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All Things French Macarons & Meringues Let's Bake

This group is for macaron bakers - to share ideas, ask questions, post pictures, and simply discuss our common love of baking macarons.
born baker
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How does aGroup work?

Access to an online community, anytime — Share and create with like-minded peers from any device
A space for verified learners — All participants are verified by Outschool before joining
Educator-led challenges, events, and discussions — Outschool educator moderates content and facilitates engaging activities

Introducing Outschool Groups

All Things French Macarons & Meringues Let's Bake

All Things French Macarons & Meringues Let's Bake is a community of learners that come together on Outschool to share what they’re learning, ask questions, participate in challenges, and get feedback on their projects
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Group Experience

Confidence, Creativity, Hand-Eye Coordination, New Kitchen/Baking Techniques, Social Skill Building, and the MOST important element? FUN. We want to have FUN with your learners while they develop their love for the kitchen, the science behind the bakes, and the creativity a bag of flour and some chocolate can unleash.
We are all working professional chefs and, instructors by trade and love learning (and sharing) different methods of food and baking preparation. 
Welcome to our Group! We want all of our learners to feel comfortable, connected, and safe. That's why we have 3 rules we ask you to follow: Be Kind, Be Safe, and Be Respectful.

Be Kind - Help all learners feel welcome and included.
Learners from all over the world, with different backgrounds, races, ethnicities, abilities, gender identities, religions, and body types, participate in our Group. Always be nice and make others, especially new learners, know that they belong and are welcome. Teasing, name-calling, or bullying anybody in our community? Nope. Not happening here

Be Safe - Keep your personal information private and never ask other learners for theirs.
Personal things are personal. Born Baker wants to keep you safe on the OS platform, but we also want YOU to understand how to be safe when you're meeting other learners or teachers. 
🄰🄻🅆🄰🅈🅂 keep your full name, home address, gaming or social media name, email, and school name private.

Be Respectful - Treat others how you want to be treated.
Keep your language clean and the information you share safe for all group members. Swear words, racy videos, and violent images are absolutely not allowed. Treat our group as a public place, and when in doubt, keep things covered.
View and create posts any time, at your own pace..
This is a macaron group so recipes, and videos will be shared.  We always encourage our learners to involve YOU, their adult sous chefs, to understand what we are focusing on.  You know your learner best - so sharp tools, hot ovens, and stoves are all in the purview of our group and you will ensure your learner understands and is able to manage.

Group Leader

born baker
Lives in the United States
Baking and Culinary Pastry Instruction
284 total reviews
294 completed classes

About Us

Hi friends and learners. It's 2022! Please reach out if you can’t find a time/date for a section that works for you. We’re all over the internet and busier than ever, and would be delighted to help you book your class with us.  

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