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Living in Space: Building Bases and Surviving on Earth's Moon, Mars, and Beyond

Kids problem-solve and collaborate with other group members as they design future bases and colonies on the Moon, Mars, and other places in our solar system—they learn about survival, perform roles, plan systems, and complete challenges.
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Living in Space: Building Bases and Surviving on Earth's Moon, Mars, and Beyond

Living in Space: Building Bases and Surviving on Earth's Moon, Mars, and Beyond is a community of learners that come together on Outschool to share what they’re learning, ask questions, participate in challenges, and get feedback on their projects
How should we build our habitation modules to protect us from radiation from the Sun and micrometeorit...
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This class is taught in English.
Students will learn aspects of how humans can survive and succeed in building and maintaining habitats on other worlds. They will learn about the specialization of certain key roles and the development of systems that would help humans thrive on such bases and colonies. The learners may have opportunities to problem solve, imagine, write, draw, construct, research, and experiment and share their endeavors with the other learners in the group. They will have opportunities to develop skills providing constructive feedback as well as benefit from each other's creative ideas that spark new ideas. They will also receive tasks, challenges, and idea prompts that I post which can help foster learning and develop expertise. 
For decades, I have enthusiastically taught elementary and middle school-aged children about space, both as a science teacher at school and in summer programs. I have also led after-school Astronomy club groups for ages 6 to 13. Collaboration with NASA and university scientists has helped build my expertise. I also wrote posts on space topics three times while a guest columnist on the kids page of a major city newspaper.

Known for an age-appropriate and impromptu sense of humor, I enjoy inspiring and motivating students to learn unfamiliar material in ways that are relevant to their everyday lives, and engaging them in critical thinking and problem solving. This involves a combination of inquiry, discovery, discussion, and storytelling. Establishing a low-risk atmosphere and a comfortable rapport, I enjoy connecting with each individual learner, valuing the unique interests, strengths, and eager curiosity the students bring to class.
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Mr. David
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Hello all! I am excited to teach space, weather, language, and math classes on Outschool! A recently retired elementary school science teacher after 33 years in the classroom, I have shared my enthusiasm with young learners for over 40 years. Most... 
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