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Science & Nature

Exciting Earth Science: Geology- Dinosaurs, Volcanoes, Rocks

A group to discuss all things to do with the Earth Sciences- Geology. Volcanoes, Dinosaurs, Plate Tectonics, Rocks, Minerals & Fossils. Weekly topics & monitored discussions about Geology and the Earth's structures, formations & mysteries.
Dr Pete PhD Geology Philosophy Earth Science
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Exciting Earth Science: Geology- Dinosaurs, Volcanoes, Rocks

Exciting Earth Science: Geology- Dinosaurs, Volcanoes, Rocks is a community of learners that come together on Outschool to share what they’re learning, ask questions, participate in challenges, and get feedback on their projects
Geology Detectives: What caused the dinosaur extinction? Was it an asteroid or volcanoes?
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Group Experience

To discover and learn without realising it, because you are having fun! By the end of this course students will be able to explain where the different kinds of rocks are made and how they interact in the rock cycle. They will also be able to explain most rock forming processes and the Geological history and structure of the Earth.
I have a BSc in Geology and an MSc in Geophysics and have chosen the most interesting and exciting subjects to teach to get young minds fascinated by Earth Sciences.
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Some classes talks about Global Warming and Climate Change causing more frequent natural disasters. It also talks about mass extinctions including the possibility of humans causing one now (including ourselves) and has some drawn images of animals dying to become fossils. It is delivered in a upbeat manner with positive solutions (eg: switching to renewable energy), but the more sensative students may find these topics distressing.

Group Leader

Dr Pete PhD Geology Philosophy Earth Science
Lives in the United Kingdom
Exciting Earth Science (Geology) - Fun Philosophy
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Hello there. I teach several different subjects on Outschool and am very passionate about all the topics I teach. My teaching style is to make things as fun and accessible as possible and to use thought experiments and multi-media to make my... 
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