thing about Tears of the Kingdom?

While we're waiting for the game to be released, we'll have posts to talk about theories and about what you're hoping for in TOK. Once the game is on sale, here’s how this group will work: 
* Each Sunday I will post a new weekly challenge for learners to complete.
* Screenshot Monday learners are encouraged to share an awesome screenshot from their recent Tears of the Kingdom gameplay.
* Fun Fact Friday learners are encouraged to share a new fact they learned or an obscure fact that most people do not know. 
* Around the holidays there will be special fun posts.
* We also may have special posts with cool crafts or fun activities.

As moderator I will review all posts 2-3 times a week to ensure that content follows Outschool guidelines. If you don’t want to participate in all the posts, that’s ok…and if you want to participate in ALL of them or even suggest new kinds of posts, that’s ok too! 

See you soon,
Teacher Laura
View and create posts any time, at your own pace..
Legend of Zelda does contain a variety of weapons (swords, bows and arrows, and other mostly medieval type weapons) as well as moderate violence. If you are unfamiliar with the Legend of Zelda content, please see the following Common Sense Media articles of some of the games (there are over 20 Zelda-themed games, so these reviews are NOT exhaustive):
* Link's Awakening:
* Breath of the Wild:
* Majora's Mask:

IMPORTANT: In this class, we don't actually play any games together and it is NOT required or necessary to share gamer tags. That being said, I understand that sometimes learners make really great friendships in class and would like to friend each other on their gaming consoles to spend more time outside of class. Please remember and follow the Outschool policies for sharing gamer tags:
 * Learners or parents should message gamer tags ONLY directly through a private message
 * Never allow learners to share their gamer tags in the classroom page (this means deleting comments from learners that do) 
Thank you for understanding!

Group Leader

Laura TuckerGaming, Languages and Creativity
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About Me

🎉 Welcome to my profile! I want to celebrate all year long, so feel free to use my coupon code TUCKECELEBRATE20235 for $5 off ANY class. 🎉

Hello! My name is Laura and I love helping learners improve their gaming skills/knowledge, learn languages... 
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