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Oil Paint Is Great: Tips, Tricks, Techniques + Create a Masterpiece Weekly!

Laney Kosarek: K-12 Art Certified/M.Ed
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Join me to discover oil painting firsthand. This summer camp is for beginners-intermediate to experience oil painting firsthand, art concepts, color theory, wet-on-wet & so much more with a certified K-12 art teacher.

Class Experience

US Grade 9 - 12
Beginner - Intermediate Level
  • πŸ’— Understanding Oil Paint Properties: Gain knowledge of the unique properties and characteristics of oil paints, including drying times and blending capabilities. πŸ’— Color Theory and Mixing: Master the principles of color theory, including how to mix colors to achieve desired hues, shades, and tones. πŸ’— Brush Techniques: Learn various brush techniques, including stippling, scumbling, and glazing, to create different textures and effects. πŸ’— Composition and Layout: Develop skills in composition and layout to create visually balanced and engaging paintings. πŸ’— Light and Shadow: Understand how to depict light and shadow to create depth and realism in paintings. πŸ’— Layering and Glazing: Learn the techniques of layering and glazing to add richness and dimension to artwork. πŸ’— Blending and Soft Edges: Practice blending techniques to create smooth transitions and soft edges in paintings. πŸ’— Impasto and Texture: Explore the use of impasto techniques to create thick, textured paint surfaces. πŸ’— Color Temperature: Understand and apply the concepts of warm and cool colors to create dynamic and cohesive compositions. πŸ’— Underpainting and Blocking In: Learn the importance of underpainting and blocking in major shapes and forms before adding details. πŸ’— Portrait Painting: Develop skills in painting portraits, focusing on proportion, anatomy, and capturing likeness. πŸ’— Landscape Painting: Gain techniques for painting landscapes, including skies, trees, water, and natural light. πŸ’— Still Life Composition: Practice painting still life arrangements with attention to detail, light, and shadow. πŸ’— Preserving and Varnishing: Learn how to properly preserve and varnish finished oil paintings to protect and enhance their appearance. πŸ’— Art Critique and Analysis: Develop the ability to critically analyze and critique artworks, including one's own, to identify areas for improvement and growth.
T E A C H I N G  C R E D E N T I A L S  +  S T Y L E
🌟 K-12 Art Certification + Master's Degree in Education from Saginaw Valley State University
🌟 Bachelor of Science from Oakland University
🌟 Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher
🌟 25-plus years of teaching and oil painting experience 
🌟 I love to listen to my students, encourage unique creative paths, travel to cool places, and promote kindness in every endeavor. 
Frequency: Available upon request
Feedback: Available upon request
Details: Learners may need to finish details about the artwork throughout the week and bring it back the following week to share.
Frequency: Available upon request
Details: Formative assessments happen throughout class. If a parent requests I will give summative assessments.
Frequency: Available upon request
Details: Report cards or Certification of completion for the semester will be provided only if a parent/student makes a request. Grades will be positive and based on effort, and skill. The role that grades will play will be encouraging :).
S U P P L Y  L I S T :
🎨 Canvas, assortment of brushes, oil paints
🎨 Baby wipes
🎨 Parchment paper to cover the table, drop cloth for the floor 
🎨 Dawn soap, water 
🎨 Acrylic white gesso, clear acrylic gesso & black acrylic paint for priming the canvas quickly
🎨 Blow dryer 

* Heads up friends, oil paints are very messy so old clothes, drop cloth, and a covered table work best. 
Joined January, 2021
Star Educator
Teacher expertise and credentials
Master's Degree in Education from Saginaw Valley State University
Michigan Teaching Certificate in Elementary Education

🌺 Hey there, lovely artists! I'm Mrs. K, your art-loving guide to a world of creativity and joy!

 C L A S S E S  I  T E A C H
🎨 Studio Art
🎨 Zoo Art
🎨 Art History + Travel Art
🎨 Storytime Art
🎨 Yoga Art
🎨 Oil Painting 

P R O F E S S I...Β 
Group Class


1x per week
90 min

Live video meetings
Ages: 13-18
1-5 learners per class

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