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Learn-A-Lotl: Virtual Axolotl Tank

In this club style group, young herpetologists will dive into the axolotl tanks and discover more about the creatures that live inside.
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Learn-A-Lotl: Virtual Axolotl Tank

Learn-A-Lotl: Virtual Axolotl Tank is a community of learners that come together on Outschool to share what they’re learning, ask questions, participate in challenges, and get feedback on their projects
Check out the Bead Axolotl I made with Rosie last week!
You're so talented!


Group Experience

Learners will explore the tanks, observe the axolotls, and discover what it takes to care for them.  
I have been researching and preparing to care for my axolotls for close to 10 years. I am now lucky to share my home with 3 of these amazing amphibians. I'm so excited to share them with the Outschool community.
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These amphibians will occasionally be eating live prey such as worms. Please prepare your learner for this if necessary. 

We may also discuss amphibian adaptations, excrement, and reproduction.

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Greeting Outschool Families! 

My name is Alyssa Rose, but you and your young learner can call me Rosie! I recently completed a master's degree program in teaching the biological sciences and am an environmental educator in the state of New York.... 
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