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This is a group for the artists, storytellers and dreamers to come together and share their stories, artwork, animations, creations and ideas.
Lesley Christine
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Creators Club

Creators Club is a community of learners that come together on Outschool to share what they’re learning, ask questions, participate in challenges, and get feedback on their projects
Be Inspired: By A Song, By An Artist, By A Cartoon, By A Book, By A Movie, By Whatever You Want
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Group Experience

This class is taught in English.
As moderator I will make a primary post each week with further discussion on and information relating to our current Theme and Prompts. I will offer suggestions for things to think about and questions to ask yourself when working on the prompts. If there are questions I may make additional posts to give further information. I will be regularly looking at the students posts and commenting occasionally as a model for sharing positive constructive thoughts. I will be available to help resolve conflicts. I will not be able to read all of everyone’s writing as some kids submit entire chapters of books, but will sample each person’s work at different times.
I’ve been teaching on Outschool for over a year and a half. Many of my classes are focused on imagination, creativity and deep thinking. My most popular classes are filled with kids who have big imaginations. We spend time creating worlds and characters and role-playing within those worlds primarily through the written word. I love asking them questions about the worlds and their characters, things that will make them think more deeply about what they’re creating. I have many students who have been with me weekly since day 1 and many more who have been with me so long it feels like it’s since day 1. I have watched their writing get more and more sophisticated and creative over this time. I have watched kids come out of their shells in ways that feel comfortable and safe to them. I have watched many friendships form. I have lots of kids who share incredible artwork. They are already developing their own styles. This space was created with them in mind.
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Group Leader

Lesley Christine
Lives in the United States
Emotional Wellness & Empowerment Mentor
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About Me

My name is Lesley.

I've been teaching on Outschool since October of 2019.  In that time I have worked with hundreds of kids from countries all around the world.  

I've spent many hours doing breathwork and meditating with them, we've had... 
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